Carbon Steel Bros-Tan Survival Knife

Review Carbon Steel Bros-Tan Survival Knife; 5 Important Criteria

Introduction Carbon Steel Bros-Tan Survival Knife

This is a carbon steel Bros-Tan survival knife with coyote tan colour made by Tops Brothers of Bushcraft (B.O.B). It is sold by Wisemen Trading and Supply. It has a high star rating of 4.6 of 5 from 67 customers reviews.

There were no 1 star rating for this product.This article explain about Carbon Steel Survival Knife that is important for hunting animals at the jungle or lake and ocean.

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There were 29 questions have been posted and all the questions have been answered either by the manufacturer or fellow customers.

The product is ranked top 150,000 product in sports and outdoor categories and top 1250 in pocket knives and folding knives categories. It is sold at USD133.97 without shipping and courier charges.

Price comparison between its other similar product, the product is considered in the mid range prices of between USD110 to USD150. The knife can be used effectively for carving, skinning and other general woods work.

The seller, Wisemen Trading and Supply has very high positive rating for the past 12 months at 99% for the products that it sold in

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Product Description Carbon Steel Bros Survival Knife

  • Overall Length: 10″; Blade Length: 4 1/2″
  • Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel, 56-58 HRC;
  • Blade Thickness: 3/16″
  • Blade Type: Plain Edge Drop Point;
  • Blade Finish: Coyote Tan
    Handle Length: 5 1/2″; Handle Material: Olive Green Linen Micarta
  • Hand Made in the USA
    Includes 3 1/8″
  • Overall fire starter and black composition survival whistle.

Pro or Benefits of it?-Carbon Steel Bros Survival Knife

The knife blade of carbon steel made protect the knife from rust.

Cons or Downside of it? Carbon Steel Bros

Since the knife blade is made of carbon steel, it cannot throw a spark when struck by flint. Carbon steel rust faster near saltwater as such it’s need to be oiled regularly to prevent rust from happening. The knife is more suitable for right-handed than left-handed user.

Are the any alternatives products?

Any comments that you can shared?

There were 68 customer reviews. Shared below are the top rated positive review and top rated critical review.

Top rated positive review rated with 5-star by dsfisherman89, a verified purchaser, as follows;

Awesome knife that will last!-This knife is a beast.When I got my knife it needed a little bit of work to get the knife as sharp as I wanted, but it came with a decent edge. I have beaten this knife up on some backpacking outings and it has taken everything I can throw at it better than I could have ever expected. The kydex sheath could be better, but it will do for most.

I am very picky with my kydex sheaths because I actually make kydex products. The only thing that I did to change it was to take down the upper edge so that when you grab the knife you are actually gripping the full knife handle and not the kydex. If you are looking for a knife that will take everything you can throw at it, definitely get this knife. I love it!”

Amazon Verified Purchaser

Top rated critical review rated with 2-star by Garwood, a verified purchaser, as follows;

I was impressed with the edge that it came with and did not feel any need to refine it (if you are the type that wants a razor, it’s obvious with this blade it wouldn’t take alot (sic) for one to get it there).

With simple sapling chopping and carving the edge did dull rather quickly. I do not misuse my knives but I do utilize them heavily within the arenas in which their use is intended and in doing so I have found constant re-sharpening is needed. My last outing I chipped the blade (quite ugly) about 1/32″ deep by 1/16″ long piece of blade broke off while processing a wild rabbit. Apparently the rabbits neck was to much (sic) for this blade (cotton tail, very soft bones). Yes I had the rabbit on a felled tree trunk so the damage absolutely came from the rabbits neck.

I have had $15 dollar blades put through bones much tougher than rabbit and never chip? I indeed may (sic) have gotten a knife with a bad batch of 1095? Who knows! Though it is what it is = not good endurance. If I had to spend a week in the bush I would not have confidence in this knife but it looks great, well it will look great again once I grind the blade back to get the chip out! Not trying to talk anyone out of this knife and I’m not really regretting this purchase but I would not buy another one. I hope this helps, it’s not a BAD knife.”

Amazon Verified Purchase

Do you recommended to buy the products?

Yes I recommended 100%. The seller should have provided videos and more images on the knife’s functionality so that anyone will understand better its usage. The product description is quite brief and more details should be included so that potential buyers understand better about the product in detail.


Even though the product description and images given by the seller are quite brief and limited, eventually the customer’s reviews plus the questions posted with the answers given have made the potential buyers a better understanding about the product. Based on the positive reviews given as well as the other people’s perception on whether the review help their decision to buy, it shows that the product might attract more buyers.

There are a few reasons why someone might buy this product. Firstly because the price is quite affordable as it consider in the mid-range plus compared to its similar products.Second, the product reviews are details with first hand experience by its buyers.

Third, all the questions posted are answered by the sellers as well as buyers. And lastly, there were no 1 star rating for the product which shows that the product is generally good and it’s worth to buy and own.