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How to Bowhunting with a Bow?


Bowhunting is the practice of using archery to shoot game animals. The art of using a bow to shoot arrows, sport, exercise, or skill known as archery. For thousands of years, many indigenous peoples have used the practice as their primary method of hunting, and it has survived to modern use for recreation. This article explains about Bowhunting with a Bow that you can use as the reference when want to know about Bowhunting with a Bow.

As with today, except for the equipment, bowhunting hasn’t changed much from the original. Bow hunters can select bows, arrows, and arrowheads from a variety. Bow types includes traditional bow, compound bow, and cross bow. 

Know the Rules For those beginners to bowhunting with a bow

firstly, need to take a bow lesson. Improving the archery skills is a key part of training for the bowhunting. Apart from that, it is advisable to tag a long time with an experienced hunter before going to solo shooting. 

Experienced shooter typically has the tools and techniques to hunt safely and effectively. It is important also to carry hunting license together and read all the legal information about hunting at the specified location before planning a hunt. Licensing requirements and hunting rules are different in each state. 

Bows Selection when Bowhunting with a Bow

Bows are not one-size-fits-all and bow selection is important in order to fit the individual’s needs. The bow should suit with individual body according draw length, draw weight and type of game. An individual should be in a position to hold the bow at the target level, point to the target, and draw without much movement.

Bow Accessories 

There is a need for many bow accessories such as bows, field points, arrow rest a mechanical release aid, a bow scope, a peep sight and a quiver. The accessories you need depend on your bow and your budget. 

Safety Gear Stay

 safe from the moment you step down to the ground. Camouflage and bow-hunting go hand in hand. Camo allows bow hunters remain invisible so the game approaches within range are unaware. A hunting pack is required to carry clothes, drinks, food, licenses and hunting gear. When hunting in long distances find a pack that can carry a bow. Footwear such boots is necessary which offer comfort and support during hunting. 

Steps to Bow Hunting when Bowhunting with a Bow

A main part of preparing for the hunt with bow is perfecting archery skills. 

Either beginner or the professional bow hunter must know the basic steps of bow hunting as below: 

  1. Assume the shooting position Stand with your back foot slightly forward and your feet shoulder width apart at a right angle to the target. The position is supposed to feel relaxed and healthy. 
  2. Nock the arrow Nock an arrow pointing towards the target and keeping the bow in a safe direction. The arrow nock is placed on the bow string at the nocking point, which is either a crimped brass or rubber ring or a marked area. Each time you shoot the nock, the nock is placed at the same position on the line.
  3. Draw and anchor the bow 
  • Take the handle or riser of the bow, but do not squeeze it. 
  • Present the bow to the target.
  • With your bow arm straight, raise the bow to a point where your arm is parallel to the ground, while at the same time drawing the string back with your shooting hand to your anchor point. 
  • The anchor point is the position where your shooting hand is constantly on or near your face to a normal rest. 
  • To ensure accuracy, make sure that every time you shoot your bowstring hand comes to the same point. 
  • Aim “Shoot everywhere you aim” instinctively or use bow sights to better match the arrow with the target. If you’re using sights, you’ll need to have the perfect sight picture-the proper target orientation, front eye, and back sight-before firing an arrow. v. Release the string Once you have the right sight picture, relax your fingers quickly or smoothly and confidently trigger the mechanical release. 
  • Follow through Follow through by focusing on the sight picture you saw immediately before the shot after releasing the arrow

Ultimately, there’s a lot of preparation for bow hunting than just aiming the bow such as mental and physical preparation. Familiarity and confidence in your ability go a long way to ensuring that you can accomplish things when the right target moves in front of you. 


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