Best Crossbow for Goose

Introduction-How To Crossbow for Goose

Hunting for a goose requires special technique and commitment. In most cases you’ll find yourself either rolling on the grass to find that perfect shot, or running around following the geese in their gaggles. The fact that they can fly makes it even more difficult. This makes it necessary to have pin point accuracy so as to take them down with the fewest shots possible. For this, you will need a perfect crossbow that will deliver top class performance. See my picks for the best crossbow for goose hunting.

XtremepowerUS Hybrid Crossbow 80 lbs 160 fps Hunting Flashlight Scope Red Light Pointer Combo w/Magazine Capacity + Bag

This is dead ass crossbow that will give you that shot you’ve always dreamt of. For goose hunting, shot speed and accuracy is key. To bring that goose down, you need to proper timing as they will easily duck an arrow if not properly shot. This crossbow has a draw weight of about 80 pounds and delivers a 160 fps shot.

With a 10 inch stroke distance, it’s very effective even from distances as far as 75 yards.

It has a very large magazine capacity of about 200 steel balls and comes with a high quality crossbow bag. This crossbow can shoot these steel balls with an initial velocity of about 160 fps. This will definitely get that goose unaware.

Its weight totals to about 13.14 pounds and a length of about 30 inches. This makes it really easy to work with the crossbow at any position that you desire. The crossbow is made from high quality steel that ensures it serves you for as long as you’d want.

The package also contains 2 hunting arrows (featherless), a set of hunting gloves, a hexagonal spanner and a focusing scope for more accuracy. With the XtremepowerUS, you don’t shoot twice!

BARNETT Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow, 400 Feet Per Second

This crossbow delivers probably the fastest shot among all the other crossbows. The first unique feature that you’ll notice with this crossbow is the unique camouflaging patterns. These will make you blend really well into the wild and trust me when in that shooting position, no goose will notice your presence.

This sleek invention comes with unique string dampeners that work to cut down the noises that are made between the strings during shooting. This reduces noise a great deal and makes the hunting environment more conducive.

The crossbow delivers a 400 fps shot whose chances of missing are almost impossible. The materials are light weight and it comes in a very convenient length of 13.1 inches.

The arrow release technology is absolutely frictionless. The main advantage of this is that the arrow travels with a crazy initial velocity and with pin point accuracy of almost a straight line.

The arrow has ADF and nick sensors that ensure the hunter is protected from dangerous unintended firing. This crossbow assures the hunter 100%safety during hunting.

Its crack-cocking enabled and this together with the 4*32mm focusing scope, work together to see to it that you bring down that goose with your first shot.

The package comes with important accessories that include; a device for rope coking, a quiver, lube wax, hunting arrows (22 inch long) and of course, the crossbow.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow | Shoots 350 FPS | Includes 4×32 scope, rope cocking device, light weight quiver & two 20 inch Headhunter arrows

This is an amazing goose hunting package that will camouflage really well during hunting.

It puts up top class performances with blazing arrow speeds of more than 370 fps.

From one axle to the other, this crossbow measures about 14inches (full drawn) and about 18inches (when not drawn). This makes it really for you to adopt any shooting position that suits you.

The total length of the crossbow is about 36 inches and with a weight of about 7.5 pounds, using this crossbow is absolutely simple.

Its draw weight is about 175 pounds and has a kinetic energy of about 111ft/lb. these features work together to deliver a speedy and an almost straight arrow shot.

Its focusing scope is not just an ordinary scope as it comes with an eye piece for focusing. This doubles your accuracy to almost 100%.
The package contains 3 carbon bolts, a detachable sling, quiver, wax for the strings, rail lube, detachable string and a coking rope.

Use this bad ass crossbow to hunt those birds down!

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Package, Blackout, 260-Pound

This item is manufacture by Excalibur crossbow and it meets all the qualities that you can ever think of in a crossbow.
It’s a very durable crossbow as the materials that make it have been sources from the best of sources in the globe. This gives you value for your big bucks.

The color is stealth-black that easily camouflages to help you disappear in the thin air away from the goose sight.

This crossbow has an ADF system that protects you to make sure that no accidental firing occurs.

Its overall length comes to about 35.82’’ and a weight of just a mere 5.9 pounds. This makes it really easy to use the crossbow. The crossbow comes with a quiver, 4 arrows, tact-zone focusing scope, cocking aid and 4 gran field practice points.

Center Point Arcery Mercenary 390 Compound Crossbow Package

As the name suggests, this crossbow does bad ass ambushes. It will give accurate and dead straight arrow shits of speeds of up to 370fps.
Its AR butt stock is easily adjustable to get you that shooting position you need to hunt down that goose.

An ADF pack works to ensure that you’re protected against accidental firing.

The bow weighs about 6.7 pounds and the rail measures about 34.7 inches. These are very manageable dimensions that make the crossbow easy to use.
A power stroke of 13.75 inches makes sure that the arrow ambushes the goose at top most strength and speed. The crossbow also comes with; 4*32mm focusing scope, string wax, dampeners, string stoppers, silencers, cocking rope and a quiver(3-bolt).

You don’t have to go around the world looking for a crossbow to take down those geese you’ve been eyeing. The most important thing is to get a crossbow that will deliver a quick and a very accurate shot. Check out my picks of the best crossbow for goose hunting for a simplified guide.