Bowfishing with a Genesis Bow

How to Bowfishing with a Genesis Bow?

Introduction How to Bowfishing with a Genesis Bow

Today, archery is still loved and enjoyed extensively for recreational target shooting, competitive as well as tournament shooting and even bow fishing. Bowfishing is an exciting and fun activity and a good alternative to the standard rod and reel fishing for bringing in the big ones.This article explain about bowfishing with a Genesis Bow that is important for bowfisher that want to bowfishing at the sea or lake.

What Exactly is a Bowfishing?

Bowfishing is a type of fishing which utilized specialized archery tool to shoot as well as retrieve fish. Targets are shot with a barbed arrow that is mounted with a fish line to a reel attacked on the bow. Freshwater species usually hunted are grass carp, common carp, alligator carp, paddlefish, bighead carp, and many others.

In this type of fishing, bows are generally straightforward and simple. Some don’t have sights, and aiming is by the line of sight ruling down the arrow. Also, there are many forms of rests, which include the roller rest and the hook. A lot of bows available have small to no let-off and don’t draw height. However, this varies with your personal choice. There are many kinds of bows to choose from, including recurve bows and longbows. In today’s time, a lot of bow fishers make use of compound bows. They make use of a pulley system to assist the catcher. Today’s bows can have 120lbs or 50 kilograms draw weight.

What is the Best Bow for Bowfishing?

As mentioned above, there are many types of bow for bow fishing available on the market. If you want the best and reliable one, you need to consider Genesis Bow. It is the first bow made to fit almost everyone, thus making it the best option for archers, regardless of experience. With this type of bow, there is no turning issue; there are less recoil, less noise, and precise and accurate shooting.

How to Bowfishing with a Genesis Bow Tips

Although you are not familiar with bow fishing, buying a bow and setting it up does not need to be a complicated and overwhelming task. Getting a bow to the extent of actually shooting precisely does not take lots of effort or even tools.

The best thing about a bow made particularly for bow fishing is that it has no let off. This only means that you can take a quick or instant shot without the need of coming to full draw. This process is called snap shooting. Bows made for bow fishing are also intended to survive the elements which are a part of this style of fishing. Rustproof and waterproof parts will make maintenance as well as clean up easier, and this will assure you that your bow can be used for many years to come.

Bowfishing Bow Pulls Weight

For bowfishing, 30 to 40 lbs are the perfect draw weight. But, if it is less or a bit more still, you can catch and shot your target. A lot of youth bows available can be altered to bowfishing bows for many young shooters who can’ t shoot a forty-kilo draw weight. 

It doesn’t matter if you opt to recurve bow or bowfishing bow, the tool utilized on them is similar. 

How to Convert Genesis Bow to a Bowfishing Bow 

If you have a Genesis bow and you want to use it as a bowfishing bow, first, you need to get rid of some of the parts or accessories. The peep sight, arrow rest, bow sight, stabilizer as well as D loop will be of no use on a bowfishing. The release is also not needed. 

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How to Bowfishing with a Genesis Bow: Setting Up or Installing Guide

Drum reel or any type of reel is needed with converting or setting up a Genesis bow. There are extensive selections of reels for bowfishing available on the market today; they narrow down into three types, such as bottle reel, spinning reel as well as hand reel. Both bottle reels and hand reel will attach into the bow riser where a stabilizer would usually be. Bottle reels will connect on the bow with the help of many bolts, and be position above the handle of the genesis bow. 

All types of bowfishing reels are made to fit recurve and compound bows, including Genesis bow. However, it is not suitable to longbows as well as recurves bows made of timber or wood. 

The next thing to do is to pick a quality arrow rest. A lot of bowfisher believe that they can simply use a conventional arrow rest, which is also utilized for hunting. This is risky and dangerous. A lot of typical arrow rests aren’t made to shoot arrows with a cable mounted to them. Once the fish line gets knotted or intertwined on the arrow rest, this can result in injury. Arrow rest has an open shoot in style, and it is simpler to keep away from issues and complications. 

Once the Genesis bow is installed or set up, your next move is to use it to shoot your target. Perhaps, you are already familiar that the hardest thing about this type of fishing is familiarizing the water refraction. It tricks eyes into believing that the target is closer, so meaning you need to aim low if you are shooting at your target. 

If you find it hard, you can make use of a laser light along with the genesis bow. This bowfishing accessory can take the guesswork out of water refraction, which allows you to shoot the target precisely, accurately as well as faster. 

This looks like it would be hard. However, after some tries, you will get used to it. Getting a fish under your belt will build your confidence as well as will help in improving your skills in shooting. 


There are many tips on how to bowfishing with a Genesis bow out there.  It is all up to you to settle on which one will work for you. It is a matter of trial and error. Also, keep in mind that the kind of fish you