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About Compound Bow for Tall Guys

When mankind learned hunting, there was a dire need of a weapon that can be shot at a distance and is powerful to take down the target. So, mankind invented the art of hunting using a bow and arrow, which was later called as the art of “Archery”. Archery emerged as a practice of using a bow and arrow to hit the target from a distance. This article explains about Compound Bow for Tall Guys that you can use as the guidelines when want to bowhunting.

Here we have an elastic arc having a high-tensile string tied to its ends. The Bowman or the archer uses a sharp pointed arrow to fit inside the bow and launches the arrow after pulling it backward restoring elastic energy in the arrow.

Archery has also emerged as a professional sport and has been a part of the summer Olympics since the 1900s. As is true for human evolution, the same has happened in the case of archery. The traditional hunting technique of using bow and arrow has also evolved with time.
Types of bows

Let’s take a quick look at the few popular types of bows that are available around and discuss the compound bows at length.

1.Traditional Bow (or Simple bow)

2.Recurve Bows

3.Takedown Bows

4.Yumi Bow or Japanese Bow

5.Reflex bows


7.Compound bow-Invented in 1966 by Holles Wilbur Allen of Missouri, the compound bows provide excellent accuracy, high velocity, and long distance when compared to other types of bows. The compound bows use pulleys (or cams) and cables to provide a lever system for the archer so that less effort is exerted when the bow is drawn to the fullest. Due to this system, the archer conserves his effort and can aim better with high accuracy. Compound bows are famous because they are lightweight and easy to carry. They have high-quality strings, multiple cables, and quality risers and that is what the archers love to have in their bow.

We understand that you may not have imagined that a simple bow could be of so many different types. The most famous of all the compound bows too.

Types of Compound Bow for Tall Guys

1.Single Cam-easy to use and quite but harder to tune than other designs

2.Hybrid Cams-Easy to tune and requires less maintenance

3.Twin Cams-High accuracy and velocity but highly complex design requiring regular maintenance and tuning.

4.Binary Cams-Very high velocity but highly complex design requiring constant maintenance and tuning.

The best compound bow for tall guys

If you are a professional archer or a hobbyist, you must be thinking of gifting yourself the best compound bow available in the market. We have made it easy for you by choosing the best-selling compound bows. Here are the list and description of them.

SAS Feud 70 Lbs Compound Bow Target Field (Black with Starter Accessories)

When choosing a compound bow, its draw length and draw weight are two main characteristics that define the build quality of the compound bow. If you are a hobbyist who is planning to buy a compound bow that can handle all your needs, then you can rely on this beast for your game of archery. It has a peak weight of 70lbs and a maximum draw length of 31” and gives you a thundering 300+ FPS (feet per second) speed. This bow is a great budget choice for archery enthusiasts. Weighing only four pounds, it is easy to carry around and is moderately priced.

RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit: LIMBS MADE IN USA | Fully adjustable 24.5-31” Draw 30-70LB pull | Up to 315 FPS | WARRANTY & 100% 30 day GUARANTEE | 5 Pin Lighted Sight, Biscuit Rest | Camo 2 RH

If you are an archer and looking forward to moving to an advanced level in archery. Then this is the perfect choice to get to the next level. It has a strong build and can be used for hunting or target practice. It has a starting draw weight of 30 lbs and goes all the way to 70 lbs. As said earlier, this is not a choice for beginners. They would rather go with a lighter bow, to begin with. This one will give you a scorching speed of 315 FPS. This one is a good choice for hunters who are looking forward to upgrading their weapon for taking down their prized targets.

Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 70lb Force Bow, Right Hand, Break-Up Country

This is an all in one package for archers. Whether you are a young archery enthusiast at beginner’s level or an advanced archer, this one won’t let both of you down. It is easy to use and if maintained properly they can last longer. At 5 lbs, this is a lightweight compound bow, having a let off of 80% that makes it really smooth to draw and release. This bow package comes with a wrist sling that prevents it from falling down during the follow through.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow with RealTree Edge Finish

For passionate archers or professional archers, this premium standard compound bow is the first choice. It has a draw length that ranges from 12” to 30” that precisely means that it is a good choice for both the children and adults. Because of its variable draw weight ranging from 5 to 70 pounds it shouldn’t be difficult to adjust as per your need. The arrow shot from this one can reach up to a soaring speed of 315 FPS. The bow comes with a handgrip that helps in getting accurate aims on your target.

Southland Archery Supply SAS Feud 70 Lbs Compound Bow Target Field (Camo with Pro Package) (Black with Pro Package)

For shooters who want to develop and hone their skills in archery, they need to have the best available choice in the market. At 270 FPS the arrow speed is not really great here but this product stands out in terms of durability. The bow features 30” draw length and a draw weight of 70lbs that can be adjusted by loosening a bolt by 5lbs. Its draw weight varies from 55 to 70lbs and its draw length varies from 26” to 30”.

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The sport of archery is an old art. This sport picked up the pace in the 20th century. Of all the bows, compound bows are the most famous ones because of their high speed, lightweight, and easy handling. Draw weight and draw length are the two important characteristics that will help you choose the best compound bows available in the market we have identified the best out of the rest and they have been enlisted above for your easy reference.