atlatl vs bow

Atlatl Vs Bow-What You Must Know About It

Introduction to Atlatl Vs Bow

It is quite hard to choose, which is a better hunting weapon between an atlatl and a bow. This article will explain and provide you with an analysis of what is the differences between Atlatl Vs Bow that you can use as the guideline when want to know about atlatl.

It should be noted here, that this article just wants to provide information about this weapon, and you as the reader must know and learn how to use it carefully and provide the safety for yourselves.

This is because they are made with organic or perishable materials. Aside from that, these two were used by primitive hunters in hunting animals in the wild. Both of these hunting weapons have their own features and pros and cons.

Why Atlatl is Better than a Bow

An atlatl is made with wood and requires an arrow-like dart in hunting. Its dart usually is also made with wood and usually comes with feathers. The feathers help the dart to have a constant and stable movement when flying. 

To use an atlatl, you need to have a good focusing skill. If you are a beginner, you need to have a long time, patience, and effort to master its use. You can propel its dart 50 m away from your position. But you can still improve it in continuous practice. This is good to use since it protects the hunter from the possible attack of an enemy or the animal.

Its speed is ranging from 20 miles per second to 30 miles per second. It is lightweight. In connection with that, the dart’s momentum and its kinetic energy will affect its flying height. This only means that it is good to use when hunting a medium to a large-sized animal such as bison, elk, moose, hog, and black bear

It is advantageous with a bow since you can use it with your one hand. On the other hand, you might find it difficult to use it in the wild.

Why Bow is Better than Atlatl

To use a bow, you need to have several arrows that are made with wood. You can hunt an animal that is 45 meters away from you when using a bow. A bow is better than atlatl since its arrow flies faster than the dart of an atlatl. 

Compared with an atlatl, it is best to work in the wild. You can also use it while you move. It has a faster speed, which will help you to have an accurate hit. It also penetrates its power that will help you to have a stronger impact to a medium-sized animal. But you can’t use it in hunting larger animals. In addition to that, its fast speed will also decrease the capability of your target animal to escape.


To sum it up for atlatl vs bow, using an atlatl with its dart is excellent when you are hunting in the open field. This is also effective to use in hunting larger animals that are not capable of attacking you after being hit. On the other hand, a bow is also effective in hunting a small to medium animal in the wild. Aside from that, you can also use it in hunting in the wild.

If you want to hunt in the wild, we recommend you to use a bow. On the other hand, if you will show your hunting skills in an open field, you might consider using an atlatl. Both of these two hunting weapons are effective in hunting in various fields.