Bear Cruzer G2

Best Product Review Bear Cruzer G2 Archery

Introduction Bear Cruzer G2 Archery

Sports enthusiasts and hunters both need a good bow to hit their target perfectly. This article explains about Bear Cruzer G2 Archery that is important for a hunting experience and wants to hunts animals.

Hunting using Bear Cruzer G2 Archery is a very good experience and can helps you master the skills in archery. You can hunt animals such as moose, elk, alligators, duck, coyote, bear, mountain lion, and many more.

It should be noted here that when you want to hunting using Bear Cruzer G2 Archery you must know the operating mechanism that can helps you master it.

Though with hundreds of products available, you might still be clueless as to which one you should invest in. 

Have you heard of Bear Cruzer G2? You probably have. Otherwise, that name still sounds new to you, but you are already on your journey towards soliciting useful information, whether it is worth your bucks or not. I hope our review could be of utmost aid in helping you make an informed decision! 

Description Bear Cruzer G2 Archery

The Bear Cruzer G2 is a versatile and powerful bow suitable to use by anyone. It aims to satisfy your hunting experience with its sturdy built, precise target, adaptability, and ease of handle. It is a good first bow for beginners and young archers as well as a high-quality option with high-grade capabilities for savvier shooters.

Easy to carry, lightweight, and extremely quiet. It comes in multiple colors. Accessories are included, such as whisker biscuit, sling and stabilizer, limbs, 5-arrow quiver, nock loop, 4-pin sight, and peep sight. The only thing you have to do is to buy additional arrows, and you’re good to go! 

Build & Design Bear Cruzer G2 Archery

Bear Cruzer G2 features a sturdy and durable built (machined aluminum riser) that can last for years. It is USA-made. Weighs 3lbs with 5″ brace height, 30″ axle-to-axle length, 5-70 weight range, and 12-30″ draw length range. Available for both right and left-handed shooters. 


You’ll get more than just the accessories and packages. Bear Cruzer G2 also includes EnduralFiber Quad Limb, MV1 can use the system to ensure better adjustability and power, and advanced grip design to remove hand torque. 



It is not the fastest bow you’ll find in the market, but can still shoot at 315 FPS – sufficient for accurate shots. Thanks to its nice solid wall with total creep deficiency. It provides tons of kinetic energy for the arrow. 


RockStops technology is capable of minimizing overall noise and vibrations. Hence, have the peace of mind knowing your prey won’t notice your presence when you’re hunting. 


  • A lightweight, quiet bow 
  • 315 FPS speed rating 
  • Nice grip 
  • Better speed and smooth draw 
  • Available in different color options (e.g., shadow series, moonshine wildfire, Realtree edge) 
  • Easily adjustable 
  • Includes a wide draw length adjustment 
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Good for beginners and experts 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 


  • Not quick enough 
  • Users need to adjust the peep sight regularly 
  • Beginners could have difficulty tuning the bow 
  • Arrows not included in the package

Is there any alternative product


If you are interested in owning a bow that will last for many years, lightweight, and has powerful function, Bear Cruzer G2 is the product to choose from. It is highly recommended for hunters and shooters, novices and experts. The speed might disappoint you a bit, but the accuracy is fitting enough to target prey. Noise and vibration reduction features, excellent grip design, and high velocity are other traits that contribute to this bow’s excellent value. Being developedby a champion archer is one solid proof to convince buyers that it is worth the bucks.