Ravin 9 Crossbow

Best Product Review Ravin 9 Crossbow

Introduction Ravin 9 Crossbow

Ravin 9 is the most known compact crossbow available in the market. This article explains about Ravin 9 Crossbow that you can know and learn about a crossbow that available in the market.

When you are hunting using a crossbow, you must know that you will get the best experience in hunting journey. This is because using crossbow can be deadly and silence kills for animals. As a hunters, you can hunt animals such as elk, moose, coyote or duck when you are using crossbow.

The history of crossbow start during the Monggol Empire and the revolution of crossbow can become the most important innovation in the last 19th century. Besides crossbow, you as the hunters must also know that there are other equipment that you must know such as hunting knife, hunting boots, tree stand, compound bow, backpack and camping tents.

If you want to bow fishing fish there are many bow fishing that available that you can use combine with kayak and spearfishing.

What You Must Know About Ravin 9 Crossbow

Having only a width of 6 inches and a length of 36 inches, it can be perfectly moved in any hunting game. Even you are stalking or standing beside a tree. This can easily be carried all the way around. 

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It is more a rifle-like crossbow that shoots with great accuracy with an impressive speed that measures up to 390 fps. The crossbow is designed to be lightweight since it weighs only seven pounds. It also has kinetic energy that can reach 160 ft.  It also comes with an optic gear to enhance more shooting precision.

Apart from that, Ravin 9 is coupled with a cocking method to adjust any hunter launch capacity. It only means that even you are a beginner or an expert, you can withstand to draw a shot by the support of this system. In addition, it also includes trigger safety to keep any false fire to be a draw.

A Ravin 9 package includes six field arrowheads and matched pins. With that specs combined; this crossbow displays a great performance for your hunting experience. 

Pros Ravin 9 Crossbow

Great Range and Accuracy

Since it can aim for high scope distance, it will be beneficial to be used in any big hunting game. With the presence of a cocking system, it can also be used even by younger ones in any small game or archery session.

Compact Rifle-like Structure

The slim structure of Ravin brings great convenience. It can be carried easily at the same use comfortably. You will never notice any discomfort since the crossbow is just made to be a lightweight hunting weapon.

Cons Ravin 9 Crossbow

Quite expensive

If you are looking for a high end and compact crossbow, this would be the one for you. However, if not, this is not the best option since its competitors like the Tenpoint and Excalibur are more available at a cheaper price.

Cocking Parts Can’t Be Easily Manipulated

The complexity of each draw and discharge mechanism includes many moving parts that can’t be easily repaired when it gets damage along the trail. When it happens, it will be a big discomfort since you will not anymore have the capacity to start your shooting game.

Are there any alternative product

Summary Ravin 9 Crossbow

Given the slim structure of Ravin 9, it can be used easily and carried securely. Even with that compact size, it performs with great precision. The crossbow is made with quality materials so that it can work faster. It has an incredible speed ranging up to 390 fps. Other competitors might have the same quality of speed but not combined with a slim rifle-look structure. That is the great edge of this model of the crossbow, which made it favorable for the expert hunter who is having a long-way hunting destination. It weighs less, so it won’t put any strain of discomfort while you are using it. However, the downside of this bow is the high cost. So, if you are up to the fast speed and slim structure, you have to spend more investment. Well, the quality, features, and accessories of this bow are still worth your hard-earned dollar.