Compound Bow Hog Hunting

Understand 3 Important Tips About Compound Bow Hog Hunting

Introduction to Compound Bow Hog Hunting

Hog hunting is one of the most popular sports among hunters. If you want to know regarding Compound Bow Hog Hunting this article can give you some insight regarding Compound Bow Hog Hunting for your understanding and references.

It is important as they have become invasive in a lot of countries. They are responsible for destroying crops and farmlands, ravaging local wildlife’s food, and are liable for spreading diseases among other animals. Therefore, wildlife agencies support hunting them to control their population. This article will explain about compound bow hog hunting and how you can hunt bow using a compound bow. Hog hunting is one of the favorite species for hunters during hunting season. Hog are very dangerous animals and must be treated carefully. In this article, we will explain how to use a compound bow to hunting hog and what are the best techniques to capture this animal.

This video explain regarding compound bow fish hunting that important for hunters when want to hunting animals in the jungle taken from

Tips for Hog Hunting with a Compound Bow:

Hogs are not an easy target as they stay at places where they find cover and quick routes to escape. To hunt them, one requires different tactics and skills to be successful. Let’s have a closer look at some of the factors that can make the hunt more successful.

Compound Bow Hog Hunting-Prime hog hunting temperature

Hogs can be hunted anytime in the year, but the prime time for the hunt is usually in winters, i.e. from December to February. As they are in a heavier pursuit for food, they travel longer and to farther places which increases their activity.

Compound Bow Hog Hunting-Hunt at dawn or dusk

The hogs primarily have two activities: eating and breeding. They make sure that they have plenty of food reserves throughout the year, so they actively search for food especially at dawn and dusk.

Focus areas with plenty of water

To make it successful, one should focus on the areas where there is plenty of water or muddy lands. Hogs do not have sweat glands and because of this, they roll around in the mud to keep their body temperature normal.

Use the bow you are most comfortable with

There cannot be any chance of a miss, so it is recommended to use the bow you feel most comfortable with. Yet compound bow hog hunting is the most preferable way because hogs have thick skin which is difficult to penetrate and makes it difficult to target their vital organs. Use an arrow heavier than normal and make a hard hit with it once you aim the right spot.

Keep track of wind

It is generally believed that hogs have a very sharp sense of smell or in other words, the most valuable organ they have is their nose. They can sense the odors from 7 miles away and 25 feet underground. In this case, hunting the hogs is much favorable while the wind pressure is low. Low wind pressure will keep the scent down to the ground while on high wind pressure your scent will rise. A wind checker should be carried along the hunt to see if the wind is in your favor. Also, you should eliminate external odor as much as possible or the hogs are going to give you a very tough time hunting.

Hunting options

If you want to hunt hogs during nighttime then it can be done using light as well. In this circumstance a green L.E.D light will be best suited. Hogs have been known to be indifferent to the red and green lights. Also, as older hogs tend to be fairly nocturnal, there is no better time to hunt them than nighttime can become almost completely nocturnal.

Hitting the right spot

The best places to target a hog are its heart and the lungs. They should be hit precisely between the midline on the back groove of the front shoulder while the nearest leg is a bit forward. That is where you can hit its heart and the lungs both at the same time. The hit should be made from the distance of almost 20 yards so that the arrow can penetrate well and with accuracy.


Last and arguably the most important element of hog hunting is patience. If you have taken a clean shot which has hit the lungs, you still should not move for at least an hour because the animal might run away and you will not be able to recover it. If you have not taken a clean shot then it can also take up to 12 hours of waiting. Therefore, you must have patience rather than being quick to grab it.

Best Compound Bow Hunting Hog

There are many compound bow that you can use to hunt hog. In this article we give you the example of compound bow that always been used to hunting hog. Here is the list:

Bear Archery BR33 45-60lb RH Shadow A6BR20106R

This compound bow Bear Archery BR33 Hybrid is very fast compound bow and can reach speed up to 330fps and it also eliminates the risk of dry fire. They are many benefit when you using this bow and the price is also convenient plus it give the best shooting experience. This model is only available for right-handed shooter and left handed hunter will need to find other compound bow. This bow weight 4.2 pound and it is most convenient for most male hunter. This bow is also stable and innovative in technology.

This model is one of the best compound bow in the market and it provides speeds and agility for the users. The quality of the bow is top notch and in hunting this is the most important things to give you quality bow.

Bear Archery New 2018 Species RTH Compound Bow 70# Right Hand Realtree Edge Camo

This bow is very easy to set up and the manufacturers claims that it is one of the “ready to hunt” bow. You don’t have to understand the complexity of this compound bow and assembled it. This bow sold in same package with six Trophy Ridge Accessories, this is the complete solution to any hunter even though you are “novice or expert or seasoned” hunter. This is the best adventure experience when you want to hunting hog.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound Bow – Moonshine Undertow – Right Hand

This bow is made to caters all category. This bow is easy to adjust and offers the best adaptability for all. This model can be use for all season and easy to operate. This compound bow offers the best superior performance and the manufacturers offer a limited warranty for this bow. This is also a good deals for hunters. This Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is also flexible and the limbs will provide the agility and durability to extends it lifetimes.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package, Black Ops, Right Hand

This compound is beautiful in design and it is be last long for years. This is versatile bow and excellent to buy. This bow is worth the money and easy for hunter to operated. This Infinite Edge Pro is made from aluminium components and the weight is 3.2 lbs. The handmade string is created by Octane and it is the best quality compound bow in the market.

Diamond Archery Carbon Knockout 40 lb Right Hand Mossy Oak Breakup Country

What do you want when you are purchasing you compound bow? On of the thing that you need is smooth operation, easy to operate and excellent in accuracy. This is one of the recommendation for compound bow. This compound bow is considers good quality and easy to use even for female hunters.


Although, the population of wild hogs is increasing rapidly, about 12 states allow their hunt as a sport. Their hunt is important for the conservation and the maintenance of balance between species on the earth. Chasing and hunting amazing animals like wild hogs is a real heart-pounding effort but it is worth hunting them. As a conclusion, it should be noted here to always kill animals that you want to eat and respect the animals.