5 Tips For Bowhunting Buffalo

Introduction Bowhunting Buffalo

This article will explains about how to bowhunting buffalo and it is hope that this article will give insight about how to bowhunting buffalo. Buffalo is aggressive animal if you don’t know about it. Hunting buffalo required a special skills that you must understand and implement it in your hunting journey.

Are you passionate about hunting? Are you new to hunting or you just need to add new skills to your bank? Well, you are in the right place. hunting is an exciting experience.

Whether you do it for sport, for food or just for fun, it can be fascinating. Now, hunting has been there since the olden day. By then, people used simple tools to hunt animals. But over time, hunting techniques and tools have radically improved. Now, you can hunt more easily and more consistently using well-designed tools which have absolute killing power.

With the invention of bow and arrow, bow hunting has become one of the common means of hunting wild animals. Buffalos are one of the most common species that most people love hunting.

Buffalo has great meat. If you have allergies with other meats, perhaps you can try out Buffalo. Its meat is sweet, has no hormones, no preservatives and no drug residues. You simply eat wholesome meat. Bow hunting a buffalo is a thrilling experience, and if you are not careful enough, it can be dangerous. You have to learn to do it right. So, want to try hunting a buffalo? Check out the

following 5 tips on how to bowhunting for buffalo.

Apply for a hunting license when Bowhunting Buffalo

You need first to have permission to hunt buffalos or any other wild animals from the relevant authorities. A hunting license is simply a legal mechanism that regulates hunting. So, to ensure that you are not charged with endangering wild animals, you need to pay for a license to be allowed to bow hunt.

However, these regulations may vary from one country to the other. If you are hunting in your own land, it’s okay. If you are hunting on land you have rented, you need to get written permission from the landowner. However, if you are doing it on public land, you must apply for a hunting license to hunt.

Get a good bow and arrow

A buffalo is a strong and fast animal. You will need a good bow and arrow to succeed. Now, today, we have extremely well-designed bows which have an absolute killing power. You need a bow that could generate at least 80ft/lbs. Kinetic energy and a draw mass of at least 80 pounds.

Then you need an arrow that has a minimum weight of 750 grains. The arrow shaft should be thinner than the broad head ferrule. A good and strong bow will carry the day. If you are not sure how to choose the best one, you can consult your seller or ask for assistance from any other professional hunter. After you have the right bow and arrow, now you can proceed to the woods.

Control Your Scent

It is vital you keep your human scent under control and to the minimum when bow hunting. Buffalo have a good sense of smell and can smell an enemy from a distance. Thus, it may run away or even attack you. So, you don’t want it to know you are there. So, how do you control your scent?
Playing the wind is the most basic trick you need to apply. Never try to hunt in a place where the wind is blowing towards the buffalo. Wind will carry your scent to the buffalo. So, your entry or exit points are very vital. Let the buffalo be clueless that you are around. Again, don’t bow hunt standing on a track where you know a buffalo will pass through. You can also utilize hygiene precautions, such as using scent-free spraying and showering. Controlling your scent will help to increase the number of buffalos you see. They won’t hide or run away since they don’t know if you are there.


One of the major difference between a bow and a rifle hunting is the difficulty while taking the shot. Using a rifle, you can shoot even from a distance as far as you have a clear shot. With bow hunting, you need to get closer without the

buffalo detecting you. You will need an average shot distance of about 35-40 yards from an elevated position. Most people choose to shoot while on a climbing stand.

A climbing stand is very vital while hunting. It is portable and can allow you to stand at various points while hunting. The good thing with climbing stands is that you can see buffalos which are out of range. Hence, you will go near them not only to take a cleaner shot but also to take out many buffalos as possible.

Make your shot count

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When hunting for a buffalo, you should shoot proficiently. Remember that you don’t want to wound the animal, you want to kill it. Target the vital organs such as the head, neck, heart, lungs or the stomach. Hitting these parts will guarantee an instant death. If you have never killed a buffalo before, it’s important you practice properly before stepping in the woods. Be careful not to miss the vital organs. For example, if you hit the leg, the buffalo can still survive and run away.

After hitting the animal, let is settle down before going to check it out. Buffalo is a strong animal, and if you get near it before its death, you risk a very hard kick. Give it ample time to settle and expire. If you are not 100%, you can send your tracking dogs to confirm it for you. Once you confirm its dead, then you can pack it and leave.

All in all, bow hunting a buffalo is a fascinating experience. You need to be smart, strategic and careful. Sometimes it’s hard to trace even one buffalo in the woods. Once you see one, let your shot count. Otherwise, you will only injure animals by taking anything home. Get a strong and good bow and arrow before hunting and have a thorough practice before going to the main game. Get to know the anatomy of a buffalo to learn where you need to target the vital organs that will kill it instantly.