Elk Hunting Colorado

3 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Elk Hunting Colorado

Learn about Elk Hunting Colorado

Elk Hunting Colorado is one of the activities in the United States during hunting season for elk. The Northwest region of Colorado is very famous for hunting Elks. You will find a large herd of Elks in this region. This article explains and gives information Elk Hunting Colorado that is important for hunters when want to hunt animals in the jungle.

People from all over the world travel to North America for this big game hunting. If you want to know about Elk Hunting Colorado, there are a website that provides information related to hunting that can give you an overview about Elk Hunting in Colorado.

As a hunter that love to involved in hunting, you must prepare the gear and equipment before go to hunting such as:

You get to learn many things about hunting Elk in Colorado. You have to plan a trip and select appropriate equipment for hunting Elk. Along with that, you also need to understand their behavior and master the art of hunting.

Elk Hunting:

Elk is the largest specie of deer. Hunting Elk is very different than hunting deer. You will find may Elks in North America and Northeast Asia. They mostly live in forests and feed on grass. The ones which have large antlers are male. 

In Colorado, the herd of Elk dwells near the forest. You have to hike through the plains to reach them. You should avoid carrying too much luggage with you while hunting.

Problems in Elk Hunting:

Most hunters face health problems like altitude sickness. As Colorado is located at a higher altitude, people fall prey to this condition. 

The symptoms are very irritating and will spoil your hunting trip. You will face symptoms like headaches and fatigue. If you are not used to a higher altitude, you need to visit a couple of days before your hunting trip and get acquainted with the climate.

Hunting Tags:

You cannot visit Colorado for hunting without any hunting tags. Tags are permits for hunting Elk in Colorado. Along with your hunting license, you will need additional hunting tags. With one tag, you can hunt 1 Elk. It is mostly used for big game hunting. The hunting tags can be pretty expensive.

You have to be really careful while hunting. Make sure you follow all the rules of hunting. Inquire with the local rangers if you any questions. It would help if you stayed in the hunting zone only.

Elk Hunting Season in Colorado:

You need to fill out the form in advance for participating in the upcoming hunting season. This is the best time to hunt Elk in Colorado. Here we will show you the dates of the forthcoming Elk hunting season in Colorado.

  • Deer & Elk Archery Season: 2nd September to 30th September
  • Deer & Elk Muzzleloader Season: 12th September to 20th September
  • 1St Regular Rifle Elk: 10th October to 14th October
  • 2nd Regular Rifle Deer & Elk: 24th October to 1st November
  • 3rd Regular Rifle Deer & Elk: 7th November to 13th November
  • 4th Regular Rifle Deer & Elk: 18th November to 22nd November

Tips for Hunting Elk in Colorado:

Here are some hunting tips for you.

  • It would help if you spent some time scouting the area. Look for the areas with Elk herd. 
  • Don’t take any shot. Plan and aim because Elk can easily dodge the shot and run away.
  • Avoid hitting the big female Elk who leads the herd. 
  • Get in the right area from where you can quickly shoot. Stay quiet and then shoot.
  • Don’t use fake calls because Elks are brilliant.

This is all you need to know about Elk hunting in Colorado. Plan your trip thoroughly before you go.

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