PSE Surge RTS Compound Bow

Best Product Review PSE Surge RTS Compound Bow: 5 Tips and important of it

Introduction PSE Surge RTS Compound Bow

Are you looking for a bow that can guarantee powerful performance and smooth draw? This article explains about PSE Surge RTS Compound Bow that you can learn and know about the compound bow that available in the market.

Hunting using compound bow is challenging and must be treated carefully. This is very important for the hunters to know because hunting using a crossbow and recurve bow can give a different experience.

PSE Surge RTS is one of the models recommended by most users. Get to know about this bow further with our short yet precise review! 


The PSE Surge Ready-to-Shoot (RTS) is a reliable and powerful bow intended to use by archers and anyone who want a quality product at an affordable price rate. It was initially built to replace the PSE Brute X. Various reports indicate that it is the smoothest bow you can own. Mainly due to its many outstanding features. Being part of the RTS series means you can begin shooting once you open the package. It speaks of complete convenience. 

Build & Design

The limbs’ split design gives PSE Surge RTS an overall professional and sleek design. Ensuring durability is the combined machine aluminum riser designed for long-lasting use. Lightweight at only 4.3 pounds along with an ATA/IBO speed of 320-312 FPS and 7.25 inches brace height. Moreover, the bow features an axle-to-axle measurement of 32.5 inches as well as a draw range of 19 1/2 to 30-inch. It is versatile and can simply grow with any skill level. 


PSE Surge RTS guarantees an efficient and draws cycle with its single medium draw cams. It can be easily pulled and allows all shots to have the power and speed needed to bring down big and small game. Able to produce tons of kinetic energy. However, the amount will still be based upon individual set up. Ideal to use by left and right hand. Accessories include Flexxtech 2 Stabilizer, PSE Archery Shadow Quiver, Neoprene Sling, and rock-solid sight along with a whisker biscuit rest.  


As have mentioned earlier, this bow is the fastest but smooth. It shoots at a speed of 320 FPS. Hence, it could also be a perfect alternative for competition and tournament settings besides game hunting.  


It comes with a silent and smooth cam system to effectively reduce vibration and noise of any form. The string stabilizer adds an assurance that each shot is precise and soundless. 

Pros PSE Surge RTS Compound Bow

  • A smooth and powerful bow
  • Up to 320 FPS  
  • Vibration and noise level is low 
  • Adjustable length and weight 
  • Accuracy 
  • Limb bolts could be turned twelve times 
  • Ready to shoot 
  • Comes with a good package deal 
  • Good value for the money 

Cons PSE Surge RTS Compound Bow

  • Quite heavier compared to other compound bows with similar size 
  • Might be an expensive option for beginners 

Are there any alternative products?


PSE Surge RTS is one of the best bows on the market for shooters, beginners, or savvy. It has robust built and design, amazing lighting speed, and power (enough for taking down various prey sizes), plus the accessories to help make your hunting more convenient. Easy to draw and smooth. Since it is made of durable materials, you can save more dollars buying for a brand new bow as you can use it for years. Adjustable to accommodate any shooting needs. 

Show up with PSE Surge RTS and get ready to impress everyone at the range!