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Finding the Ultimate Great Fishfinder to Hunt Fish

Important of Great FishFinder

If you grew up around a sea, near the fishermen, you would be familiar with the device called a fishfinder. This article explains regarding great fish finder that can be used as the guidelines when want to know about fish finder in the market. Finding the best fishfinder important for fishermen to ensure the success of the journey.Technology has forayed into multiple fields to help make our jobs easier. Fishing is no exception. Fishfinder is a device that helps fishermen to find the location of fish in the water. This is not just used by professional fisherman, even those who pursue fishing as a hobby use a fishfinder.

Best Great Fishfinder in the market

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How does the technology fishfinder work?

The device has a screen (mostly of LCD type) that shows the location of the fish. A fishfinder is fitted with a transmitter that transmits signals into the waves of the sea. Using the SONAR system, certain aspects of the echoes are reflected to the transmitter. The device records waves that reflect back and sends a signal to the screen. However, the reflection of waves can come from other things in the ocean such as stones and corals. These signals are represented differently so that the fishermen can differentiate the waves reflecting from fish. The signals representing the location of the fish appear distinctly on the screen.

Fishfinder models

There are several fishfinder models. But Lowrance is quite popular due to some exclusive features their gear provide. You can use Lowrance fishfinders to locate fish in extremely cold temperatures too.

The Lowrance Elite 7

The Lowrance Elite 7 is a series of models from the popular manufacturer of the fishfinder. It is a seven-inch fishfinder-cum-Chartplotter that offers several features that exhibit cutting-edge technology. The Lowrance Elite-7 has the Hybrid Dual Imaging technology, Downscan overlay technology, a built-in GPS antenna and supports high-definition mapping. The screen is wide and bright. It provides a fine, detailed display even in the worst of conditions.

Some of the features of the Lowrance Elite-7may sound too technical. Let us discuss features, the meaning of the terms, what capabilities the device provides etc… in layman terms.

  • The internal GPS antenna is added to ensure that you have the utmost accuracy in navigation. While the device comes with a built-in US-lake and coastal maps, users also have the option of upgrading to premium options or even include contour maps created by themselves.
  • Hybrid Dual Imaging technology equips you with the best view under your boat. You have a detailed picture that is easy to understand. You would not need indexes to interpret the visuals. You can accurately mark the location of the fish and track it.
  • The DownScan Imaging and overlay separate the fish from their surrounding environment. You can easily focus on the fish alone. The overlay and colour palettes can be adjusted as per your requirement. 
  • The Lowrance Elite-7 series devices have built-in wireless connectivity.

If you are looking for a fishfinder with premium features and powerful performance at an affordable price, Lowrance Elite-7 devices should be your first choice. Fishing, whether as a profession or a hobby can become more enjoyable with the right gear. If you use a good quality fishfinder/chartplotter, you can easily locate the fish in the lake or sea.