Flint Knapping

Flint Knapping – What Information That You Need To Know

Introduction Flint Knapping

Going back to history, our ancient ancestors have improvised a method to make stone tools. This article explains Flint Knapping that you can use as the guideline when you want to hunt in the jungle using Flint Knapping.

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Flint Knapping is the technique that been used to craft the stone that can give the structure that you need. This can done by strike the stone steps by step and required patience and big task.

What You Must Know About Flint Knapping?

This early technology is mostly known as flint knapping. It is an art of craftsmanship for making tools by way of striking a rock. It requires a dexterous hand to have a great form and shape.

In their time, these stone tools have helped them to dig the soil to plant, to hunt for food, and to build their houses. The flaked stone tools that were made are also used to create primitive weapons such as arrowheads, spear, blades, perforators, scrapers, knife, and many more.

When making this, it is very recommendable to follow safety measures. This includes wearing safety gloves and glasses. And of course, you should not do it in your kitchen nor your bedroom. It should be somewhere safe and away from kids.

Now, what type of rock can be used then? What makes the best rock? What are the ways to create a flake? All these questions will be answered in the following section. So, hold on and read more. 

To create a long-lasting stone tool, it should be made out of non-grained material. It should be out of flaws and fractures. The type of stone that has these characteristics are those stones rich in silica. These include jasper and chalcedony stones. However, there is still some type of rock that can be used too, such as obsidian, flint, and quartzite. 

There are various ways to achieve a good flake. This includes heat treatment, percussion flaking, and pressure flaking. 

Heat Treatment

If you are up to make a small to medium tools like a knife, this method is the most appropriate. By putting gradual extreme heat, it makes the texture of flake to be glossier, thereby producing a quality biface or flakes. A biface is a primitive tool that is resharpened at both edges.

Doing this, first, you should have a hole where you can put the mixture of hot sand and coal. The next thing to do is to heat fragments of flakes. After heating, place the flakes into the holes and topped it with sand. Lastly, you will burn it again for almost 24 hours. 

Pressure Flaking can also be used to make a knife. Through the use of a specific sharpened stone, this can reduces and straightens a raw material. It just only needs a precise striking to have a pointed knife.

Percussion Flaking

Using raw material, you can mold a flake by using a soft or hard hammer. Soft hammers are made up of antlers, moose, and elk, whereas the hard hammer is made up of granite and basalt. Since soft hammers can’t hit much the raw material, it needs less control on the part that is needed to be removed. In the case of the hard hammer, it needs more control since it transfers energy more on the material, which can make it break.

When you don’t want to hold the material while striking, you can harness it with a device. This will allow you to use both hands. Your left hand could be using the soft hammer while the other right hand is using a hard hammer.

Conclusion Flint Knapping

This article give you the information about Flint Knapping that will provide overview about the Flint Knapping the craftmanship that required to strike the stone. It is noted here that this will give you understanding about the principles of Flint Knapping.

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