Martin Archery Lithium

Best Product Review Martin Archery Lithium

Introduction Martin Archery

This article explains about Martin Archery that is very important for hunters when you want to hunt animals in the jungle. Hunting animals using a crossbow, compound bow or recurve bow can give you a wonderful experience that is important for hunters.

There are many hunting equipment available in the market and the internet. As the hunters you must choose the best hunting equipment that you can afford and purchase if you are tight your budget.

So, you’ve been looking for the right compound bow for an upcoming competition/target, archery, or hunting?

Perhaps you already heard a few about Martin Archery Lithium, and the question if it is good for your dollars still arises in your mind. Would it be capable of meeting your shooting level or needs? That’s why we’ve created this review in the first place! 


Considered as the best compound bow for target shooting and hunting, Martin Archery Lithium is the improvised and improved model of the manufacturer’s bows. Robust, lightweight, and affordable. It provides a seamless blend of smooth operation, speed, and stability specifically for more advanced shooters looking for rich features and enhanced power. Weighing only 4 pounds means it is too light to use. But don’t underestimate its capabilities. It includes a solid one-piece connected riser. 

Build & Design

A good bow should be durable and lightweight. Otherwise, you will suffer heavily from arm fatigue. This eventually leads to wasted and missed shots. The manufacturer of Martin Archery Lithium deeply understands this situation, which is why they made sure that its built can resist the grimness of outdoor shooting – all in a lightweight package. What’s more, it is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. You will surely love the sophisticated and sleek look it provides. 


Attain a nearly effortless draw with the innovational cam system. Easily align your shots with the peep sights and three pins. The package also includes a loop, sling, stabilizer, quiver, and rest. Unlike other models, these accessories are not low quality and perform to standard an archery or hunter needs. 


Boasting a speed of 335 FPS, it is one of the quickest and most accurate single bows out there. It has a spoonful of power to take down games, be that small or large. 


Another feature that makes Martin Archery Lithium a must-have compound crossbow is its stillness and silence after every shot. Integrates STS technology and patented vibration system to ensure successful hunting. So even if your prey or target is just in a close distance, they won’t get scared.

Pros Martin Archery

  • Sturdy, lightweight 
  • Quiet (STS suppressor) and smooth glide operation 
  • Enough speed
  • Packed with advanced features to make hunting at ease 
  • Adjustable draw length and weight (50, 60, & 70 pounds) 
  • Great to use for hunting, target shooting, and 3D archery 

Cons Martin Archery

  • Arrows are not included in the package 
  • Comes in a version of right-hand only 
  • Price range is a bit high 

Are there any alternative products?


If you want a new bow as a gift for an archer friend or this hunting season, consider getting Martin Archery Lithium. It is something out of a dream and will serve you a lifetime.

While the speed and price do not tune to everyone, its rich features, sturdiness, lightweight design, good stability, fast, smooth draw, and comfort use are enough to convince you. One of the best vibration and noise suppressors you’ll ever experience. Ideal to use by adult and young archers with its adjustable setting.