Arrows for Small Game

Arrows for Small Game: What 5 Infos You Need To Know

Arrow Hunting for small game

Small Game Hunting is like a beginner’s level in bowhunting. Most of the bow hunters practice little game hunting before moving towards big-game animals. This article explains regarding the Arrows for Small Game that you can use as the guideline when want to understand the arrow for competition for small game.

In bowhunting, most of the tactics used are standard for hunting small as well as big animals. But there is one significant difference. You need a separate hunting gear for hunting short game.

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Arrows for Small Game:

  • Bow:

You don’t require a fast bow to hunt small animals. You also don’t need a heavy draw weight to do it. 

Best Crossbow in the market: Small game arrow tips

  • Arrow:

Exceptional equipment you will need is an arrow for small game. You need specially designed little arrow and arrow points for small game hunting.


Best small game arrow tips

You need a type of arrow called flu-flu arrow for small game. These arrows are regular arrows with some differences. The fletching is different than normal arrows. The fletching is larger.

It drags the arrow to slow it down. Because of this, if you miss the shot, the arrow won’t travel to a long distance. You can easily find the missed arrow.

The weight and size of the arrow are the same. These arrows are easily available in archery stores. 

Arrow Points for Small Game:

After arrow, you need to focus on the arrow point. You need to buy special arrows for small game hunting. The arrow point depends on the type of small animal.

Example: For squirrels and rabbits, a blunt point is the best. For bigger animals, you need blades. 

Best Type of Arrow for Small Game:

Here are some best type of arrows you can use for small game hunting.

  • Target Tips and Field Tips:

These are mostly used for practicing. You can use these arrows for small animals. Animals like rabbits, frogs, rats, and squirrels are best suited for these arrows. You have to be careful because they can easily be lost in soft ground.

  • Blunt Tips:

These tips are blunt and wide. Animals mostly go into a shock or paralysis with these arrows. If the force is accurate, they can be killed with less damage. These arrows are available with springs, wings, or wires to avoid digging deep into the ground. You cannot use it for a medium-sized animal. These arrows are best suited for squirrels, rats, and small rabbits as they don’t contaminate the flesh.

  • Broadhead Tips:

These arrows are razor sharp. It has a bladed tip that easily pierces into the skin of the animal. It is used for a slightly bigger animal like jackrabbits and pheasants. If you are using it like a small animal, you need to be careful as it may damage the flesh. Once this arrow pierces the skin of the animal, it cannot run away.

Types of Arrow as per Animals:

Now, we will show you the types of arrow you can use specific to the animal.

  • Rabbits and Hares:

Blunt arrow for small rabbits and broadhead arrow for a slightly large rabbit.

  • Squirrels:

You need to use a blunt tip arrow for squirrels.

  • Wild Turkeys:

You can use broadheads for wild turkey as they can block the shot with their feathers.

  • Raccoons:

You need to use a broadhead arrow for raccoons.

  • Snakes, Frogs, and Rats:

You can use blunt arrows for those on land and broadhead for those in water.

This is all you need to know about arrows for small game hunting. Choose the arrow as per the types of animals to avoid damaging the flesh.

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