Archery for Left Handed

What You Should Know Archery for Left Handed?

Introduction Archery for Left Handed

The practice of archery is ancient and has been around for centuries. It has been used for battle, defense, recreation and art purposes. Archery is enjoyed by many, however finding the right gear can be a challenge for some. This article will explains about Archery for Left Handed that is important for bow hunters to know and understand about it. Archery for left handed is different from the right handed because this types of archery required special attention and must be addressed carefully.

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When you want to do archery, there are many types of archery that you should know which is right handed archery and left handed archery. This types of archery is for different people and most of the equipment available is made for righty handsd archery.

Crossbow for Left handed

If you are left handed archery, finding a crossbow that fit your is quite easily and can most of the crossbow can be search at Amazon or Walmart through online. However, if you are left handed, finding a crossbow for left handed also challenging and must be proper invest. If you are thinking all the crossbow are the same, it is not because the design of the crossbow can be tricky and not easy to operated by left handed people.

There are many types of crossbow that you can choose if you are left handed. We also address here in this article.

Recurve bow for left handed

If you are recurve bow users for left handed, you must also know and learn that there are also recurve bow for left handed. Recurve bow for left handed is quite different from right handed because the aim and strings quite different. As the left handed users for archery, you must choose carefully the best recurve bow for left handed. In this post we also give the example of recurve bow for left handed.

Right-handed individuals have more of a selection when it comes to gear. This is why it is important to know the best tips and tricks when looking for gear as a left-handed archer. Having the correct gear for you will help you preform your best.

Finding Left-Handed Gear

The majority of the population is right-handed. It is estimated that only 10% of the population is left-handed. As a result, finding gear can take more time and patience. However, there are a few main tips to ensure you can find the right gear when visiting your local pro shop. Only 8 to 12% of all bows are manufactured for left-handed archers.

When looking for a left-handed bow, the best option is to call your pro shop ahead of time and confirm they have left-handed bows in the draw length, draw weight and size you are looking for.

Your shop will know which bows they currently carry and if they are left-handed or right-handed.

Release aids can be used regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Right-handed release aids can be converted for left-handed use with an adjustment. Some will swivel into position for left-handed or right-handed use.

The default manufacture setting is for right-handed use, however do not worry as they can be converted for left-handed use.

Some sights are specifically made for right-handed use or left-handed use, however many of them are ambidextrous.

It is important to note that ambidextrous sight amenities will actually be “upside down” for left-handed archers. The level will be on the top and the light will be on the bottom. For right-handed archers the level will be on the bottom and the light shinning from the top.

Most pro shops do not keep a large stock or any stock at all on left-handed gear. This is due to the low number of archers with left-handed dominance. For this reason it is very important to order gear custom and shop online if needed. Online shops have a much larger selection of gear.

It is much easier to find the gear you want with all your desired specifications when shopping online. A lot of high-end gear must be custom ordered for left-handed archers.

Shopping online will allow you to either custom order the gear directly from the manufacture or have a larger selection of left-handed gear to choose from. For example, a pro shop near you may have a few left-handed bows, but they may not be the size, draw length/ weight you want.

Rather than settling for a piece of gear that doesn’t meet your needs, you can order online. It is important to note that this will postpone when you actually receive your gear so planning ahead is key. Archery for left handed individuals is more difficult, but it can be done with patience and effort.


As the conclusion it should be noted here that most of the hunting gear available for right archery compared to left handed archery. As the left handed users you must choose carefully your gear and hunting equipment to enjoy hunting experience.