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The 3 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Owning An Excalibur Crossbow

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Excalibur made a lasting impression on the Excalibur crossbow market for its durable, technologically advanced, and long-lasting products. This article explains regarding excalibur Crossbow that can be used as the guideline for the hunter when want to buy Excalibur Crossbow in the market. This article provides you with the advantages and disadvantages of owning the Excalibur Crossbow. it is hoped that this article can give some insight about Excalibur Crossbow.

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The recurve technology of Excalibur crossbows has been delivering superior reliability and accuracy. Though new technologies like compound bows have emerged, recurve bows still lead the market.

Excalibur bows boast of rugged simplicity, easy maintenance, few and durable moving parts. The unparalleled performance, sturdy design, and 30 years of industry experience justify the high price of Excalibur crossbows.

Excalibur offers an extensive range of crossbows that will meet your budget and needs. Excalibur is a reputable brand that has been offering superior crossbows for over 30 years. 

The brand has constantly been improving its technology and producing unmatched crossbows over the years. The progression of their crossbow models has been commendable.

Excalibur crossbows offer the right balance of quietness and power. They allow you to hit your targets with utmost accuracy and precision. If you are thinking about whether Excalibur crossbows are worth the investment, then dive into our detailed information.

Features and Advantages of an Excalibur Crossbows


Excalibur boasts of durability in all their models. Their crossbows have passed several destruction challenges and proved their sturdiness. 

You can run a truck over the Excalibur crossbows, and it will still hit your target with 100% accuracy. The Excalibur crossbows save you from purchasing a new crossbow at the start of each hunting season. 

Easy Maintenance

The Excalibur crossbows are solely made of the recurve crossbows. Their simplistic design and easy to maintain features are a bonus compared to the compound bows. It is easier to repair them if some parts get damaged or broken. 

It is often a challenge to fix or replace compound bows as their parts are difficult to repair. However, with recurve bows, you can replace or repair them within seconds. 

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Easy Loading

The Excalibur crossbows are easy to load via the Rope Cocker. The Excalibur models make no sound while loading, which is a bonus. If you fear an injury, you can also load the crossbows with the cranking device.

Convenient Design

The limb design of the Excalibur crossbows makes them more reliable and accurate than others. It will deliver the best shot in every performance. The brand offers tried, tested, and trusted designs that make their crossbows lightweight and compact. 

The stocks of the Excalibur crossbows are light as a feather and ensures optimum ease of use. It is suitable for hunters of larger as well as smaller frames. 

The Excalibur crossbow comes with the feature of safely de-cocking the bow’s string. You don’t need to shoot the arrow towards the ground while de-cocking. This feature will save your crossbows from potential damage.

Accurate Aim

The sturdy and compact design doesn’t sacrifice accuracy and performance. You can perfectly align the scopes with the ideal alignment. The Excalibur crossbows help to quickly acquire and hit your target. They offer performance and simplicity over fancy or complex designs.

Pros of Some of An Excalibur Crossbow

Learn the pros of some of the best valued and highest rated Excalibur models to find your perfect pick –

Excalibur Micro 355

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The Excalibur Micro 355 is a powerful and ultra-compact addition to the crossbow range. This crossbow comes with incredible power and manageable draw weight. The Excalibur Micro 355 blends a compact design with the ultimate power capacity. 

The powerful yet compact design makes it ideal for small and tight hunting areas. The accurate making will ensure that each of your bow shots hit the target. 

The Excalibur Micro 355 comes with a suppressor system that helps to quieten even the most powerful shots. It also offers easy assembling and maintenance.

Excalibur Bulldog 440

The Bulldog 440 is the latest addition to the Excalibur crossbow family. It is a powerhouse of the best crossbow features with an unmatched speed of 440 frames per second. It is ideal for taking down the largest games owing to its additional speed. 

The built-in crank and anti-dry fire mechanism is a bonus. It comes with a shorter and compact bullpup stock to offer a more balanced and lighter now. The specialized crank system drastically reduces the draw weight to 15 lbs.

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Excalibur Assassin 360 Strata

The Excalibur Assassin 360 Strata is a sleek yet deadly crossbow. The brand has added the best features and popular mechanics to bring a blend of performance, durability, stealth, and design. It comes with a simple loading feature, silent shoot, and 360 fps.

The high-quality trigger system and adjustable stock make it a perfect crossbow for all hunters. It offers top-notch accuracy and great reloading features. It is ideal for hunters who want a mix of tech and simplicity in their crossbows. 

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Disadvantages or Problems Associated with Excalibur Crossbows

While the Excalibur crossbows are full of superior features and advantages, there are some small issues associated with them. Just like any other crossbow brands, Excalibur also suffers from some minor disadvantages. 

After performing several shots through the Excalibur crossbow, you may notice a slight crack-like texture around the limbs. However, this is nothing but cosmetic peeling off due to wear and tear. However, you must keep an eye on such cracking and opt for necessary repairs.

Besides the crackling limbs on certain models, Excalibur suffers from no other disadvantage. You can easily repair or replace the limbs when needed. 

The crackling happens as the Excalibur crossbow’s speed is extremely high for narrow frames. Regularly hunting at the highest capacity will weaken the limbs. This causes the crackling sound in the Excalibur crossbows. 

However, Excalibur offers a robust warranty and unparalleled after-sales service. It will ensure a quick replacement for your cracked crossbow limbs.

Closing Thoughts

The Excalibur crossbows boast of a lightweight design and powerful shots. Their top models are all well-balanced and offer unparalleled performance. 

Some of the best Excalibur models also come with a sound deadening mechanism to reduce the impact of noise while you are shooting. You will find some affordable yet powerful crossbows under the Excalibur brand. 

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