Best Crossbow for Gator Hunting 2023

Introduction Crossbow for Gator Hunting

Hunting alligators is not the same as hunting small animals. There are risks involved because the animals in question are in the category of the fiercest and daring predators in the animal kingdom. Therefore, you need to be well equipped with the best hunting equipment in order to achieve your goal. Learn more about the best crossbow for gator hunting in the following review.

EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Matrix Bulldog 400 4400 Crossbow with Tact-Zone, Medium, Camouflage

If you are looking for a crossbow that is newly engineered for hunting alligators, then Excalibur Crossbow Matrix Bulldog-400 should be your ultimate choice. This crossbow comes with a redesigned riser that gives it great performance as well as dependability that you definitely expect if you are truly a seasoned hunter. In addition, this device is has a stock ergonomic fit with the entire bow being in RealTreeXtra.

At the time of purchasing the bow, you will get an upgraded Excalibur twilight scope, camo quiver and rope cocker to get you started immediately. On top of that, your crossbow will come with pre-installed R.E.D.S pads, cheek piece and the guardian anti-dry-fire device to make your work easier.

The entire package comprises of 6 arrows ( premium Easton Diablo), an extra Excalibur string which may be grey, black or blue in color, an extra stringing device, 6-grain target points (150 in number) and Excalibur camo hat. Most importantly, each bow has a velocity of 400 FPS, draw weight of about 280 lbs, 14.0″ power stroke, 6.2lbs mass weight, 35.8″ overall length, 18″ arrow length, and 350 Grains of the arrow weight. The stock type is Bullpup ready rest with RealTreeXtra finish.

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Package, Blackout, 260-Pound

The Excalibur Matrix-380 Blackout crossbow is a weapon of choice for most of the alligator hunters. This crossbow is designed using the Compact Recurve Technology to give you a game-changing performance for best results.

Being a compact curve crossbow, the Excalibur Matrix-380 Blackout enables you to hunt right from a blind or rather a tactical look. Apart from all that, the crossbow stealth-black appearance makes the device to disappear in the blind. If you have ever used the Matrix 380 Xtra crossbow, you will definitely realize that it works in the same way as this Matrix 380 Blackout, This is because the two crossbows are somehow identical with a speed of 380 FPS complete with the massive power of about 112.3 lbs. of the kinetic energy.

However, this crossbow comes with a velocity of 380 FPS, cocking effort of 130, draw weight of about 260 lbs., mass weight 5.9 lbs., arrow length of 18″, and an arrow weight of 3550 grams (minimum). And the stock type has the ergonomic grip, giving you an assurance of a perfect a shot.

Excalibur Bulldog 440 Crossbow Package Free Scope Upgrade to XB-30 PRO Black

The Excalibur Matrix-405 is the state-of-the-art hard-hitting crossbow that is designed for any serious hunter out there. With its mega blistering velocity and crushing power, you can use this crossbow to tame the world’s largest and deadliest alligator in just a few shots.

Just like the archer’s version of a double-rifle, Excalibur Matrix-405 has all the qualities that you cannot ignore. This crossbow is fun to have it and quite efficient when shooting although it is not built for tournaments competitions or your backyard target games. Why is the case? The Excalibur Matrix-405 is actually a lethal weapon that combines high-speed, unimaginable strength and flat-shooting performance that is second to none.

This is the case when you look closely to its features starting with the ergonomic grip stock style, the integrated recoil energydissipation system (R.E.D.S.) string suppression system for the reduction of noise and vibration, twilight DLX scope, guardian anti-dry-fire system, and premium BCY dynaflight-97 string. For the specification, this powerful crossbow boasts of a speed of 405 FPS, kinetic energy, 290 lbs. draw weight, 13.9″ power stroke, 36.5″ overall length, 6.2lbs, 18″ arrow length and 3-6×44 the twilight-DLX illuminated scope.

EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow with Lite Stuff Package/Vari-Zone Scope (Draw Weight : 200-Pound), Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Recurve

The Excalibur Crossbow-Null Matrix-SMF Grizzly is an affordable and economical new crossbow on the market that you can use to showcase your shooting skills. Unlike other Matrix series crossbows, this model offers the best performance at a great price. This is due to the fact that this crossbow is built to launch bolts with a speed of up to 305 FPS right from its 30-inch wide CRTlimset.

The crossbow is easy to handle and it combines a shorter 11.5-inch powerstroke with the compact 33-inch long thumbhole stock including its light 5.5 lb. overall weight. Away from that, there is a super strong SMF frame as part of the crossbow that gives the Excalibur Crossbow-Null Matrix-SMF Grizzly its durability.

For the features, you will come across the draw weight of 200 lbs., 18″ arrow length, 350 arrow speed thanks to the standard Matrix string and grain arrow. The entire package comprises of the dead-zone scope complete with 1″ rings, 4 arrow quiver including the bracket, scope mount, 4 Diablo arrows with their 150-grain field points and the rope cocking aid.CenterPoint Sniper-370-Crossbow Package

CenterPoint Sniper-370-Crossbow Package is your weapon of choice, especially when going for that big game hunt. Essentially this is a lightweight, efficient and high-performance crossbow for hunting big game especially the alligators. This crossbow is comfortable in your hands and has an adjustable stock with a through foregrip and narrow 18-inch axel-to-axel width that enables you to have easy maneuvering while in the woods. Also, this feature ensures that you get exceptional accuracy without missing your target. The quad limbs are fitted using a precision CNC machined cam system to deliver the mind-blowing speeds that go as high as 370 FPS. Additionally, the CenterPoint Sniper-370-Crossbow boasts of 185 lbs. of draw weight and it’s capable of shooting arrows to a speed of 370 FPS.

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Some of the notable features that make this crossbow unique include a compound system, 110 fpe energy, 13.5″ power stroke, 7.9 lbs. weight, 36.5″ length, rope cocker, 4x32mm scope, and auto safety cocking mechanism among others.

Final Thought

There are different types of the best crossbow for gator hunting with each model having its own unique features. The five mentioned above have been carefully selected based on their great performance and efficiency given that hunting alligators and other big game require sophisticated and well-designed crossbows. If you are a hunter, you can make your choice from the five hunting crossbows highlighted above to achieve better results.