Bow Hunting Small Game

Bow hunting Small Game What You Should Know

Introduction to Bow Hunting Small Game

Bowhunting small gameBowhunting small games are one of the interesting activities that one can engage in be it on a relaxed weekend or a quiet weekday. For ages, bow hunting has been an activity carried out to get game meat or as a sport. This article will explains about Bow Hunting Small Game that is important for bow hunter to know and learn about Bow Hunting Small Game

The best thing about the activity is that it does not require many instruments. What’s required to partake in it is a bow, an arrow, good camouflaging clothes and a skill in precision. Bowhunting small games involve hunting animals like rabbits, squirrels among other animals.

What You Should Know Bow Hunting

a. A bow Traditionally, it was a curved piece of wood stick and a string tied on both ends that effect the throwing of an arrow to the targeted animal or object.

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With the advancement of technology, new bows are industrially made which are efficient and long-lasting as compared to the previous bows. A bow should not be heavy for easier portability.

b. An arrow It is a thin sharp-pointed metal used with a bow to effect striking of the targeted object or game meat. An arrow should be light in weight and sharply pointed for this enables it to have a streamlined body that enables it to move faster in wind hence reaching the target animal faster. An arrow can also be reused on a different shot so it is best while buying an arrow to consider the quality and durability of it.

c. Good camouflaging clothes Camouflaging clothes are essential in this type of game for it enables the hunter to conceal their identity. This makes the hunter to be hardly noticed by the targeted hunted animal. Wear clothes and shoes that resemble the environment. You can also wear a cap to fully conceal your identity. It is also good to hide or take a shot while covered with trees but have a good view of the animal.

d. Skill in precision Prowess in striking the targeted animal is very important. For no one wants to hit and miss an animal that you have taken time to locate. Rome was not built in a day for one to be good at striking you need to practice constantly. A long-distance should be maintained between the animal and the hunter can be from 15 to 30 yards. Nearness to the animal scares it away for bow hunting small games concern moving target. Also when you are near the animal it can smell your presence.

e. LicenseDepending on the region you are coming from, some regions require licenses or approved legal authority in carrying out bow hunting even if you are hunting in your private land. Different regions have different regulations when it comes to bowhunting.


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Bowhunting is a game or activity that is best played or carried out during any season depending on the area or region. A successful shot always gives some sense of satisfaction hence for one to be good at bow hunting like the famous Robin Hood one can consider taking archery classes. Bowhunting a small game is an interesting sport and enjoyable.