How Far Can a 70 Lb Compound Bow Shoot ?

A 70 lb compound bow can shoot an arrow up to 300 feet. However, the type of arrow used will affect how far the bow can shoot. If you are using a lighter weight aluminum arrow, your bow will be able to shoot further than if you are using a heavier weight carbon arrow.

The size of the bow also affects how far it can shoot. A smaller bow will not be able to generate as much power as a larger bow and therefore will not be able to shoot as far.

A 70 lb compound bow can shoot an arrow up to 300 feet. The average adult can only pull a 30 lb bow, so a 70 lb bow is much more powerful. If you are shooting at a target that is 100 yards away, the arrow will drop about 10 inches.

How Far can Arrows fly using Modern Bows?

How Far Can a 60 Pound Bow Shoot

A 60 pound bow can shoot an arrow up to 300 feet. This is a great distance for hunting and target practice. The weight of the bow will also give the arrow more power, making it able to penetrate deeper into targets.

How Far Can a 55 Lb Compound Bow Shoot

A 55 lb compound bow can shoot an arrow up to 300 feet. The exact distance depends on the weight of the arrow, the type of bow, and the strength of the person shooting it.

How Far Can a Bow Shoot in Meters

When it comes to bow shooting, there is no definitive answer as to how far a bow can shoot in meters. It all depends on the type of bow, the strength of the archer, and various other factors. Nevertheless, we can give you a general idea of how far a typical bow can shoot.

Compound bows are generally considered to be the most powerful type of bow, and they are capable of shooting arrows at distances up to 80 meters. However, most compound bows are only accurate up to about 30-40 meters. Recurve bows are not as powerful as compound bows, but they are typically more accurate.

A well-trained archer using a recurve bow can usually hit targets at distances up to 60 meters. Finally, traditional longbows (the kind that were used by ancient English archers) have relatively low power and accuracy compared to modern bows. Even so, a skilled archer using a longbow could potentially hit targets at distances exceeding 100 meters!

So, there you have it! The next time someone asks you how far a bow can shoot, you’ll be able to give them a pretty good idea depending on the type of bow in question.

How Far Can a 50 Lb Recurve Bow Shoot

A 50 lb recurve bow can shoot an arrow up to 220 yards. The exact distance depends on the draw weight of the bow, the type of arrows used, and the wind conditions. Generally, a 50 lb recurve bow is suitable for hunting game at medium to long range.

How Far Can a 70 Lb Compound Bow Shoot ?


Is 70 Lb Draw Too Much?

Most bowhunters agree that 70 pounds of draw is too much weight for most people, especially beginners. The main reason why is because it takes a lot of strength to draw a 70-pound bow. Not only do you have to be strong enough to physically draw the bowstring back, but you also have to have the stamina to hold it at full draw for an extended period of time.

70-pound bows are also difficult to control. Even experienced archers will find it hard to keep the arrow on target when shooting a 70-pound bow. The added weight makes the bow harder to aim and more difficult to shoot accurately.

If you’re thinking about getting a new bow, we recommend sticking with something in the 50-60 pound range. You’ll be able to shoot more accurately and won’t put as much strain on your body.

How Fast Does a 70Lb Bow Shoot?

When it comes to bows, the answer to how fast they shoot is largely dependent on the weight of the bow. A 70lb bow is going to be on the heavier side, which means it will have more power behind each shot. The trade-off is that it will also be slightly more difficult to control.

In general, a 70lb bow can shoot arrows at speeds up to around 300fps.

What Grain Do You Need to Shoot Arrow Out of 70 Lb Pull Bow?

If you’re shooting a 70lb pull bow, you’ll need a grain arrow. The heavier the draw weight of your bow, the heavier the grain arrow you’ll need. A 70lb bow will require an arrow that is at least 8.1g/10d or 8.4g/9d.

Heavier arrows are more stable in flight and will penetrate deeper upon impact.

How Many Grain Arrows Do I Need for a 70 Pound Bow?

There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to figuring out how many grain arrows you need for your bow. The weight of your bow, the draw length, the type of arrows, and even the weather can all affect how many grain arrows you need. For a 70 pound bow, you will typically need between 8-10 grain arrows.

If you are shooting in cold weather, you may want to go with 10 grain arrows. If you are shooting in warm weather or using a lighter draw weight bow, you can get away with 8 grain arrows. The type of arrow also matters.

If you are shooting aluminum arrows, they will be lighter than carbon arrows. So if you are using aluminum arrows, you may want to go with 9 or 10 grain Arrows. If you are using carbon arrows, 8 or 9 grains will probably suffice.

Finally, it is always a good idea to have a few extra Arrows on hand just in case one breaks or gets lost. So I would recommend getting at least 12 Arrows total for your 70 pound bow.


In order to answer the question posed in the title, we must first understand how a compound bow works. A compound bow is a type of bow that uses cams and pulleys to increase the efficiency of the archer. The cams are attached to the ends of the limbs and act as levers, while the pulleys are connected to the string and help reduce the amount of force needed to draw back the bowstring.

With this knowledge in hand, we can now attempt to answer our original question. How far can a 70 lb compound bow shoot? In general, a 70 lb compound bow will be able to shoot an arrow somewhere between 200-300 yards.

However, there are many factors that can affect this range, such as wind speed and direction, elevation, etc. So while it is possible for a 70 lb compound bow to shoot an arrow over 300 yards, it is not likely under ideal conditions.