Product Review Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

Introduction-Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

            E-commerce has revolutionised the way people purchase their product needs and wants ever so that it has really made the shopping experience convenient, easy and with a simple click of a button. This article will explains about Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro that you can use as the guideline to understand about Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro.

The advancement of technology, especially so the rise of the internet during the early 20th century had opened vast opportunities for businesses to sell their product via the web. Amazon started their businesses at a petite office with a small number of staffs including Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the company himself carrying the vision to recreate the shopping experience without keeping stocks in shops/warehouses. The simple idea of just-in-time trading concept introduced by the Japanese people, which were adopted widely by renowned entrepreneurs and companies, of the likes of Amazon and Alibaba had tremendously revamped the business world with the introduction of newly and more importantly profitable business model concepts. Amazon had started its business by selling books online – getting orders from their customers and directly supplying to them (by finding other suppliers) at their doorsteps once the order is placed. 

            In the current era, this type of business model had proven to be extremely successful, as the digitalization of the business world became widely populated. It makes sense as it is so easy for people to go online nowadays – businesses leveraging on these marketable opportunities, create their websites and sell their products online. The threat of entry is low that anyone create have their own website and sell to potential customers, where and when there is a market for the product. This can be done under their own bought domains (which can be extremely expensive, depending on the value of the digital property rights) or via popular platforms (that may be free-of-charge or paid), such as Instagram, Facebook and etc. YouTube is also another popular platform where the trend of a Kickstarter company to advertise their products via paid YouTube reviews – in order to get wider social reach. 

            In this report, I will explore on the product advertised in Amazon – Compound Bow. The discussion will cover threefold. Firstly, I will talk about what the product is about and its main unique selling point (USP) as well as what the product lacks of comparative to other similar type of product selling on the same platform. Secondly, this report will cover on the aspects of the impact of customers’ reviews on the purchase popularity of the product. Finally, I will provide on the recommendations towards the product placement of the user and conclude on the product review. 

Product Image


 Product Description Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

The user had included variety of images for the potential online customers to hover around and feed their interests to what the product has to offer for the price. The user had also included the brand name in the description of the compound – ‘Leader Accessories’, which makes the interested buyer easy to search the keyword. The image is clear and the good thing nowadays when purchasing via online, interested customers can zoom in (and some have 360-degree rotational view) the product and see more details on the image of the product. 

Customer Review

In total, this product has a 4-star rating with 216 customer reviews, while pending 157 unanswered questions. Out of the 216 customer ratings – roughly 123 customers have 5-star rating, whereas about 22 customers gave 1-star rating. Most 1-star rating review were not resolved by the seller – only a few were commented back for re-ship of new bow or refund given. After-sale customer service looks bad in this area. Highest rating feature was on value for money and the accuracy of the bow. The least rating is that the bow is not suiting those beginner players.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Taking 5-star rating customer reviews this product offers plenty of USP including:

  • Draw length easy to adjust – as simple as removing the screws and adjusting to desired draw length
  • Draw length can go maximum to 31 inches – more than the advertised 26-30-inch draw
  • Satisfied customer service with Bass pro is – services are free-of-charge
  • Shots with arrows are smooth and easy to maintain draw – powerful arrow shot with the bow – goes through obstacles deeper – makes it effective for hunting animals
  • Fast shooting 
  • Cheap but satisfying expectation for its price of $125

Product Weakness Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

5-star review from verified customers also talked about the weaknesses of the product. The main discussions were regards to the following:

  1. Sight and arrow rest are not usable (accessories that comes with the bow are junk) –  first-time archery players require to purchase other accessories to get the most out of the bow
  2. Loose screw – need to apply loc tight or Teflon tape before reinstalling them
  3. Directions did not specify the starting draw weight

A 1-star review fell on similar consensus on the downside of the product:

  • “Broke on the first shot” – Burnt Chrysler (November 27, 2017)
    • “String broke at the peep. Exploding the bow.” – Brenden Broderick (August 9, 2018)
    • “I was very frustrated to see this!” – Diana Gladun (March 5, 2019)

Other identified weaknesses

  • Not sold in Malaysia (and other mentioned regions) 

Alternative Products

            Plenty of other compound bows offers better features and great value for the product price. This product is essentially low priced – therefore customers normally get wha they are paying. Other products are easily accessible to all regions, whereas this product is restricted to ship to Malaysia. Like the review says, if you are new to the sport, it is not recommended to get this bow – plenty of other bows have the whole package with better arrows and other accessories made relevant to the product. Other popular brand names that are widely recognized by customers are typical made the better choice – most people look for the top 10-20 products worldwide if they were to venture into this kind of sport. However, yet again, it depends on the individual purchaser on what kind of features they ought to seek where perhaps the top brands do not really cater for the specific requirement needs. 


            My recommendation on this product would be twofold. If you are a beginner at this sport, I would not recommend this product to you. However, if you have been quite some time in this field and opt for hunting bow at cheap price but quality and deep shots, this is the product for you. 


            In a nutshell, digital marketing has brought many changes in our daily shopping lives. The increase in number of smartphones with easy to access apps and online shopping carts made available at every fingertip of customers’ hands is driving the entrepreneurship of many business people to gaining passive/extra income for the household. This is an imperative opportunity that all should leverage on in order to be competitive in the market.