How to Aim With a Recurve Bow

How to Aim With a Recurve Bow: Important of it

Learn on how to aim with Recurve Bow

If you are a beginner, you will face lots of problems while using a Recurve bow. A Recurve bow is different from other bows. This article explains How to Aim With a Recurve Bow that important for hunters to know when want to hunt animals in the jungle.

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How to aim with recurve bow

  • Proper stand
  • Proper gripping
  • Correct Finger position
  • Place the Arrow on the Bow
  • Draw and aim the target
  • Repeat the process
  • Release point

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Hunting animals using recurve is a very different experience compared to using a crossbow or compound bow.

The aiming process is very complicated. If you don’t have the right technique, your aim will falter.

Most of the bow hunters use the traditional way of aiming with a Recurve bow. If you do not aim accurately, you will miss the target. 

Recurve Bow:

It is a bow in which the end limbs curve away from you. It is designed in such a way to store more energy compared to a straight bow. It gives power and speed to the arrow. 

A Recurve bow is difficult to use. It makes extreme noise while shooting an arrow. It is also quite stable. So, you need to use the right technique to aim it.

Steps to Aim with a Recurve Bow:

Here are the steps you need to follow to aim with a Recurve bow. Make sure you follow all the steps correctly.

Step 1: Proper Stance

The first step is the proper stance. If your posture is not appropriate, your aim will fail. Right-handed shooters need to stand with their left hip facing the target. Left-handed shooters need to do the opposite. Your body should be positioned vertically. Keep your body straight and do not lean. 

Step 2: Proper Gripping

The second step is to get the right grip on the bow. Relax your grip and keep it firm. Right-handed shooters need to hold the bow with their left hand. Hold the handle in a firm grip and make sure the lifeline is perpendicular to the surface. Keep it at a 45-degree angle. 

Step 3: Correct Finger Position

After grip, you have to position your fingers. When you hold the string, don’t jerk it. Hold it smoothly with your fingers and release it gently in a quick motion. Don’t be nervous about the aim. Keep a calm attitude, breath, and aim. Put your finger lightly on the string, and don’t move your arm too much. Hold the string properly.

Step 4: Place the Arrow on the Bow

This is a crucial step. Take the arrow and place it on the shelf side. After that, push the nock of the arrow. Now, turn the bow and keep it in a horizontal position. Check the cock fletch and make sure it points upwards. Now, put the bow in a vertical position. Place the arrow to the right and don’t push with too much pressure.

Step 5: Draw and Aim

In these steps, you have to use your string eye to aim. Close one eye and look at the arrow to align it with the target. Do not put your fingers on the arrow or grip it. Use the back muscles to draw the string. Don’t move your arm. Use your index finger and make sure it is under your chin while aiming and drawing the string back. Don’t touch the bow or arrow with any part of your face.

Step 6: Release Point

In this step, you have to breathe and relax. Don’t grip too tightly. Take a deep breath and release your fingers to shoot the arrow. After shooting it, don’t move your arm or any part of the body as it will affect the aim.

Follow these steps if you want to aim with a Recurve bow. Practice regularly to improve your skills.

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