Bow fishing at Louisiana

Tips and Technique for Bow fishing at Louisiana

Introduction What is the Tips for Bow fishing at Louisiana

Do you come from or plan to visit Louisiana and are interested in bow fishing? We have tips for you just to make sure you enjoy this sport in Louisiana. This article explain about Bow fishing at Louisiana that is important for you to know about Bow fishing at Louisiana before go to bow fishing journey.

Bow fishing is a sport that is enjoyed by several individuals and integrates boats and hunting. Yes, you actually go and hunt fish in boats using bows. This is a very interesting and fun sport for those who don’t mind using a bow and arrow on the rivers and lakes. What are some of the information that you will need to know before going to enjoy bow boat fishing in Louisiana, and how should you prepare? We have the answers for you.

Is bow fishing legal in Louisiana?

Yes, it is. Bow fishing is legal in the United States. It is allowed in both the salty and the freshwater bodies. The laws and regulations surrounding bow fishing is normally not very clear cut though. These rules are liable to change from time to time, depending on the localities and the different states. It is essential to check with the local authorities on the regulations before going out for bow fishing. Conduct a background check of the lake or stream where you want to conduct the bow fishing in.

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Licensing and Permits

Even though bow fishing is legal in Louisiana, it is important to understand that it is monitored. First, you must have a permit to do bow fishing in Louisiana. This permit will depend on the locality you want to fish in. The licenses are different for the locals and non-locals. The residents’ permits are often less expensive as compared to non-locals though a Louisiana-based identification will be needed before applying for a resident permit.

A basic fishing license is required if you want to fish in a freshwater lake. In case of a saltwater lake, you will need both the basic fishing license and a saltwater license. In case you do not want them separately, you will need to apply for a sportsman’s paradise license, which covers the first two.

Where to get Licenses

These bow fishing licenses are available at the Department of Wildlife and fisheries in Lake Charles, Opelousas, Baton Rouge and Monroe. They can also be purchased from the local license lenders or from the official websites.

What you will need when want to Bow fishing at Louisiana

Reels and Lights for Bow fishing at Louisiana

It is important to have a reel that is durable, and that is designed to be able to handle bow fishing lines that are heavy. The reels that are durable and considered high end last much longer and do not break easily. They make it easy to reel in quickly with the lines flying out very quickly when shooting.

You also need lighting since most of the bow fishing tournaments and expeditions happen at night. It is therefore important to have lights on the deck or improvise on a generator to supply the lighting that is needed. The generator should be quiet while the best lights that you can invest in are the metal halide lights or high—pressure sodium lights which are much brighter and do not require much energy to operate.

Bows and Arrows when Bow fishing at Louisiana

It is important to state that you should be keen on the nature of the bow fishing in the state. Consider investing in a compound or longbow. You always need a bow that is properly functional and tuned and a top-notch arrow that is sharp.

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Consider investing in a super straight premium bow fishing arrow probably those that are made of carbon and fibreglass. The arrow needs to be a bit heavier and should contain arrowheads that are barbed. They are much effective if they come with a slide mechanism in order to help you tie the reel to the arrow.

GPS and polarized glasses

Having a GPS helps you to always locate the honeypots where you consistently find fish. You can also decide to have the maps assist you in setting up new locations. In this way, you o not need to wander around the lake or river trying to locate your favorite spots.

Having polarized glasses is quite essential as well since most of the bow fishing activities are normally conducted at night. The glasses help to make the fish ore clear in the water making night bow boat fishing much more successful.

Custom boat for bow fishing

This is one of the most important considerations that you are supposed to make before heading out for bow fishing. Not all boats are used for bow fishing. The boats that are customized for bow fishing have a flat bottom to ensure that you are stable enough on the deck while shooting. The flat bottom also assists in moving into shallow waters since most bow fishing is one on shallow waters of about 2 to 5 feet depths. The boat should also have a rail guard for safety purposes and should have a rather silent motor when moving along the water in order not to scare the fish away.

How to Prepare when Bow fishing at Louisiana

• Determine the bow length that you will need before-hand so that it is not cumbersome using it.

• Pick the right tip for the arrow and keep it sharp. Always make sure to pick the right tip for the specific fish you are hunting. The tips can be screwed off or replaced or use a file or grinder to make sure they stay sharp.

• Know the difference between the types of bows to have an understanding of what is accepted and that which is not accepted.

• Practice shooting submerged objects to improve your shooting skills and ability. It is good to learn how to snap shoot for perfect shots.

• Make sure your bow is set up properly. You can always seek help with tuning.

Learn how to scout and find new areas for bow fishing. You can easily do this online or on maps. The online searches help you understand the bow fishing.

Dos and Don’ts when bow fishing in Louisiana

• Use only a compound bow.

• You are only allowed to catch rough fish which includes garfish and red drum.

• Do not use a crossbow in whatever circumstance

• Do not go after game bow and arrow. The fish considered freshwater game fish include yellow bass, shadow bass, hybrid striped bass, black crappie, white crappie, large-mouth bass, spotted bass, white bass, bream and striped bass.


As you prepare to go bow fishing in Louisiana, we hope we have provided you with the information that will come in handy to enjoy the sport.