Tips and Technique for Bow fishing at Florida

Introduction Bow fishing at Florida

Bowfishing has seen a massive growth in popularity in recent years, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. It may not always be an easy sport, but it’s an incredibly fun challenge. It’s a sport known for its fast-paced nature, as well as the many opportunities there are to shoot. This article explains about Bow fishing at Florida that can be as the guideline when want to Bow fishing at Florida.

All in all, bowfishing is a pretty accessible way to fish, as not only is it becoming easier to find affordable equipment, there are also many areas across the US that you can do it. As more and more people decide they want to try their hand at bowfishing, we thought we’d write this article on some of the more pressing questions about the sport, along with tips for bowfishing in Florida, as well as a little further afield.

Make sure you have the right boat for the job

The key to making the most of Florida’s great fishing waters is to make sure you have the right boat. Furthermore, there are a variety of ways you can go about finding the right boat for you and your budget. If money is no issue and you’re willing to spend whatever it takes to get the best boat, you could end up spending around $30,000 for your boat. However, for those of us that want to be a little more frugal about our bowfishing purchases, when shopping smart you can find a good quality bowfishing boat anywhere upward of $2,000. So, where do you start?

Look for a boat made especially for Bowfishing when want to bowfishing

Whether you begin your boat search in your local community or online on Craigslist, there is one key thing to look out for, and that’s that you are looking for boats that have been specifically designed for bowfishing. You can usually tell if a boat is a bowfishing boat by how shallow it can wade. Bowfishing boats usually have to be able to sit comfortably on waters with a depth of 2-5 feet.

Consider the most established Bowfishing boat brands

There are a selection of brands that have earnt themselves significant attention in the industry, due to producing seriously high quality and effective bowfishing boats. These brands include Apex, Lowe. Grizzly, Sun Tracker and Alumacraft.

Buy the right size for you and your abilities

It is important that the boat you choose is a good size for you and your bowfishing abilities. It’s a good idea to invest in a boat that is spacious enough for you to stretch your legs walking around the deck. Pay attention to the size of the generators on the boats you look at, as they could take up a serious amount of room on the deck. The generators are absolutely necessary too, as they will power your boat’s lights at night.

Florida Fishing License

When you want to hunt fish in Florida, you must apply for a fishing license that you required. You can obtain a fishing license that available online through a website such as or through agent or at tax collector office that been appoint by the Florida states.

You must also know what qualifies you to get the license. There are types of license that you must know such as:

  • Saltwater Fishing License
  • Youth License
  • Military Sportsman’s License
  • Fishing and Hunting Combination License

Saltwater Fishing License

This license will be issue and required to land saltwater species in Florida and we align here the fees that required

  • For Resident it cost $17.00
  • For Resident Five-Year- $79.00
  • For Non-Resident Annual- $47.00
  • For Non-Resident 3-Day Pass-$17.00
  • For Non-Resident 7 Day Pass-$30.00

Florida Fish and Wildlife

There are many fish and wildlife at Florida such as clam, crab, carp and other animals that you can hunts.

The main attraction for Florida is fishing, hunting and tourism. Tourism industry generated more than million of dollar by offer the best tourism package for your need. You can choose saltwater package, freshwater package, hunting package or spearfishing package.

There are many animals at Florida such as reptiles, mammals, amphibians and insects, fish and birds.

The ecosystem at Florida are very unique and must protected. This will ensure and reduce the climate change activity and prevent green house effect.

Florida Fishing Regulations

There are regulation that you must follow when want to fishing at Florida. Regulation that helps preserve the issue in Florida. Fishing law can helps manage fish species and the natural resources at Florida. It should be noted here that each state have their own regulations and please make sure you follow the guideline before going your fish adventure.

If you want to purchase license you can go to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission online website. This website give you information about the license, regulation and weapon that you can use to hunting, spearfishing fish at Florida and fishing fish.

A recreational license is required for any person that is 16 years old or older to obtain the license. You can also get the annual license and the expiration date of the license must be print on all license. This can helps you in the future when the legal officer want to check on you.

The money that generated from the license or any program involved Florida states will go to the habitat development and animals protection at Florida. This can ensure the sustainability of the environment at Florida and provide better future for new generations.

Florida Freedivers and Spearfishing

Do you want to spearfishing at Florida? Florida offer a spearfishing as the best activities for you to enjoy it.

Florida also offers freedivers activities so that you can enjoy your time with your family and your loved ones. Through freediving you can spearfishing fish at Florida.

There are also website that selling free diving equipment and spearfishing equipment for your needs. You can find also at Amazon that can give you the best gear for free diver and spearfishing.

Best areas for Bow fishing at Florida

The Florida Gulf Coast is widely regarded to be one of the all-time best areas for saltwater bowfishing, but Florida also offers a variety of lesser-known spots for freshwater bowfishing too. Let’s take a look at some of the top spots for bowfishing, the best times of year to go, and the fish you can expect to find there.

Key Largo at Florida

If you’re in south Florida visiting Miami, or just like the sound of bowfishing in the crystal clear waters and comfortable heat of the Keys, Key Largo is a fantastic bowfishing destination for a whole range of abilities. Many pro bowfishers choose to hunt these waters at night, however, the utterly transparent nature of the water and high quality light means that daytime bowfishing is totally feasible here. If you’re just bowfishing as a hobby and not yet taking it too seriously, you can visit Key Largo at any time of year and expect to see a healthy amount of invasive species.

Lake Okeechobee at Florida

Lake Okeechobee is a favourite of Florida’s keen bowfishers, and somewhat of a hidden gem often overlooked by bowfishing tourists. The great thing about Okeechobee is that there is several highly-rated bowfishing charters that run day and night, ideal for those just starting out that don’t have their own boat and want to see the waters alongside an old hand. This lake is full of invasive Tilapia and gar, so you can have free reign over taking out whatever you manage to get your hands on! You can head to the lake all year round, however, the best months for fishing are typically February to August.

Biscayne National Park at Florida

Another south Florida spot, Biscayne National Park is on every fishers bucket list – not just bowfishers! This location is incredibly accessible, taking just 20 minutes to drive from the airport. There are plenty of bowfishing charters to guide you around the bay at night or day, allowing the experts to guide you through the wide variety of fish, from snook to bonefish to grouper. This is an incredibly rich place to fish, and an expert guide can help let you know which fish are fair game.

Tips for Bow fishing at Florida

Are you located near Florida or planning a trip to bowfish in this state’s idyllic and plentiful waters? Florida is a great place to bowfish, but pay attention, there are a few unique tips to bear in mind in order to make the most of your trip. Unlike some other locations in the US, the majority of Florida’s bowfishing happens in freshwater rivers and lakes. This means you’ll have the opportunity to catch catfish, mudfish, gar and Tilapia, along with a few others.

Hunt the invasive species

There are many fish species in Florida’s lakes and rivers that are causing problems in the local ecosystem, such as Tilapia. If you aim for these species, you’ll be allowed to take as many of them as you want without worrying that you are infringing on the ecosystem. Local fisherman can usually let you know which species have been causing problems, and they’ll usually thank you for taking them out!

Avoid these freshwater game fish

This freshwater game fish are not allowed to be shot with a bow: bass, black bass, white bass, sunshine bass, striped bass, peacock bass, shadow bass, bluegill, warmouth, crappie, redear sunfish, spotted sunfish, redbreast sunfish, mud sunfish, flier, longear sunfish.

Make sure you have your Florida freshwater license when want to Bow fishing at Florida

This license is required for all freshwater fishing! Florida residents can obtain an annual license for $17, while non-residents can obtain a 3-day license for the same price. You can get your license quickly and efficiently online.

Whatever level and ability you are at with bowfishing, Florida is a great place to improve your skills and catch some incredible fish that you can be proud of!