6 Powerful Tips Bowhunting For Kudu-What You Should Know About it?

Introduction Bowhunting For Kudu

Bow hunting is one of the most adventurous experience you can ever have. People have been bow hunting since the beginning of time. This article will explains about how to bowhunting for kudu. Kudu is small animals dan when you bowhunting kudu you must know the right technique that can you should aware when hunting kudu. It is hope that this article must be use as the reference purpose only and every consequence is by own judgement.

Tips for bowhunting for kudu

  • Know your surroundings
  • Know your gear and equipment
  • The right time for hunting
  • Pay attention
  • Shot your arrow accurately
  • Control your scent

People hunt for various reasons. You can do it for fun, for food or for sports. In either way, bow hunting is fascinating. If you have gone camping and run out of food, then this not a new experience.

This video is taken from Youtube.com explains bowhunting for kudu.

Bowhunting for Kudu What You Should Know

Kudu is one of the most common wild animals that most people love bow hunting. A kudu is a woodland antelope that is mostly found in eastern and southern parts of Africa. Kudu has great meat. The meat is natural, sweet and not contaminated by drug residues.

Additionally, it has iconic horns that are very valuable and its skin is useful in making various clothing and shoes. So, if you want to hunt them, then you have to learn to do it right.

You just don’t step your foot in the woodlands and start hunting. You have to know what you are doing. You have to be smart and patient. Now, before you go to the real action, ensure you have clearance from the relevant bodies.

Acquire the relevant license to be allowed to use a bow and an arrow in the woodlands. Otherwise, if you are caught without the right papers, you will be trouble. So, want to have thrilling hunting? Here are 5 tips how to bowhunting for kudu.

Look for the right equipment when Bowhunting For Kudu

You need to have sophisticated weapons that have an extreme killing power. Remember that you are not in the woods to injure animals. As a hunter, you don’t want this. You have to use a bow and arrow that will guarantee an instant death. Thank you for the technology. Today, we have modern bows and arrows that are well-designed and great shooting power. Remember that kudu is a strong animal and for it to die, you will have to hit it hard. It’s recommendable you use a bow that has a minimum kinetic energy of 50 ft. /lb. and a minimum mass of 70 lb.

When it comes to the arrow, find an arrow weighing 380 grains or more. Additionally, the velocity of 245 fps will work great. So, get this equipment and if you are not sure which to choose, consult any professional hunter in your area.

Know the time to go hunting

Now, you don’t just wake up in the morning and go out bow hunting kudu. You have to learn about their behavior. When do they come out from their hideouts and when would you find them in large numbers. Now, kudu comes out for water two times a day. First one is in the mid-morning around 9am-11am. Then they come later in the evening, anywhere from 3 pm to 6 pm. This is the best time to hunt them. Now, kudu does not walk like amateurs. They walk carefully cautious of their enemies. Now, if they notice you are there, they will run. They are fast and tracing them is not easy.

Control your scent

Controlling your scent is a general rule when bow hunting any wild animals. Kudu has a great sense of smell, and if they smell you are near, they are gone. Now this easy. There are two ways you can use to ensure they don’t catch your smell. First, play with the wind. Don’t ever stand on a place where the wind is blowing towards the kudu. It will smell you and get lost. So, you should be careful with your entry point. Secondly, you can use a scent-free showering and sprays. At least by using them, they will be clueless that you are around even if you go closer.

Pay attention

You have to be extra careful when bow hunting a kudu. Remember this is not a rifle that you could take a shot once you are clear. Here you have to be attentive and sharp. Don’t be caught up with your phone. Kudu can appear from any direction. So, you have to learn its movement, stalk it and be sure it is now feeling safe. If kudu feels it’s in a safety one, it tends to be less conscious and that is where you come in.

Take a shot

Now it’s time to shoot the kudu. As a hunter, there is nothing disappointing than wounding the animal and just get away after all the effort. You have to ensure your shot count. Take your shot proficiently targeting the vital organs.

These are the weak points that will kill the kudu instantly. You can target the head, the neck, its chest near the heart or lungs and the stomach. When you hit the vital organs, the kudu will expire within no time. Be careful not to miss the vital organs, otherwise, it might run away wounded. So, check on your shot distance.

The average shot distance of kudu ranges between 20-25 yards when you are in blind position. If you can go nearer the target, the better. Also, you can shoot from an elevated spot for a clearer view that will ensure a precise shot.

Once you have shot your prey, give it time to settle and expire. Don’t run to it immediately after you’ve hit it. It might injure you in the process. So, take your time. Let is expire slowly before going to pick it. If you aren’t sure whether it’s completely dead, you can use your dogs to confirm it.

Bow hunting for kudu is a thrilling and exciting experience. However, if you are not careful, it can be dangerous. Kudu can attack you instead if you are not careful. So, be smart. Learn its move, when and where it makes appearances and when to shoot.

Learn its weak points so that once you hit it, it’s dead. If you are not experienced enough, practice properly before heading to the woods. Get the right bow and arrow and ensure your shot counts. Once you have the above tips in your fingertips, you are ready to go. It will not only be exciting an exciting experience but also a successful one.