Part of a Bow

3 Detailed Guide About Part of a Bow-Impact of it

What You Must Know About Part of a Bow

Do you know how many parts are there in a bow? If now, we can help you. This article explains Part of a Bow that you can learn and understand before go to hunting animals in the jungle.

You can visit to know about part of a bow that can be use as the references for hunters when involved in hunting.

If you are new to bow hunting, you need to know about the essential part of the bow. It will not only help you know more about the bow but will give you an added advantage.

Each part of a bow serves a specific purpose. If you know about them, you can easily use these parts to improve your shooting skills.

Part of a Bow:

Here is a simple explanation of different parts of a bow.

  • Riser: 

The riser is a crucial part of a bow. It is the centermost piece of a bow. The limbs of the bow are attached to this part. The riser is mostly made up of wood. There are three other parts of a riser.

  • Grip: 

The grip is the part that you hold while shooting an arrow. It is in a curved shape, which helps you to hold the bow firmly. There are different sizes of grips on risers. Before you buy a bow, you need to hold it and check the grip. Buy the bow which has a comfortable grip.

  • Sight Window: 

There is a cut-out area just above the grip in a bow. This cut-out helps you to look and aim. There can be either one sight window or window on each side of the grip. You can see the sight window to aim the arrow.

  • Arrow Rest: 

This part is attached inside the sight window. It helps the arrow to rest suspended. When you release the arrow, it moves smoothly through the rest. The arrow rest is mostly a part of the riser, but you can also get it separately.

  • Limbs:

There are two limbs in a bow. One is the lower limb, and the other is the upper limb. These limbs are attached to the riser to complete the bow. You cannot change the limb position, i.e., the upper arm cannot be used in the lower limb. The limbs are made from different materials like wood, metal, or composite. The limbs are laminated as well—the material used in either fiberglass or other common materials.

  • String Nock:

At the tip of the limbs, there is a space. This space is used to attach the string with the bow. You need to loop the strings around these nocks to connect it with the bow.

  • String:

The string is the part that helps you to release the arrow. The string is attached to each end of the limbs. You can use a small loop to help to connect it. The string needs to be strong. It is made from different materials. To keep it in good condition, you need to use a silicone wax. There are two other parts of a string.

  • Center Serving: 

It is in the form of a thread. You need to wrap this thread in the center. It helps you maintain the durability of the string. The arrow is nocked on this area.

  • Nocking Point: 

It is a point where you need to nock the arrow. It is made of brass and is usually put on the string. You need to nock the arrow below this point.

These are the fundamental part of a bow. You can learn more about these parts to use it strategically.

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