Archery scoreboard

Learn About Archery Scoreboard in Olympic competition

Archery Scoreboard

There are various ways in which one can pursue their love for archery, among which is also target archery. It is the most common means of archery with various competitions being held both indoors and outdoors over distances up to 90 meters. This article explains about Archery scoreboard that you can use as the guideline when want tp understand about scoring in archery. You can visit to know about archery scoreboard.

Calculation for Archery Scoreboard

These competitions take place on a traditional 5 colored ring which has 10 ring targets. The international target archery is performed by using two kinds of bows, either a recurve bow or a compound bow. Both these styles are a part of the Paralympics Games, however, recurve target archery is also a part of the Olympic program and the compound target archery is a part of World Games.

Target Archery scoreboard is a growing sport all over the world and is also practiced in clubs in more than 150 countries across the world. Along with this, World international target archery events are inclusive of Archery World Cup, Indoor Archery World Cup, World Archery Championships, etc.

Having learned the basics of target archery, now let us look at how outdoor and indoor archery is actually played.

Outdoor Target Archery Score

This is a form of archery open for both recurve bow archers as well as compound bow archers. The recurve bow archers have to shoot at a target which is set 70 meters away while the compound bow archers have to shoot a target which is set 50 meters away. Both these athletes have the same 10 ring target of 5 colors, red, yellow, black, blue, and white which scores 10 for the innermost round and 1 for the outermost round. However, the diameters of the targets vary with the recurve bow diameter being 122cm (each ring of 12.2 cm) while the compound bow diameter being 80 cm in diameter (each ring of 8 cm).

Though this happens to be the traditional target board used for compound athletes, in international competitions the target board is reduced to 6 rings of red, yellow, and blue. This is done to reduce the target size so that each athlete can have his own target to aim at providing ease.

Indoor Target Archery Scoreboard

This form is also open to both compound as well as recurve bow archers. The target, in this case, is set 18 meters away for both the categories. The target used for Indoor Target Archery is the same traditional 10 ring target with colors black, yellow, blue, red, and white which has a score of 10 on the inside and decreases to 1 as we go to the outer white portion.

This being the traditional target, the international competitions are still held on a smaller three-color target which excludes the outer black and white rings. In these competitions, these smaller targets are arranged vertically where the athlete hits one shot on each of the targets at any given time. The diameter of the target ring is 2 cm for compound athletes as against 4 cm for recurve athletes.

Now, these competitions are held in different formats based on the team formation they allow. Let us enlighten ourselves with the various available options.

Indoor as well as outdoor archery is permitted with a mixed team, team and for individual pursuits. We will now study each of these formats in detail.

Individual Competition Format for Archery Scoreboard

Athletes initially go for a qualification or ranking round which determines there seedings with which the further procedure takes place. This round consists of 60 arrows for indoor competitions and 72 arrows for outdoor competitions which are cumulative.

The athlete who gets most points is awarded the top seed and likewise, the one with minimum points gets the last seed. Followed by this, the athletes go for eliminations and finals of the head to head matches which are shot in brackets.

The players with top 8 seeds get a direct bye to the third round while the top 104 athletes move for outdoor competitions and the top 32 seeded athletes advance in the indoor competitions. The scoring is based on a set system in case of recurve matches while the same is based on a cumulative system in case of compound matches.

Team and Mixed Team Format

Along with the individual format, these are the other two formats available. However, the mixed team format is only permitted in outdoor competitions by far.

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The team is composed of three athletes from the same division. Usually the three top-scoring athletes advance however; this can be managed a little by the team manager by substituting the players. Now comes mixed team which comprises of two athletes of the same bow style with one of each gender. These teams are seeded for the elimination matches by adding up the individual round scores of the athletes.

Recurve teams, as well as mixed team matches, are conducted considering the set system. The teams are entitled to two set points for having won each set of 6 arrows, and mixed teams are entitled to 2 set of points for having won each set of 4 arrows. If both, the teams or mixed teams come to the same score in a 6 arrow set or a 4 arrow set, they are both allowed a single set point. The team or mixed team which gets 5 points wins the match.

Conclusion for Archery Scoreboard

These are the basics of how an archery scoreboard works with both compound bow archers and recurve bow archers in various formats. This is all you would initially want to know about this growing sport, to begin with it or just enlighten yourself on the matter. You can further go on to the individual game pages, like the Olympics page to get further information on how every individual game adapts to it. With all this knowledge, we hope it would have become easier for you to get a jest of target archery with which you can now start with your practice taking another look at the basic rules which are a necessary part of the game.