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Best Product Review PSE Prophecy CrossBow

Introduction PSE Prophecy Crossbow

Aside from Barnett, PSE is also home to some of the top-quality, smooth performing bows in the market. This article will explain about PSE Prophecy crossbow that you can use as the guideline when you want to hunt animals in the jungle.

As a hunter, you must know that there are many crossbows that you can use when you want to hunt animals, the most expensive crossbow is the Ravin Crossbow that can easily kill the target.

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Though, does it holds true for the Prophecy as well? Most likely, if accuracy and speed are your main concern, topping with the idea of a bow being easy to use. 

Our review aims to help you decide on whether or not this gear is worth the take. 


Some bows are built to serve limited purposes, such as archery or hunting only. However, this is not the case with PSE Prophecy. You can use it for hunting, target practice, and even in competition. This product highly assures flexibility and maximum accuracy. Extremely easy to use and uncomplicated. Of course, we should not forget its appeal. The draw length’s adjustable setting ranges from 25 to 30 inches without buying a module or changing a cam. 

Build & Design 

A heavy-duty build is highly crucial for a bow as it determines its accuracy and speed besides using it gear for years. The PSE Prophecy comes with robust construction that guarantees easy, smooth draw all throughout. The limbs are past parallel in design for easy adjustment. Tons of stability is provided by the riser as well.

Here’s a quite disappointment for some though: the thin grip is not comfortable to hands, especially during first attempts. But once your hands become familiar with the grip, your accuracy and aim can be improved. It comes with a professional and voguish appearance too. Designed to reduce shock. 


Hunters will surely appreciate the single cam system (aluminum built) – with ranges from 25-inch to 30-inch. It also comes with a handful of accessories including peep sight, D loop, Qs whisker biscuit, stabilizer, wrist sling, Aries multipin sight, and a mongoose quiver. Added to the package are 4 arrows, a soft case, and a TruFire release. 


Prophecy is generally great to use in the woods, but could also do well on the range. With 340 FPS, single cam, and 32 axel-to-axel measurements, shooters get the best aim. 


Using this bow won’t scare your prey away. PSE made sure it is silent and stable to help you attain perfect accuracy regardless of your shooting expertise level. All thanks to the robust design of limbs. It comes with convenient bands in order to reduce movements, vibrations, and noise. You won’t even feel the aftershock after firing due to the front-mounted stabilizer. 

Pros PSE Prophecy crossbow

  • Lightweight, easy to handle, durable 
  • Accurate and fast 
  • Smooth 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Pretty solid package 
  • Better quality strings
  • Adjustable draw length and weight 
  • Incorporates some great technology 
  • Good for intermediate and hobbyist 

Cons PSE Prophecy crossbow

  • Not the fastest, smoothest, or strongest bow 
  • Skinny grip 
  • Expensive 
  • Some find it heavier than some similar models 

Are there any alternative products?

Conclusion PSE Prophecy crossbow

To sum it up, the PSE Prophecy has the power and speed any hunters need. Incredibly easy to use with silent function. It features some excellent technology for a mainline bow. Those who are interested in new hunting can depend on this bow’s accuracy and performance.