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5 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Deer Attractant Feed

Introduction to Deer Attractant Feed

Whether you’re a deer hunter or just someone who wants to see deer, deer attractant feed is your friend. This article explains Deer Attractant Feed that important for hunters to know how to prepare Deer Attractant Feed to attract the deer when want to hunt deer in the jungle.

As the name suggests, deer attractant feed is food for deer that are used to lure them.

Deer attractant feed has repeatedly proven to be much more effective and quicker than other attractants. These attractants include sprays and seed plots, among others. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about deer attractant feed.

If you don’t have too much spare time on your hands, you need deer attractant feed. However, it can be challenging to find a great deer attractant feed product. This is because there are so many of them out there.

Remember, each product is different and gives different outcomes. You need to identify your requirements and find a product that can meet them. Here are some factors that you need to ponder over before buying your deer attractant feed.

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Important Considerations For Choosing The Best Deer Attractant Feed

1. Local Legislation related to Deer Attractant Feed

The most important aspect of luring deer is the law. It’s best to check the local legislation before you buy the feed. You’d be surprised to know that deer baiting is not legal in all US states.

In some regions, you’re allowed to feed or bait deer, but you can’t hunt them. Sometimes, these laws get a little too complicated. For example, in Louisiana, you can’t use sweet potatoes as deer bait.

2. The Region

Apart from local laws, you need to study a little about the place itself. This factor will decide if you even need a food plot or not. You need to use something that is not already abundantly present in the region. If there’s already enough food for deer in the region, using deer attractant feed won’t be effective.

In this case, you will have to use other attractants. For example, you can use mineral blocks. Other than that, you can use different attractant sprays and powders.

3. Type of Deer

You can’t expect all deer attractant feed products to work the same. There are tons of deer species out there, and not all of them necessarily have the same taste when it comes to food. Different species come from different regions and have different behaviors, sizes, nutritional requirements, etc.

Therefore, before buying anything, you must take all the above-mentioned factors into account. Thankfully, many manufacturers advertise their product as a great fit for specific deer species.

Best Deer Attractant Feed in the market

4. Brand of the Deer Attractant Feed

It doesn’t matter which brand you go for, but it’s a fact that some brands are more effective than others. The most convenient way to choose the best brand is to go on a forum and ask the users yourself. Their experiences will allow you to choose the best product for your purpose easily.

The best product or brand will give you the most enticing flavor and scent, which will work on deer. Additionally, its scent would last very long. Since deer can take a while to be attracted, you want your attractant’s scent to stay for a long time.

Moreover, the best attractant masks human scent as well. You can buy a high-end product with excellent qualities, but if it can’t mask your scent, it won’t fulfill its purpose. No deer will come towards the attractant if it can smell you as well.

Purpose of Deer Attractant Feed

As mentioned above, deer attractant feed is mainly used for attracting deer towards you. However, in actuality, there is much more to it. Many people use attractant feed for their long-term benefits.

The best manufacturers fill their deer attractant feed with tons of healthy macro and micronutrients. Such products help nourish the buck, and if used over a long time period, they can produce powerful deer. Stronger deer are a better catch, and they produce better meat.

In addition, some manufacturers make products that can coat standard foods. This enhances the overall acceptability of the meal for a deer. Therefore, it increases your chances of finding the deer you’ve been looking for since forever.

Some wildlife photographers often use deer attractant feed. For such individuals, there are products that you can plant near trail cameras. This helps people find patterns; for example, this can show you where a deer goes in a certain area.

The Best Deer Attractant Feed Products of 2020

1. WINA Kraze Flavored Attractant

Arguably one of the most powerful deer attractants, Kraze is filled with multiple scent and flavor enhancers. With its unmatchable degree of sweetness, deer can satisfy their sugar craving. A noteworthy fact about Kraze is that it’s designed to work during winter and fall.

Kraze is specially designed to attract the highly demanded whitetail deer. What’s more, Kraze is simple to use. You need to pour it directly on the ground and wait for your much-awaited deer. Remember, since it’s highly powerful, many US states consider it bait.

2. Chestnut Gold Ultimate Deer Attractant

Packed with Dunstan chestnuts and a vast mixture of grains, this ultimate deer attractant is all you need. Its ingredients allow you to use it in dry and wet conditions both. Emitting a sweet, fruity smell, it forces all nearby deer to come towards it.

Whether you need to use a small quantity or large, this Chestnut Gold attractant is perfect. With its easy pour bag and cut out handle, many of your concerns are taken care of.

3. Redmond Hunt Apple Bomb

Apple Bomb doesn’t just attract faraway deer from its enticing, long-range aroma, but it makes them stay as well. Enriched with proteins, vitamins, and minerals, Apple Bomb is also great for deer nourishment.

Its ingredients ensure healthy growth and antler development in deer. Furthermore, Apple Bomb is tailored to be used trail cams.

4. WINA Apple Obsession

It’s common knowledge that deer are crazy for apples. Therefore, WINA has produced this product to have a strong apple scent and flavor. Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, it’s also extremely healthy.

Although it’s highly attractive, Apple Obsession is most effective in early fall and winter. Similar to many WINA products, this one is also considered bait in many states due to its superb deer attracting properties.

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