Bowfishing with Light Bars

Learn How to Bowfishing with Light Bars

Introduction Bowfishing with Light Bars

Bowfishing lighting setup can make or break your bowfishing activity. Your budget will frequently dictate what you use; therefore, you must spend your money smartly concerning this bowfishing accessory. Aside from the boat, which handled watery very well and gave lots of space and best platforms to shoot from, bowfisherment also needs proper lighting.

This is a vital element every bowfisherman need to consider because it can make their lives easier when attempting to spot fish. With regards to lighting setups in bowfishing, there are lots of choices available for you. It is essential to research and try out to discover which lighting setup works really for you in an array of water conditions. Let us take a look at the bowfishing lights bar. 

The Importance of Light Bars for Bowfishing 

It is very vital to have the best and proper lights when you go to bowfishing at night. These light bars will not just warn other bowfishermen of your existence; they can assist you in navigating through the gloomy and dim sea. Today, when you browse the internet, you will find companies and stores that offer bowfishing lights bars in various shades, styles as well as sizes. 

Look for a bowfishing light bars that work great for a boat regardless of size or dimension. Many companies offer the best bowfishing light bards to both professional as well as recreational boats. So, if you have a plan of doing bowfishing at night, you need to ensure that you are armed with a high quality bowfishing light bars. With the help of these light bars, the target/fish do not stand a chance. You can buy these light bars online. But you need to ensure to do a proper research. 

Lightbars are utilized for bowfishing at night. Today, due to the popularity of bowfishing at night, many companies manufacture various kinds of light bars that can be utilized on any given boat—the best and the right type of light bars when bowfishing at night depends on individual preference. LED lights are indeed considered one of the most common and popular options because of their electrical efficiency. 

LEDs Light Bars 

As mentioned above, there are many types of light bars for bowfishing to choose from in the market. On the other hand, a lot of skilled bowfishermen highly regarded LED lights to be the best and most reliable despite having a high price. This type of light bar offers many perks, such as they just need a small amount of electricity when compared to other lighting choices available out there. LEDs are run off DC or Direct Current electricity; therefore, a battery attached in parallel can give all the power and light you want. LEDs are also available in various choices. In general, these are the most efficient as well as the most common shade or color to use when bowfishing at night. 

  • Warm white 
  • Yellow 
  • Bright white 

HPS or High Pressure Sodium

HPS or also known as High Pressure Sodium lights, comes with a superb bulb life aside from being extremely lightweight to carry. This type of light can cast more orange or yellow light; on the other hand, it is very powerful for going through dark and foggy waters. This light also needs more power or energy compared to LED light bars, which are chosen by a lot of bowfishermen. On the other hand, despite consuming electricity, HPS is also one of the best options available when it comes to bowfishing at night.

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This type of light is accessible at any hardware store in your area. This light put out tons of lights. On the other hand, like HPS, it also needs lots of electricity to work well. Despite having a reputation for consuming more electricity, Halogen is very reasonable and cheap. This light bar put out a hue that a lot of bowfisherment choose; however, they need a bigger or powerful generator to cater to the higher need for power or electricity.

The Best Lighting Bars/System for You

If you love bowfishing at night and not sure what types of light to use, we highly recommend trying all the choices we mentioned above to know which one you are comfortable using. If you can break down your options, then it boils down to what you can pay for today. Buying bowfishing light bars is indeed an expensive process; therefore, you need to ensure you’re acquiring the best lighting system which will work for you to make this activity exciting and successful. Proper light bars can make or break your bowfishing activity.

Power source

The source of electricity you want is going to be dictated by the type of lighting you pick as well as your budget.

Light Bar Covers

Today, bowfishing is becoming popular all over the world. And so, the right lighting is vital to make your trip a huge success. If you are in turquoise or clear water, you will need a white light. However, if you are in dim brown water, it is highly advisable to use an amber light to assists you in pierce through. Today, you can find a light bar lens covers out there that allows you to change the hue temperature easily of your light bars. Aside from light bars, this is also a vital accessory to consider.

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When it comes to bowfishing light bars, we suggest trying all the choices we mentioned above. All these come with pros and cons. So, it is vital to ask yourself some questions such as. Which one do you think comfortable to use? Which light bar is within your budget? Which one works well for your eyes? Do you also need to determine the average clarity of the water you will bowfish? Or perhaps what does that imply? We highly recommend answering all those questions mentioned. This will give you a good idea of what is the best light bar for bowfishing to choose from in the market. Good luck, and have fun!