Best Tips Bowhunting For Raccoons

Introduction Bowhunting For Raccoons-How to shooting raccoon with a bow

Bowhunting raccoons is the activity of hunting raccoons for their meat and many a time for their fur by using a bow and arrow. This article will explains about bowhunting for raccoon and it is hope that this article will provide guidelines about bow hunting for raccoons.

If you have a knack for archery, bowhunting a raccoon can be a child’s play for you. It is growing to be a very popular sport these days and you can become a skilled raccoon hunter with some acquired skills. We have tried out best to compile together the 5 tips on how to bowhunting for raccoons.

Whether you are looking to pick up a daredevil sport or if you are an archery enthusiast looking to further your boundaries, then bowhunting raccoons is your way to fulfill that adrenaline thirst in you. Continue reading to know more about the 5 tips on how to bowhunting for raccoons.
Bowhunting in a nutshell

Bowhunting is essentially the practice of hunting using archery. People around the world have employed the technique since ancient times for their basic food, shelter, and clothes. With bowhunting, a hunter’s wins a trophy and the trophy in this sport is the animal body parts such as its head or its pelts or antlers or it can be any body part of the raccoon.

It’s these very remnants that we are often used as wall mounts in contemporary style homes for décor. After that interesting bit of information, why don’t we dive straight in and learn the 5 tips on how to bowhunting for raccoons?

How To Shooting Raccoon With a Bow

It should be noted here that when shooting raccoon with a bow you must follow the guidelines and procedure that have been imposed by the authority. Raccoon is very dangerous animal and must be treated carefully when want to shooting with a bow. There are types of raccoon that you must know such as:

  1. Tres Marias Raccoon
  2. Barbados Raccoon
  3. Guadeloupe Raccoon
  4. Procyon lotor simus

This types of raccoon must be known by the hunter when hunting raccoon because it react differently by the nature. When Hunters want to shooting raccoon with a bow they must also choose types of bow wisely that will not injured and suffer the animals.

The wise hunter will use powerful crossbow that will kill instantly raccoon such as ravin crossbow. Ravin crossbow have been know for their accurately and fast killing machine. Ravin crossbow can also target the animals far compared to traditional bow. It is very important for hunters to choose the bow that can hunt the raccoon at the jungle.

Tip # 1 – Finding a hunting Spot when Bowhunting For Raccoons

It is important while bowhunting raccoons to look for them near garbage cans and landfills or as close to suburban areas as you can or else you might be wasting a good amount of time searching for raccoons all day long.

If you are going to hunt for raccoons in the day then start mimicking all kinds of animal noises that might draw a raccoon’s interest towards you.

Tip # 2 – Bowhunting in the right season when Bowhunting For Raccoons

Septemeber to February are the best seasons to bowhunt raccoons. There are different seasons for raccoon hunting and knowing the right season for hunting can reduce your job by half. Let’s say that you are bowhunting raccoons in the month of February, you will then be dealing with a lot of aggressive male raccoons.

In such a situation you can mimic the noise of raccoons fighting in order to attract an aggressive territorial male raccoon towards you. February is a month that male raccoons love to fight and so the noise you mimic can draw the game towards you and you can then strike the game faster using this technique.

They are most active in spring, summer and fall seasons of the year and winters are never preferred for bowhunting raccoons.

Tip # 3 – Practice is the key when Bowhunting For Raccoons

Like with archery and hunting, the practice cannot be undervalued in bowhunting as this is a very dangerous sport and if you miss a target, the chances of the animal attacking you after hearing the sound of the shot are high. Hence, practice a lot by purchasing a dart board and arrow and set it up in an open space to sharpen your skills.

Practice sincerely for a couple of weeks before you get into the actual bowhunting of raccoons. Do not forget to consistently maintain your form when you aim and hit your raccoons; if you maintain form you can become a master of raccoon bowhunting in the blink of an eye.

Tip # 4 – Finding the right bow and arrow when Bowhunting For Raccoons

As a beginner in the bowhunting sport, one must train themselves by bowhunting with a compound bow because it’s a lot easier to handle due to its level of accuracy, greater velocity and offers a reasonable distance to help you aim and shoot your raccoons.

Check your hand-eye orientations before purchasing a bow and don’t forget to make sure that the bow is legal to use for hunting in your country/state/area. As bows come in both left-handed as well as in right-handed versions, first find out your dominant eye for aiming and then make the purchase. It is highly recommended that if you have a right dominant eye then a left-handed bow should be your pick and vice-versa.
Once you’ve purchased your bow, buy an arrow that’s either a carbon arrow or an aluminum arrow. A carbon arrow is best suited for a small mammal such as raccoons and it can also be light on you and help you to hit target fast. You can also find help at the sports store or on online forums to guide you in finding the best arrow for you.

Tip # 5 – On the day of the hunt

If you didn’t already know, Racoons are most active in the night and are highly intelligent and curious. So don’t waste waiting for them in the daytime. You can start your search for raccoons in areas that are heavily wooded with abundant vegetation and water. Another area to look for raccoons is in tree hollows.

Once you have spotted a raccoon habitat the best way to attract or bait these intelligent creatures is to attract them with foods such as eggs, fish, shellfish, frogs, and insects. Nuts and fruits can draw a raccoon’s interest as well.

We are talking about seconds here, that’s all the time you’ve to make a shot. You get only one chance to hit the raccoon before it runs off hearing the sound of the shot. Always aim for the raccoon’s lungs or heart to kill it instantly and if you’re unsure of the raccoon’s kill, give it 10 to 15 minutes before you can check the raccoon and the raccoon should be lying wounded within 50 yards of where you made the shot.

If you go finding sooner, the raccoon might either attack you or run away. After the bowhunt, pick the raccoon up clean it well, drain off its blood & dress the raccoon properly before taking it home and do it all as fast as possible to avoid any infections or bacterial growth.

Now you know the 5 tips on how to bowhunting for raccoons, grab yourself a bow and arrow and start bowhunting all the raccoons in your neighborhood! Let the raccoon hunt begin!