Archery in a public park

Can People do Archery in a public park?

Introduction Archery in a public park

Archery is the practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. Latin arcus is the origin of the world archery. Anciently, the Archery was used for hunting and combat. In modern times, Archery is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity. This article explains about Archery in a public park the can be used as the guidelines when searching information about Archery in a public park.

An Archer or A Bowman is typically a person who practices in Archery, and Toxophilite is a person who is an expert at Archery or is fond of Archery. 

Archery is an activity where you shoot an arrow from a bow. Archery and the bow is one the most archaic activities and weapons of humankind know to be developed in the Upper Paleolithic. It was prepared independently in different cultures and times and replaced the spear throwers as a projectile unit.

Archery originally was used for hunting and warfare. Today, Archery is seen as a sport as well; it is even in the Olympics too. Archery has been around for many years.  

Why Archery in a public park?

  • Yes, Archery can be practised on public land if there is no public endangerment and the space the player is using is well suited for archery practice. If the player is not sure about the place, they check with their respective police minister.
  • In research trying to find the answer to the question that Can Archery be played in public places, no one could ever find a specific law targeting this type of practice on public land. The only rule that anyone could find related to public and Archery was that not prohibited to walk through a commercial centre with a bow and arrow. 
  • An ordinance can be introduced by a council prohibiting the use of bow and arrows on public land. Once this is adopted, its a law. That’s why you must check with your local police minister to make sure that such an act has not been enacted. 
  • There are so much of misinformation amongst the archery fraternity, regarding the legal use of bow and arrow in public parks such as sporting fields, in built-up areas. Even if one consults the ‘experts’, still people get the terrible responses related to these issues as experts sometimes do not suggest the right thing.
  • Everyone knows that it is illegal to use a bow and arrow in public parks. Many people even went so far as they advise not to walk in open areas, such as parks or shopping Malls and to your local area club, till the bow gets break down or kept entirely out of sight. But still, no one could tell them exactly where they might find details of the prohibitions which applied.
  • Practising Archery on public land can be smart, and it can be a mistake. All of it depends upon the situation and the place the player is practising. Players should use common sense and think through their set up and practice range. The player should at least have 50 meters of space where there are no people. 
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What to remember when practicing Archery in a public park

  • There are a few things players are public park need to keep in mind when they are about to start their archery practice. First, of all, they need to check that there are no people around you and that the direction they are shooting is not a place where people are meant to walk. A player should have at least 50 meters of space for yourself where you know there are no people.
  • One of the best ideas with these types of parks is to find a cliff face and go to the bottom of it. If a player is shooting directly at the wall of a cliff, they will only get dirt and rocks as a backdrop to their target. That makes shooting much safer for them and people around in the public park.
  • Players should never shoot up into the air and never shoot over cliffs, ledges, or anywhere that could potentially drop down on anyone else in public and may harm someone in the audience. Player’s should keep safety first at all times.
  • Players should always use a backstop to prevent any arrows going behind the target. Players need to have big enough backdrop, so any arrows that miss the mark will hit the barrier. The worst shot that the player wouldn’t imagine themselves shooting, that shot also needs to be stopped for the safety of people in public places. 
  • There are several ways the players can make their backstop. They can use hay or compressed foam. The critical thing to remember when the players create your own is to use a material that can handle the impact, but also making it possible to remove the arrow without breaking it. Keep that in mind, when the players pick their material of choice.
  • The players can build a wall, ramp or a box if the players are going to use public land that is far from their house it’s smart to make the wall foldable so they can take it in their car. The reason people love backstop netting is mainly because of that issue is handled. 
  • The critical thing to remember if the players are going to use backstop in public land is to make it big enough; it is such an important thing to remember. If the players choose to use it in their backyard, the size will not hurt them. The players should want to avoid hitting your neighbour`s wall or window, so a big backstop is just great.


If there are any people around the area the player is playing in a park, make sure to ask the people if they are ok with the shooting archery. Some people can be frightening and find it disturbing. In most cases, it should be fine, but asking will often be well appreciated. If there were a reason for the police to come and ask the player why they are shooting there, it would be most likely because of the people around them calling it in or complaining to the cops.