How To Bowhunting Deer-What You Need To Know

Introduction-How To Bowhunting Deer

Hunting for deer is not that simple as we think. There are several things or steps that every bow hunters must remember or need to do prior to the accomplishment of hunting activity. This article will explain about how ho bowhunting deer that you can use as the guideline to searching information about bowhunting deer.

Proper bow hunting equipment and accessories

Suitable compound bow. It is essential for bow hunters in choosing the most suitable compound bow before they pursue for hunting.  The right choice of equipment will determine the success of our deer hunting mission i.e. weight of hunting bow. Compound bow with 40 pounds is sufficient enough to kill deer. One of the most recommended is HOYT Carbon Defiant 70/27 Lh (as per next image).

There is different type of backpacks available for different type of hunting activities. Depending on the bow hunters need, one might prefer backpack that can carry its bow for hands-free hikes to their stand.

Right hunting clothes. Bow hunters must wear right hunting clothes based on the weather conditions. Proper attire will make the person feel more comfortable and able to give more focus when they are in position to kill the deer. The pattern and colour is also quite significant to match with the surrounding of hunting area.   

Hunting Techniques

Do scouting. Bow hunters must identify the strategic location for deer hunting. The right season for hunting must be taken into consideration as well which early season is the most appropriate time. Location to be chosen if there is a signal of deer present in that particular area.

Target Bedding-To-Feeding Routes. This is where bow hunters can place and setting camera for the purpose to identify more predictable routes taking by deer’s. Deers will leave its food marks in that particular area and goes to their bedding area. Deer’s will be coming around should they pick that area as their feeding area. Bowhunters will be able to capitalize and positioning the most strategic location based on deer’s bedding-to-feeding patterns movement.

Place a Tree Stand. Bow hunters will setup a tree stand once they have identified the most strategic location to hunt for deer’s. The most ideal distance range shall be 20 yards or closer. 

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What is the best time to hunt deer? Well, it is strongly encouraged hunting them down between 10.00am until 11.30am. This is because bow hunters will have greater visibility and target.  

Where to aim? Bowhunters should aim their target right between heart and lung (which shown in the picture). If they managed to hit at the right place, the deer will lie down and killed immediately.

However, should the arrow hits other parts; the animal might flee with the wound. Hence, bow hunters got to search again by follow its blood trail.

As deer are possessed a greater sense of smell compared to humans, bowhunters must ensure every little action in killing the deer is carried out quietly, silent and passion. The little move made by bowhunters will alert the deer on your presence. Research done by Mississippi State University shows that deer’s sense of smell is 500 to 1000 times more acute than a human.

In a nutshell, deer hunting requires bow hunters to have an appropriate skill-set, competent and most importantly is passionate. Without those elements, one may not achieve their ultimate goal; killing the deer.


Those techniques and steps must also be supported with a certain knowledge of bowhunting. Compliance to state rules and regulations i.e. United States of America, bow hunting safety aspects, shot placement and many others are equally necessary in order to ensure the whole system of bow hunting is met and achievable.