5 Tips on How to Hunting Elephant With Recurve Bow

Introduction Hunting Elephant With Recurve Bow

In stone -age, hunters used to move here and there to search for food. Their main weapon to kill animals was sharpened sticks. This article will explains about how to hunting elephant using recurve bow. There are many bow that can be used for hunting animals such as compound bow, crossbow, longbow, traditional bow and recurve bow. hunting elephant required specific sets of skills and technique especially when hunting with a recurve bow. This article will guides and provide evidence about how to hunting elephant using recurve. As you know elephant is mammal animals and when they feels they are in danger, they will attack.

It should be hunting for elephant, this article just want to provided guidelines and give explanation what you must do when hunting elephant using the recurve bow

But to the indigenous people, bow hunting was their primary hunting technique for a long time. With the passing time, we had learned new ways to hunt the prey.

Today, we have a rifle for hunting but it will not give you the same experience as compared to bow hunting. Some hunters use bow rather than using modern weapons. It gives you a different kind of enjoyment. But hunting like elephants with a bow is the challenging work. You have to figure out the right bow. Moreover, a hunter has to keep a lot of things in his mind while hunting the largest living terrestrial animal. We are going to provide some important tips but before that, you should know the basic characteristics of an elephant.

Characteristics of an elephant who Hunting Elephant With Recurve Bow

  • There are three different species of elephants including Asian Elephant, African Savannah Elephant, and African forest elephant.
  • The weight of an adult male elephant ranges from 4000 to 14,000 lb gets less in case of female elephants.
  • The height of an adult male elephant can be between 3 to 2.7m.
  • They have a keen sense of hearing and smelling.
  • They have 26 teeth in total including two upper incisors known as tusks, 12 molars, and 12 premolars.
  • The skin on their body can have a thickness of up to 3 cm.
  • It’s one of the dangerous game species.

Having these characteristics, do you think it is easy to hunt them? Of course not, they are one of the hardest animals to hunt. And don’t forget that you are hunting so it will be more difficult now to hunt them. The first and foremost thing you have to do is choosing the appropriate bow. Make sure to go with the bow that can penetrate the thick skin of the elephant. Teressa Groenewald-Hagerman was the first woman hunter to kill an elephant from just a distance of 12 yards. She killed that elephant in one shot. If she can do then you can do too. For someone who has practiced a lot of time, hunting an elephant will be a little easy but still, it will require plenty of efforts. For more information, go through the tips that we are giving you below.

Why should you use recurve bow?

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Recurve bow is not for a beginner as it needs a lot of effort and an experienced hunter will not recommend you to use. If you are a novice in hunting then hunting. It uses your strength in a large amount so it is perfect for experienced hunters only. One of the special things about the recurve bow is its smoothness. It provides smooth draw which makes it easy for you to shot any animal successfully. Some recurve bow comes with preinstalled bushings that will help you in the installation of other accessories.

5 tips to hunt an elephant with a recurve bow

Plan Carefully

1) The first step towards hunting an elephant begins by planning properly. A well-planned shot is necessary or else you will risk your life. It’s a real test of you as a hunter when it comes to hunting such an animal. Try to stay calm if you lose your shot and elephant charge at you. Make noises so that the elephant run away from you.

Specific and Identify Target

2) It is better for you to hunt a single elephant. hunting an elephant within a herd is dangerous and risky. In case you want to shoot the elephant in a herd then aim for the bull. Other elephants of the herd will run away but if you to shoot an elephant cow then the herd will not leave you. The members of the herd will attack you.

Identify The Body Part

3) Choose the right part of the body to shoot. As we mentioned in the characteristics of an elephant about its thickness of the skin, it can act as a big hurdle in a successful shot. First of all, you have to find the right place and maintain some distance of 12-22 yards from the elephant. The best part to aim is its brain. If you fail to shot at the brain then aim at its heart as soon as possible.

Shooting Clearly

4) The drawing weight of your recurve bow and arrow weight as well matters a lot. Also, you have to maintain the kinetic energy of around 105 ft. lbs while you shot. You have to take all the essential equipment that will help you in performing a successful shot.

Avoid and Mask Your Scent

5) Because of the keen sense of hearing and smell, it’s almost impossible to be hidden from its sight. Never do the mistake of applying scent on your body. Also, avoid bathing with scented soap. Don’t have anything with you that will produce unnecessary noise. Also, if you are hunting in a standing position then choose the right spot.

Aiming in such a way that your bow penetrates elephant’s skin, this is the hardest task you have to perform by yourself. This is why it is adviced to you to practice as much as you can before going for hunting the elephants. Once you find yourself capable and have learned to deal with your weaknesses then it would be convenient for you to hunt.


hunting. Even after having years of experience, hunters miss their aim and risk their life. Being physically fit and mentally prepare is utmost important for every hunter. You don’t know when you have to run away before your prey takes to charge you. Many hunters consider bow hunting as an art because of the skills it needs. Are you hunting? hunting manages wildlife, teach you to respect nature and fell in love the forest. It also teaches you to have patience. It will definitely make you a better person. Moreover, your decision making skill will improve because a hunter knows how to react in a difficult situation.