How To Bowhunting With Night Vision

History of Bowhunting 

Bowhunting is the practice of hunting animals by using archery equipment. Bowhunting came out of California in year of 1911 of the last Yahi Indian tribe, a native known as Ishi. One of the doctors, Saxton Pope learned many of Ishi’s traditional archery skills and popularized archery skills. This article explains about Bowhunting With Night Vision that can be use as the guideline when searching for Bowhunting With Night Vision

In the year of 1961, Pope and Young Club and his friend, Arthur Young become one of the North America’s leading bowhunting and conservation organizations. 

Equipment of Bowhunting 

Bowhunting commonly use arrows, bows and sights including crossbows and wooden bows launching wooden arrows with stone points. Arrowheads are chosen to ensure lethality and broadheads blades jut out from the shaft to cause more damage to the target. 

Draw with the weights of 35+ lbs normally request for the big game hunting and for larger game the weights of 50+ lbs are suggested. For the lighter arrows will give a higher spend and a flatter trajectory due to arrows carry more momentum and penetrate better in large animals. 

Method of Hunting- Bowhunting With Night Vision

There are few methods of hunting and usually archers restrict shots to 2.3 yards (2.1m) to 42 yards (38m). The shoot effectively from ranges and distance depends upon individual ability, the bow strength, arrow, weather, terrain, and the target animal. 

Still hunting is one of the methods of hunting that bow hunter may walk along the ground slowly, looking for game and stalking it carefully in the final approach. 

Stand hunting is one of the hunting methods that hunter waits for game to come to him by waiting on a wooden or metal stand elevated in a tree, from three to six meters. Brush and other natural materials can place for cover and camouflage tent can also be used to be set up. Bowhunting for fish is called bowfishing

Bowfishing equipment usually adds a line attached to a spool or a reel as well as a specially designed, heavier arrow. Mostly bow-fishers have their own standards bow to allow them for refraction. 

Night hunting is become more popular recently year and night hunting becoming a highly effective method for controlling nuisance animals and is very enjoyable for a night hunter to hunt at the night. There will be laws and regulations on night hunting on each states of the country. There are few animals that are more frequently hunted at night including wild hogs, raccoons, coyotes, foxes and bobcats.

 Those animals tend to be more active in the night and so that these animals are popular game for night hunting. 

There are few tips of night hunter should aware of by using discreet light, low-intensity light tracking animals, to ensure night hunter don’t spook the animals. 

Night hunter using white lights and lights that are too bright will scare the animals and causing you to lose your animals. Night hunter should choose the red lights to hunt at the night, night hunter attaching a light that able to illuminate the area and provide a clear visual before hunter shoot is a sure-fire wire to guarantee a successful hunting trip. 

The most important things night hunter needs to aware and need to control is the inability to see in the dark. Night hunter need to decide the best method for locating the animal in the night. This also depends on a number of factors such as the time of year, geographical location, and the type of animal night hunter are hunting.

 There are two primary methods for hunting at the night, which are very similar to used for day hunting example like hunting over bait and using hunting dogs.

 Night hunting over bait is one of the oldest hunting tricks in the book. The inability to see at the night is the most significant obstacle. Utilizing night vision and thermal technology is the most effective method and has helped enable humans to use lights as relatively effective method for night hunting. 

For hunting over bait, there are lights are designed specifically for feeders and these lights utilize regarding light colour. 

Besides that, using predator is also highly effective method for hunting animals at the night. Night hunters mostly prefer hunting in an open area so they able to see animals clearly and get a clean shot. Animal’s will be more alert when using predator at the night to attract animals for night hunter. Night hunter need to have a light attachment for taking the shot. 

Weapon for Night Hunting 

Night hunters will prefer bow and these tactical bows are popular for night hunting for night hunter. Night hunter will also use flashlight attachments and laser sights during the night hunter. Bowhunting are very popular when its efficiency to hunt animals and allow night hunter to shoot multiple rounds by releasing. Example of bowhunting equipment’s as below. 

Light transmission when peering through 3-ft, pieces of 4-in, PVC or 1-in, garden hose, the larger the peep sight, the more light and better field of view night hunter can capture diagram as below. 

While looking through a small diameter peep when target shooting might be a perfect daytime or interior lighting solution, using the smaller peep does not allow the light night hunter to create while night hunting to effectively pass through without washing out night hunter target. A larger peep diameter allows for light transmission as well as target acquisition with the expanded field of view.

Advantages of hunting at Night The reason that night hunter like to hunting at the night with one strategic reason for hunting is that many animals tend to be more active at night. Animals such as nocturnal and raccoons mostly active at the night. In some of the country of summer months, animals prioritize night time activity to avoid the heat. 

Night hunter will be more convenience and night time maybe be more comfortable time to hunt in some geographical locations during the summer to avoid heat. 

Night vision scopes amplify the light from starts and moon to make scene clear and objects more viewable. Night hunter will able to view objects and animals clearer without losing track of the terrain. Night hunter will be able to cloak and sneaking around in the dark, not easily to be seen at the night. Night hunter will be getting nervous when they are knowing there could be animals standing few feet away from them and this will be most enjoyable experience for night hunter. 

This will trigger enhanced excitement when the night hunter prepares to hunt the animals down. 


Night hunting is similar to with hunting daytime but night hunting adds an extra challenge and some dangers associated with hunting, but it can be a very effective method for controlling unwanted animal populations and great experience for those wanting to take their hunting adventure to the next challenges level. 


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