Hunting Pig with Dogs

Everything You Need to Know About Hunting Pig with Dogs

Introduction Hunting Pig with Dogs

Hog hunting can be distressful for an ordinary pet lover. However, if you are a farmer whose primary source of income is destroyed by wild pigs, your top priority is to get rid of them. This article explains Hunting Pig with Dogs that you can use as the guideline in the jungle and know the importance of it.

Hunting Pig with Dogs is also enjoyable experience just like hunting using crossbow, hunting using compound bow and hunting using recurve bow. Hunting pig or boar in the jungle is very risky and must treated carefully.

And this could be achieved by having a strong and vigilant dog around your house.

In the early times of America, bay dogs were commonly trained and used as a type of dog to bring down a boar. Whereas, when the boar escape and run, the catch dogs are then released to reach any boar. Once the dog is barking loudly, it only means that he has traced the location of wild pig. Thereby, keeping it scared by his scary loud bark.

When you are a wild pig hunter, the first thing to do is to find out what species of pig you have in the area. This is very significant as it identifies what breed of dog you need to be with you in your hunting training and experience. So, if you have a wild pig in your area that runs in a wide space, you need to have a dog with top endurance. Whereas, if your area has a boar that wants to protect its territory and fight, you need to have an aggressive and wise dog. 

Training is indeed necessary before a dog can successfully track, corner, and fight a pig. This portion takes them away from any danger as it molds them to be responsive. Once done, protective suits should also be worn to keep their vital parts away from any type of boar. And of course, as a hunter, you must possess qualities to save any dog from a destructive boar.

Proven Breed of Dogs Best for Hunting Wild Hogs

Training a dog to be the best hunter partner is a tough job since you are getting its commitment for your command. Gladly, some trainers can help you in this field. They can recommend a breed of dogs, ranging from a good scent tracker to an aggressive fighter. These are the following:

American Bulldogs

When it comes to classic ways of holding hogs, this breed is the top on the list as it has a long record since then. American bulldogs are a very caring dog. They can be a nice company for your children as compared to pit bulls.

African Lion Dog

This breed is also commonly known as Rhodesian Ridgebacks originally used to track and get the attention of a lion in South Africa. Hunters use them as they have a great scent tracking ability, which makes them good bay dogs. Highly mode of training is needed in this kind of breed since they can be stubborn.

Pit Bulls

If you are up to an excellent catcher dog, this aggressive one is the best for your hog hunting experience. Their firmness and body buildup is very appropriate for capturing a wild hog. Apart from that, pit bulls have a prominent bite that can hold up a wild boar.


It should be noted here that this article explain the example of breed dog that suitable for hunting pigs at the jungle. The hunters must choose the best breed that can help them in the jungle.