SAS Rage review

Best Product Review SAS Rage Compound Bow

Introduction SAS Rage Compound Bow

If you are looking for an archery kit perfect for beginners, this multifaceted bow package covers your concern. This article explains about SAS Rage Compound Bow that you can know and learn about the best compound bow for hunting.

There are many compound bow available in the market and as a hunters you must choose the right compound bow that you can use when you want to hunt animals at the jungle. Hunting animals using compound bow is very wonderful experience and must be enjoy by the hunters.

Compared to crossbow or recurve bow ot yum bow, hunting using compound bow can sharpen your skills and helps you alert with the environment. Besides compound bow there are also other tools that you can use when you want to hunting animals such as hunting knife, camping tent, blind tree, ladder stand, hunting boots and many more.

What You Should Know About SAS Rage Compound Bow?

It is designed and made up of quality materials. It includes a lot of accessories that are available at the most affordable price. These are the string stop, tube peep, carbon arrows, six broadheads, arrow shelf, arrow release, wrist sling, string wax, five bow pins, aluminum stabilizer, and many more. 

It weighs almost 4.4 pounds. The draw length ranges from 26 to 30 inches, while the draw weight measures 55 to 70 pounds. It has 270 fps, which only means that it is not as fast compared to other products. However, it can still compete with the expensive model since it shoots accurately and has 70% let-off, which allows an archer to have enough space for aiming. 


Minimized Vibration

With the presence of an extra string stop, you can add a string silencer to reduced noise in any of your archery sessions. 

Great Package Deal

It includes wrist sling that can keep your hands at the right state improving your accuracy. 

Good Quality Construction

It can be easily grasped since the grip is designed to obtain comfort. The Rage’s bow is well-carved, leaving you with a modern bow appearance. It also allows you to easily adjust the dual since it is made up of aluminum.

Accurate Bow

Even it is not that fast bow. It gives an accurate shot that can be fatal to anyone once a draw weight is given beyond 60 pounds.

Cons SAS Rage Compound Bow

Less Flexible

The draw weight can’t be adjusted more to avoid your shoulder from the strain. 

Not Fast Shooting Bow

It has only 270 fps, which means that it is not suitable for a big hunting game.

Biased Holding Version

It is only available for right-handed archers or hunters.

Some materials need to upgraded

The shooting accuracy of the spin is not enough, so you need to find high-end aluminum pins. 

Weighs More

The weight of the bow can be increased when extra components are added. This causes tiredness if you are up to long archery sessions.

Are there any alternative product?

Final Verdict SAS Rage Compound Bow

This compound rage bow is a getaway when you are about to start in the field of archery or hunting. It is affordable yet comes with multiple great features. Even some of the components need to be upgraded, the bow itself has an accurate shoot capacity.

In just a small amount of money, you can have a strong set of hunting bow and arrows for your kids. It comes to your house in a box already assembled. You just need to use the manual to incorporate the arrow rest and bow pins.

It is also supported by a limb that is made up of durable fiberglass. This feature makes this Rage’s bow good and not far away from any expensive crossbows.

Apart from that, it has a good base due to the well-crafted riser, thus providing a good setting for your resting and pointing bows. Basically, the quality materials, add-ons, and unique construction of this product make it a good choice to hone your basic archery skills.