Cape Buffalo Hunting

Cape Buffalo Hunting: All you need to know about it

Information Regarding Cape Buffalo Hunting

Cape Buffalo Hunting is ubiquitous in the African Continent. People come from different parts of the world to enjoy this big game hunting sport. People book packages to hunt Cape Buffalos in Africa. This article gives understanding about Cape Buffalo Hunting that you must know when want to hunt cape buffalo in the jungle.

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Cape Buffalo:

Cape buffalo is also known as African Buffalo or Savannah Buffalo. It is a large dark brown mammal. These buffalos have drooping fringed ears. Their horns are curved. 

It is the largest species of buffalo. They are extremely dangerous and are responsible for killing more than 200 people every year. They are most sought-after by the hunters for trophy hunting. They are a member of the big five games.

Hunting Cape Buffalo:

When the Cape buffalos get old, there are exiled from their herd by the young male buffalos. This ancient group of cape buffalos is known as “Dagga Boys.” They are known as dagga because they spend most of their time in the mud to avoid fleas and parasites. 

These old buffalos are hunted without any vehicle. The hunters have to go on foot and track these animals. They follow their tracks or dung near water bodies. 

After that, they are being tracked carefully. There are plenty of dagga boys in the African region. You can get one buffalo within 30 years range. 

As the hunter gets only one opportunity, they have to hit the vital organs. When you hit them, they will grunt, try to run and fall.  

You have to be careful while hunting them because they can run very fast. They are aggressive as well. They will run away and hide in thick camouflage. 

Cape Buffalo Behavior:

These buffalos live in herds. They are mostly scattered all over the Savannah region. You will mostly find them in an area with enough water and grass. 

They eat grass from evening till nightfall, avoiding the hot climate. When the sun is up, they rest under the shade. They have curbed horns. They have a good sense of smell but poor eyesight and hearing.

It is easier to hunt a buffalo when they are alone. You won’t be able to go near them when they are in herds.

Rifle Caliber Needed for Hunting:

To hunt these buffalos, you need a minimum of .357 magnum. They have a very thick skin, which is difficult to pierce. Most hunters use .357, but there are other options as well. 

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You can use soft point bullets for hunting them. Most people use soft points, followed by solid bullets. The main aim while hunting is to kill the buffalo in the first shot. If not, you need to damage the buffalo pretty badly so that they cannot run.

Hunting Trophy:

You need to hunt a buffalo with a good set of horns. The curl of the horn should be deeper. The horn should be past the ears and in an upward curl. The more the spread of the horn, the more is your chances of winning the trophy.

Best Hunting Scope

This is all you need to know about Cape Buffalo Hunting. If you want to win the trophy, you need to kill a buffalo with large curved horns.