What You Should Know About Compound Bow Fish Hunting

Introduction-Compound Bow Fish Hunting

Bow fish hunting

is a fishing technique that uses specially designed bows, and arrows for shooting, and pulling out the fish. In this technique, you shoot a target fish with a barbed arrow that’s tied to a string slotted into a hole at the end and tied on the bow.This article will explains about compound bow fish hunting that you can use as the references. Compound bow fish hunting can be used to get fish such as large mouth bass, salmon, snapper, snakehead fish, catfish and many more. This technique of fishing has been used widely especially in urban areas.

This video explain regarding compound bow fish hunting that important for hunters when want to hunting animals in the jungle taken from Youtube.com

The method primarily relies on your accuracy levels if you’re using the traditional bows. If you’re having a good budget though, you could invest in high-quality modern compound arrows with sights.

Note that the arrows used aren’t similar to the conventional ones used in archery. Instead, they’re way much stronger, heavier, and longer. They also lack fletching something which helps prevent them from flaring sideways or diverting while running in the water.

Although you can use any type of bow, it’s important that the bow you choose for compound bow fish hunting matches your arrow. You could choose from either a recurve bow or the compound bow.

Setting Your Bow Fishing Arrows

The way you set your arrow largely determines your probability to hit the target. It doesn’t have to be a daunting task though. Here’s how you’ll go about it;

If you look onto your slide, you’ll notice grooves, and notches on it. They’re meant to guide you on the right direction for the string. Keep calm when setting the arrow, and securing the string. In securing the string, an overhand knot is all you need.

Usually, you will not be tying the arrow to the string. Instead, only create for it a loop for locking whilst it slides.

How To Compound Bow Fish Hunting

There are various techniques you could use for this fishing method. Some of the common techniques include;

• Using a boat. In using a boat, you explore different sections of the water body while looking for fish. It’s highly effective on a calm day, and on wider water bodies.

• Wading in the water. Here’ you basically walk in the water while looking for the fish. To some extent, this technique can be the least rewarding if you’re not skilled. This’ because you need to get very close to the fish to shoot it. First, the fish will detect your movements from afar and flee. Secondly, your accuracy could be a huge limiting factor.

• Fishing from raised points. Contrary to the first two techniques where you’ll be physically going for the fish, in this technique, you simply, wait for them. Compound bow fishing from raised points is most effective if you’re two or more hunters. One hunter will be herding the fish to the direction of a stationary hunter who’s waiting to strike once they get closer.

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How To Aim For The Fish

Now, this is the most daunting part in compound bow fish hunting. The biggest obstacle here is how the water is optically distorting objects position in it due to refraction. To be precisely accurate, therefore, you’ll need to aim closer to the fish.

Note that a fish typically resides 3 inches deep/ft in water depth. Therefore you should aim 4 inches below ten feet distance underneath e the target. You should also take into account the refracted light for better results.

How To Choose A Good Compound Bow Fish Hunting Arrow

These arrows are not made the same. Here are the factors to consider when shopping for a good arrow.

• The Weight
A lighter arrow would damage your bow, and would even invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty. A good arrow, in this case, should weigh around 6-8 grain/pound of your draw weight. That means that if your draw weight averages 60 pounds, the right arrow weight should average between 360 to 480 grain.

• Price
It’s apparent that price determines the quality of most products bought. A cheaply priced arrow would be weak, and ineffective. If you don’t have any budget constraints, it’s prudent that you shop for the beat quality arrows

• Online reviews
You could also seek inspiration from veteran hunters. Check online reviews for the top rated arrows. They should help you discern poor quality arrows from good quality ones.

• The Length
To find the perfect arrow length, add between 0.5 inches to 1 inch to your draw length. For instance, if your draw length is 29 inches, a good arrow should measure around 30 inches.


With these guidelines in mind, your compound bow fish hunting is about to become a lot easier. A great tip to keep in mind for better accuracy is to aim lower when you aren’t sure the perfect time for striking.As the conclusion it should be noted here that compound bow fish hunting is one of the technique that can be used to get the fish.

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