Understand about Bow fishing HPS Light

Introduction to Bow Fishing HPS Light

Before jumping straight into the topic, it is important to define what is bow fishing. Bow fishing HPS is very important for the bow hunter that want to bow fishing during the night or if they want to get clear view when they bow fishing. This article will provide an overview about bow fishing HPS light that can is important for the bow hunter when they are hunting fish.

It is hope that this article will give an understanding about the important for bow fishing HPS light for the bow hunters.

After researching about this particular sport, it can be concluding that it’s catching fishes with bow and arrow, like our ancestors. It requires a lot of patience, will power and a powerful aim to bring the “spoils of war” home.

Most bowfishers use bows, as the name implies, a reel with a heavy line and, of course, a fishing arrow, Some keep it simple, especially if they’re still getting started, while others up the ante and get the latest equipment. Among these basics that these fishers can never leave home without are also the lights, but more on that later. With that being said, let’s dive right in, pun intended.

Important of Bow fishing HPS Light

Research suggests that quality bowfishing lights are a must for both experienced and new enthusiasts. It provides them a clearer view of what they’re going to catch, as well as helping them find the proper aim to bring that big fish home. Bowfishers can use LED, HPS and even Halogen lights, but the main focus of this article will be the HPS, although the other two could be a topic for future articles.

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For starters, HPS bowfishing lights don’t have much variety when it comes to colors. The only gradients they have is deep warm white and yellow-orange. However, this makes them suitable for muddy water, although the former won’t allow tracking the fish’s location in clearer streams. Another thing to note about the HPS lights is that they only come in AC voltage despite being available in different wattages. According to Outrigger Outdoors, the most common range is between 250 and 400 watts, while the bulbs are often replaced on the first 10-14 months, whereas the ballasts are typically replaced around the twelfth to the twenty-fourth-month mark.

What You Should Know About HPS Bow fishing

HPS bow fishing lights are no different from old school gyms or street lights since it takes them around five to ten minutes to reach the maximum brightness. However, they have higher power consumption and luminosity than regular LEDs despite the latter being more efficient. On the other hand, it is important to know that HPS is not precisely waterproof since minor things, like rain or waves, can make the lights flake on the user if not proper care is given. It might be a no brainer but it’s good to know that before buying. To diminish the wear and tear, the experts at Outrigger Outdoors recommend enclosing the lights in a box to make them more resistant.

Bow fishing equipment and gear

When it comes to bowfishing, the choice of equipment depends on, as with any purchase in general, what the buyer is looking for. Because of this, first buyers must check the specifications of the product before deciding to spend any money on them. Bowfishing lights are no different since their quality will determine whether a big fish is caught or not, and the people who practice this type of fishing would rather have the former. After all, it’s not the brand of the equipment but rather the functionality of the product that would make the difference.

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We hope that this article will provide an understand about bow fishing light that is important when you want to bow fishing. The good lighting can provide bow hunters with the great view to locate the fish and target the fish easily. You must invest in the bow fishing lights so that you will get the fish and enjoy bow fishing.