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Learn on How to Bow Fishing Paddlefish?

Introduction How to Bow Fishing Paddlefish?

Paddlefishes are quite a popular choice for bow fishing due to this slow speed and easy to target size. These are mostly basal chondrosteam ray-finned fish, and you can find them referred with different terms like Primitive Fish. This article explain about How to Bow Fishing Paddlefish that is important for bowfishing hunters when want to hunt for paddlefish at the sea or lake.

The evolvement with morphological changes makes them get this name, and they have the earliest fossil records of the same.  

The American paddlefish, which is also known with Polyodon Spathula name, is called Mississippi paddlefish as well as the spoonbill. It has a weight of 40 pounds, which is enough to feed your family for a couple of days with delicious meat. However, you can find extra-sized fishes also, and they are way larger from the ideal size. They usually live in open water, and if you want to hunt down a paddlefish with your crossbow, you need to create a strategy.

It might be hard in the beginning, but if you follow the right method, then it will seem like an easier choice. From the selection of an adequate bow to the use of the right tool, everything matters in your hunting journey. So, we made all the important tips which can help to eradicate most of the issues. Let’s have a look –  

1. Choose the Right Season and Time when Bow Fishing Paddlefish

It is always important that you go on a hunt during the right season, and if you choose the wintertime, you are not going to find many paddlefishes. Due to this reason, you should start by choosing the right time, and it will make things easier for sure. Apparently, choosing the right season isn’t everything. 

You need to find the time when paddlefish mostly stays near the shore. You have the opportunity to catch them, and choosing the perfect season can help in several manners here. That’s why you can rely on it. Once you are done with the season choosing a thing, you will be able to catch a number of paddle fishes in an easier manner.

2. Always Use Lightweight Crossbow when Bow Fishing Paddlefish

While you are looking at the right time, choosing the right crossbow and type of penetrator also matters a lot. Some people prefer lightweight aluminum double blade tips, whereas some prefer broad tips. Both are reliable, and you can use the practice tips also, but it matters a lot that you look after the effective ones only.

Once you are done with the selection of the right crossbow, it will be an easier option to hunt a fish. Paddle fishes are fast when they are in deep water, but when they are near the surface, it becomes easier to get them in your range, and to target them becomes an easier choice. It is important that you master the basics of archery to keep going.

3. Using Special Bows While Aiming

When it comes to bow a fish, it is important that you choose the right bows and make sure that they must be connected with a rope or string. The lightweight string allows you to catch a fish and pull it toward yourself. But, you need to make sure that the string does not slow down the speed of your bow, and it must be free to move. 

While targeting, you should know that no one is holding the string; otherwise, it will reduce the speed. If you are at the shore or coastal area, you will be able to take the shot with ease. One more thing to keep in your mind is, you must go with a partner on this hunt. When there is more than one person to bow a fish, chances of catching them are higher. 

Even if you aim perfectly, the second person can use another bow to increase the chances of not losing a fish once you have one bow in the body. Make sure that you go on a shot with a minimal number of people so that you don’t scare fishes at all. This method will be reflecting on your overall fishing experience for sure.  

4. Grab from the Bill Part

Paddlefishes have a long bill, and it is the perfect part that gives you a better grip when you are holding a fish. Most of the fish’s body is oily, and holding them might be hard, but it is not an issue with paddlefish. Once your bow stuck in a paddlefish body, pull it and take a slight bow to hold from the paddle part.  

Do not dip your hand in water; otherwise, the paddlefish might bite. Take a little experience of holding a fish from the bill part, and once you are going well, you will be able to aim them without any problem. It is one of the easiest methods, and it is highly preferred by a number of people.

5. Keep Patience When Catching Paddlefish

Staying still and not creating much movement around the shore part is necessary to hide your presence. Do not go out in the water and try to target areas which are perfectly suited for the fishes. You can throw baits for fishes, but it is not the case with paddlefish. If you want to catch them, then you can consider a three-part hook mainly. 

When you are bow fishing, then you have a number of factors to take into consideration. Once you begin shooting in water, you might leave lots of blood from paddlefish, and it might make other fishes feel vulnerable. So, they are not coming toward; that’s why you need to change the location after a while. Keeping some patience will help with it.

The Bottom Line

It is not an easy thing to catch a paddlefish with a bow unless you are highly experienced with bows. Choosing the right bow and lightweight arrow will come in handy. Some brands are offering high-quality crossbows that can shot at 300 MPH speed. It is good enough to target and not missing any paddlefish. We hope that these tips will come in handy to let you catch a fish without any problem.