Garmin eTrex 10

Review Product Garmin eTrex 10

Introduction Garmin eTrex 10

The Garmin eTrex 10 is a basic, entry-level handheld GPS device, created by Garmin who is one of the legendary companies to manufacture GPS devices packed with innovation. Talking about their eTrex 10, it is less-featured version as compared to their eTrex 20 model.

Though the dimensions, battery life, and weight are same, it lacks expandable memory, color display and is less expensive. The main highlight about eTrex 10 is that it offers quick GPS functionality, is remarkably compact and acts as an excellent companion for general outdoor exploration, geocaching, and hiking. It has retained the long battery life, rugged build, and affordability that eTrex series is originally popular for.

The new improved version of eTrex 10 comes with a better interface, paperless geocaching, worldwide base map and compatibility for Garmin’s spine-mounting accessories. Overall, eTrex 10 qualifies as a premium entry-level GPS device that will impress and satisfy pro explorers as well. This petite, hefty GPS receiver sits effortlessly in your palm and also offers HotFix and GLONASS support. Coming to the point, this entry-level device is sturdy, handy and suitable for people seeking a rugged and durable basic GPS navigation unit. It makes use of AA batteries, so you need not to worry about its system breaking down.

Product Description Garmin eTrex 10

Retains GPS Location

LCD screen shows comprehensive worldwide base map info, each featuring spot-on GPS. This high-sensitivity GPS receiver is WAAS-enabled and features HotFix satellite prediction. That is why it can locate your position accurately and much faster.

No matter where you are, this handheld Garmin GPS device is going to maintain your position and coordinate at all times, even in dense woods and deep canyons.


eTrex 10 is equipped with a total six control buttons, two on the right side, three on the left side and one toggle button on front panel.

Display & User Interface

The 2.2” display screen of Garmin eTrex 10 is simple and monochrome with low resolution. Everything on the screen is shown in grayscale, and the text seems to be fuzzy. Hence, such a screen might make it difficult for you to read it in sunlight, as compared to colored screens. eTrex flaunts a rugged construction, so it can withstand elements- be it water, humidity, dust or dirt. The easy-to-use interface is what adds more fun to your outdoor activities, as you don’t have to waste time searching for info.

Portable GPS device

At the back of eTrex 10, there’s a spine for mounting it onto mini watercrafts or bikes. Likewise, you can even attach a carabiner clip to it, to hang eTrex 10 to your clothing.

eTrex 10 is extremely compact and effortlessly hangs onto jacket’s zipper as well. It measures just about 3.9” x 2.1” x 1.3”. Keep in mind that, this spine is made out of plastic. Thus, sliding in/out accessories gets somewhat difficult.

Paperless Geocaching

It offers full paperless geocaching support along with cache filtering and provides precise and reliable information, you can see logs, hints, cache descriptions, difficulty, terrain, etc. in the field itself as your cache.

No need to manually enter this information and no more carrying paper printouts around. Just upload the GPX file to eTrex 10 via high-speed USB connection.

Versatile Profile Feature

eTrex 10 allows to switch between different profiles that it comes with, such as geocaching, recreational, fitness, and marine profiles. Get all of this without having to scroll through the screen a lot.


eTrex 10 does not house any memory expansion slot. Garmin has not declared what size of internal memory is available for geocaches.

WAAS-enabled GPS with GLONASS support

Adding to GPS navigation, eTrex 10 also offers HotFix and GLONASS support. Now, this portable GPS unit is going to come handy even when you are exploring a different country. eTrex 10 can track GPS as well as GLONASS satellites, to provide you with reliable reception and fast positioning, even in northern latitudes and urban canyons. Developed by the Russian Federation, GLONASS works much faster and finds your location 20% quicker than GPS. With the combination of GPS (American) and GLONASS (Russian), the receiver can lock on to 24 more satellites.

Advanced Track Navigation

This feature adds great value to the product altogether.Waypoints for start & finish and main high/low elevation points along the route will be automatically created so that you can estimate time and distance between these points. Moreover, the user can mark a waypoint on their own, and it will be added to the route. eTrex 10 can store up to 50 routes and 1000 waypoints. Once you get back home, you can back them up via USB connector. The device can also tell sunrise and sunset times.

Battery Power

eTrex 10 will last you for a whole hiking or camping trip, as 2 AA batteries will offer a whopping 25 hours of battery life. It makes use of AA batteries instead of rechargeable batteries, so you don’t need to wander around searching for a place to recharge them.The unit will keep on working, without any unwanted lags.When loaded with batteries, the unit still weighs less than 5 oz., and that’s what makes it so streamlined and downsized.

Waterproof IPX7

Garmin eTrex 10 is designed to be waterproof to IPX7 standards. Meaning, it can handle splashes, rain, accidental drops in water, etc. The design meets IEC 60529 IPX7 standards so that it can bear submerging into 1m deep water for up to 30 minutes.

Pros & Cons Garmin eTrex 10


  • ​GPS + GLONASS support locates precisely and much faster
  • ​Long battery life: up to 25 hours
  • ​Supports Paperless Geocaching
  • ​Features Advanced Track Navigation
  • ​Rugged construction; Waterproof up to IPX7 standards
  • ​Preloaded with WW base map
  • ​1-year warranty


  • ​The monochrome screen might not be easy to read in sunlight
  • ​Internal memory is inadequate

Alternative Products

Garmin is a good brand but it just seems so expensive to most customers. Therefore, I would suggest to customers who have Iphone X which on their handlebars can use Strava to log rides and it is open all the time PanoBike app which lets them know Speed/Distance and average speed at a quick glance. Other than that, if you don’t want downloadable mapping and on-the-fly route finding, but wouldn’t mind advanced route planning you can do online that can be uploaded and followed using a simple trail on the device, then the Garmin Edge 500 and Bryton Rider 40 and 35 might be an option. If you’re not interesting in routing, then the Garmin Edge 200 and Bryton Rider 20 may be an option. though the Garmin 200 doesn’t allow for cadence or heart rate.

Customer Review

Customers have loved the area calculation feature of the device. Many feel that eTrex 10 remains unbeatable for the price. Some of the users claim eTrex 10 to deliver reliable performance and accurate information. And, if you are looking for an entry-level device for GPS navigation, you cannot go wrong with this one. On the negative side, some feel that user manual provided with eTrex is far from complete. Users are of the opinion that Garmin eTrex 10 is not for those who can’t figure out things on their own or who like frills. Other than that, it will work great for everyone.


I would recommend to buy as the biggest advantage of Advanced Track Navigation is that you get a calculation of actual terrain distance, mostly lacking in usual backcountry navigation. Works good for hiking and marking waypoints and the most important is it is compact, easy to use and lots of features for GPS at low cost.


Certainly, Garmin eTrex 10 does not include any extra bells and whistles. But for GPS tracking, you cannot beat this one for the price. You also get basic features such as area calculation, managing waypoints, best hunting or fishing times and a calendar to show sun & moon cycles. Owing to its simple yet some remarkable features, it is suitable for beginners and pros alike. But it has its cons, as it doesn’t accept SD cards or other data cards and you cannot add maps onto it. To conclude, we highly recommend it for geocachers out there. Apart from that, the GPS + GLONASS support and advanced track navigation is also something that will greatly help you in the wilderness.