Review Product Coleman Octagon 98 with Full Fly

Introduction Coleman Octagon 98 with Full Fly

Product chosen for my personal review is the Coleman Octagon 98 with Full Fly. This product was categories as a tents and shelters item which have been marketed worldwide and can be found or purchase through local stores or even on the online platform such as in Amazon webpage. This article explains about Review Product Coleman Octagon 98 with Full Fly that can be used as the guideline for outdoor tent.

The product was been manufactured by a company named Coleman Company Incorporation operates in United States, Chicago. The company produced a wide ranges of equipment primally aimed at camping and recreational markets/ outdoors equipment. 

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Product Description Coleman Octagon 98 with Full Fly

Coleman Octagon 98 Full Fly tent designed for any outdoor enthusiast looking to get the most out of their camping tent. The company claimed to provide an excellent experience which helps their users camping experience to be easy and enjoy every moment related to the outdoor activities. The tent only takes up to 15 minutes to set it up and taken down. It has a spacious interior that would fits two queen sizes air bed or eight peoples in a sleeping bag. The tent has two doors allow user to enter and exit. The steel poles claimed to have a tough frame, powder coated steel which makes it effective in resisting rust and corrosion. It also comes with color coded pole attachments which helps the user to make the setup easier. It also provides two inner storage pockets with cup holders to put any necessities items inside the tent. An exclusive WeatherTec system technology were adopted by this tent and it comes with a full zippered rainfly that helps to keep user dry and comfortable during raining seasons.

Pro or Benefits of it?

The pros of Coleman Octagon 98 Full Rainfly were built on using a fully waterproof material. The air ventilations of this tent tend to be good and it suits well with any varieties of weather conditions. Aside of that, it also has an ample interior space that comes together with a long ceiling height. This product claims to resist in rust and corrosion based on the quality materials that they used, and it is a high durability product in the market.

Cons or Downside of it? Coleman Octagon 98 with Full Fly

When it comes to the downside of this product, we can highlight that Coleman Octagon 98 its quite an expensive product and the weight was expected around 20 kilograms for the tents and tends to be quite heavy item to carry around compare to other design in the market.

Are the any alternatives products?

In term of alternative to it, we can conclude that there are many other similar products tend to be among the level of Coleman Octagon 98 such as Coleman Praire Breeze 9-person cabin tent. The capacity of this tent also could fit more than eight peoples. Besides that, Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent could be an alternative product to Coleman Octagon 98 in term of the capacity which can fit about 8 people inside the tent but it doesn’t adopt the technology of rainfly materials which makes it only effective during summer time and also needed two people’s effort to set up this tent. Price wise, Coleman 98 Octagon was around USD 239.99 while Coleman Praire Breeze 9-person Cabin Tent was priced at USD238.22 and price for Wenzel 8-Person Klondike Tent was around USD156.78.

Any comments that you can shared?

From the review in Amazon webpage, I found out that from 87 customers ratings, 65% of it rated the product as 5 stars item, 16% of it rated it as a 4 stars product, 7% of the customers rated it as a 3 stars product, 6% out of 87 customers rated it as 2 stars and 1 star product.

In term of the feature, the comfortness of the tent was at a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The customers gave it 4.3 stars on the value for money for Coleman 98 Octagon with Full Rainfly which I can easily conclude it as a good item to purchase for those who loves to do the outdoor activities. For the sturdiness, it received 4.3 stars rated by the customers and for the durability was rated at 4.2 stars.

When analyzing the Coleman 98 Octagon based on customers group and interests, I have found out that Coleman brands received a high rating star at 4.0 out of 5. Backpacking group rated the product at high as 4.0 out of 5 stars and the hiking group rated the tent to be at 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. Most of the customers purchased this product gave a positive review that the tent is great but such quite an expensive product but it’s a value for money. The setup claimed to be true as per mentioned by the company which takes about 15 minutes on setting it up and taken it down.

Do you recommended to buy the products?

Yes I recommended 100%

Yes, from my personal opinion I would like to suggest that the Coleman Octagon 98 has a good quality and the built up was perfect for those who do camping in a big group and it suits for a big size family. Regardless to the price, the product should have a long-term life span due to its durability which makes it a value for money product. The time taken to setting it up and taken it down requires a short amount of time and can be done by a single person. Therefore, for anyone that needed a high capacity that can fits a big group of people, they can purchase this tent.

Conclusion Coleman Octagon 98

In conclusion, I believe that the company has come out with a good product in term of the tent built up and the technology used are good which makes the item can be used in any kind of weather conditions. Even the design was simple design, many reviews had concluded that this was a good product and. I believe that reviews from customers will highly help any potential customers in performing the buy actions on this product.