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Review Greatever Snorkel Mask Foldable Panoramic View Full Face

Introduction Greatever Snorkel Mask Foldable Panoramic View Full Face

Statistic proving in today’s online market mostly influence by customer reviews. Some facts are telling 90% of consumers to read online reviews before visiting a business and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.This article explains about Greatever Snorkel Mask Foldable Panoramic View Full Face that is important for consumer when buying online.

Customers are often to spend 31% more on a business with powerful reviews, 92% of users will use a local business if it has at least a 4-star rating, there are 72% of consumers will take action only after reading a positive review., these are all estimated by the Number Of Online Reviews Customers Read Before Trusting A Business.

Amazon is one of the world’s global shopping online platforms offering buyers and sellers around the world to shop and sell digitally on their website. Many products offered are competing to make a sale and this task review will highlight what are the type of reviews that would influence consumers to make the decision to buy a product. The chosen product of this task is Greater Snorkel Mask Foldable Panoramic View Full Face Snorkeling Mask with Detachable Camera Mount, Dry Top Set Anti-Fog&Anti-Leak.

Product Images Greatever Snorkel Mask Foldable Panoramic View Full Face

Product Description Greatever Snorkel Mask Foldable Panoramic View Full Face

the figure above showing the product interface on the Amazon website, the interface includes star rating, color options, price range, competitor’s product and the full name of the product itself. Speaking of the product name displayed on the listing interface, it gives full information on

the feature of the product itself such mentioning every details of the product ‘Greatever Snorkel Mask Foldable Panoramic View Full Face Snorkeling Mask with Detachable Camera Mount, Dry Top Set Anti-Fog & Anti-Leak’, it is believed by giving full name and describe features on product name interface would enhance directory of consumer searching to seller products become reachable.

The figure below showing how product descriptions displaying full information on the features, benefits gain by using the product and information precaution on how to use the product from the seller.

Pro or Benefit of it?

From the buyer perspective, having a full face snorkel mask is better than ordinary snorkel only covers eyes and nose area. Full face snorkel mask would secure the face from water, bacteria and germs, a consumer would have wonderful breathing experience under the water without having interference of fog. Other benefits gained are consumers would able to detach mount cameras on the upper head, thus it will give way for them to record underwater experience without holding camera with the bare hand during swimming. The consumer also able to choose color options based on their preferences.

Cons or Downside of it?

The downside of this product it is still new in the market, people may not know the existence of full-face snorkelling and most people still relying on an ordinary snorkelling mask. Another disadvantage is people are not going to snorkeling every day thus the target is small and making the sale of it is not an easy task. Besides, the full face snorkelling may not apply to everyone such anyone who has claustrophobia or matter of size. Since there are size options, the consumer will confuse what the best size they should choose, choose the wrong size will lead to dissatisfaction from consumers themselves. Lastly, the price is quite expensive, people who prefer to buy cheap will look through to other seller’s products or just buying normal snorkeling mask.

Are there any other alternative products?

Any comments or feedback from online reviews that you can share? -look at review

Do you recommend to buy the products?

Definitely a big fat yes, full face mask snorkeling is one of technology that secures me during snorkeling from any insecurities such water leakage and fogging inside the mask. The snorkeling experience will be so much better with this full face mask snorkeling with comfortable breathing under the water. The addition detachable mountain camera will beneficial for me to snorkeling hands-free while the snorkelling mask does the job capturing my snorkeling experience activity under the sea.

Yes I recommended 100%


Selling goods online is not an easy task when it comes to customer satisfaction, the seller needs to take responsibility for any complaint, a question to maintain good reviews from them. Even though customers already bought the goods, it still have potential hitting the review section if the goods are not performing well as they expected. As a conclusion, customer reviews are so powerful to maintain sales performance. Most consumers value the quality of the product based on past customer experience. Thus, it not an excuse anymore for the seller to ignore customer reviews or sell low-quality products.