Garmin GPS MAP 64st

Best Product Review Garmin GPS MAP 64st

Introduction Garmin GPS MAP 64st

This GPS map by Garmin is a portable device perfect for adventure and hiking sessions. This Garmin GPS MAP 64st is important for the hunter when want to hunt animal in the jungle that can be use as the reference point by the hunters.

In this article, we will explain about Garmin GPS MAP 64st that can give you an overview of the product description and features.

It contains a high-resolution screen, which measures 2.6 inches. The exterior of the device is covered with rubber to grasp it easily, and even our hands are wet or slippery. It is designed with a micro SD card port so as to back up files. It uses a rechargeable battery that can give 16 hours of service. It comes with a metal clip wherein the device can be installed to any backpack.

Pros Garmin GPS MAP 64st

Powered by Bluetooth

Given this advantage, your mobile device can be paired, allowing your phone’s notifications, texts, and calls to appear in your GPS device. Since it is wireless, if your friends also have Garmin GPS, you can share your routes and tracts to them. It also comes with compatibility with other devices like temperature sensor, Garmin action camera, and heart rate monitor. 

Installed Topographic Maps

This device is coupled with a 2D visual picture of almost part of the United States. It includes the representation of forest, state, and local places. It also goes with terrain elevations such as lakes, rivers, and many more. 

Built-in Barometric Altimeter and Compass

The barometric altimeter will help you to track weather conditions when you traverse any mountain. Whereas, the 3-axis compass can always recheck your direction.  

Good Satellite Reception Garmin GPS MAP 64st

Even you are exploring caves and deep forest, with the presence of the device’s external antenna and GLONASS built-in feature, you can always have good satellite reception. 

Can Accommodate More Maps

This is not just an ordinary device land map since it can also put up marine and road maps. The device can also complement the military network system.

Cons Garmin GPS MAP 64st

Old Style Display Screen 

With the advent of technology right now, it is an odd point to us when we see the uncolored screens. It does not lessen the function of the device, but it greatly affects our interest.

Only Garmin Batteries Can Be Used 

Given that there is a switch to be pressed in the battery compartment, only the Garmin battery has the structure to do it. That is a big disadvantage since ordinary battery can’t be used. 

Limited Storage Capacity

Even you can record your trail, once you have a new set, you have to delete your previous trails. That is not favorable in any kind of adventure wherein you want to enjoy and just document everything.

Limited Battery Life Garmin GPS MAP 64st

If you have a three-day trek, you will have to provide yourself with an extra battery. That means you have to spend extra cost and effort. 

Final Verdict Garmin GPS MAP 64st

Even though it is a classic type of GPS, we can’t underestimate its capacity and distinctive features. If you are a first-timer, it would be difficult to navigate since it has a long page instruction manual. However, if you are used to it, and you are now an expert GPS navigator, you will surely enjoy the trail since the device can mark your waypoints. It only means that if you are lost in your way home or to your destination, you can always go back in track.