How to Bow Hunting

Introduction Bow Hunting Coyotes

Coyotes are one of the smartest animals on this planet. They can easily adapt to new environments and expand their territories which make it hard for hunters to find coyotes easily. But all of that makes it even more thrilling to find one and hunt it down with a bow and arrow.

What’s more enjoyable about coyote hunting is that it can be done off-season, when everybody’s taking a break from hunting. It’s not an easy task but it can definitely be mastered. Here are some tips on how to bow hunt coyotes successfully.

Find the Right Bow for Bow Hunting Coyotes

As you know, having the right bow is essential to the success of coyote hunting. These creatures move fast and smart, and just the right bow can give you an advantage you definitely need. There are two kinds of bows you can choose from. The first one is the stick bow. However, you should have a stick bow that’s within the 50-60 max range. Other than that, it won’t be as useful or efficient.

The second kind of bow is the compound bow. You should find a compound bow that’s in the 60-65 pound range and it should have a good distance between the string and the bow’s riser, or brace height. Once you have the right bow, then you’re one step closer to getting that coyote.

Use the Right Arrows for Bow Hunting Coyotes

Just like the bow, arrows are also important. Without a good arrow, you might never hit a coyote, ever. The arrows depend on the kind of bow you have. If you’re not so familiar with the appropriate bows, you can ask the dealer you purchased your bow from.

However, the advisable arrows to purchase are carbon fiber arrows. These arrows are lighter and will have a flatter trajectory compared to others. The down side is, these arrows are expensive and might not fit the budget of most hunters, especially ones who hunt frequently. If that’s the case, you can always opt for aluminum arrows. Although these arrows are heavier compared to carbon, they can still hit a coyote; just look for a lighter shaft to ensure a bull’s eye.

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Mask Your Scent for Bow Hunting Coyotes

Coyotes are smart animals and can distinguish scents from each other. As a human, your scent can easily be identified and will definitely give away your location each time. If you don’t want to ruin your chances of success, you better mask your own scent before you set off for hunting.

First thing you need to do is shower with an odorless soap to ensure you don’t smell like anything. Your clothes should have been washed with unscented detergents and sprayed with a scent spray or wax. You can purchase an aerosol spray that comes in handy bottles or you can opt for a wax sticks that you can apply all over your clothes and gear.

Conceal Properly

Regardless of where you’re standing at, you have to hide yourself properly. First, you need to wear a camouflage that suits the surroundings. You don’t want to stand out like a yellow flower in a sea of greens. Second, you need to find an area that will fully hide you. Most veterans look for a tree that they can side beside or a shrub that they can crouch underneath.

However, when you’re sitting beside shrubs and trees, make sure that you have enough space to draw your bow without hitting anything that can make noise. Another thing to avoid is facing the sun. This makes you stand out even more. Always have the sun behind you to give you a shadow.

Take Advantage of the Wind

Bowhunting using a bow and arrow is no easy feat. There are a lot of things to consider, and one of them is the wind speed and direction. If you’re not at the right position, the wind can easily ruin your chances of hitting your target. It can work against you or for you.

It’s best to work with winds at a speed between 5 and 15 miles per hour. Coyotes can easily catch movement, so the speed of the winds acts a cover for your movements, making it less noticeable for the coyote. It’s even more advantageous if the wind is from the area where the coyotes are coming from, making it harder for them to detect movement.

Do the Right Calls when Bow Hunting Coyotes

There are so many things that can go wrong if you use the wrong sounds or the wrong frequencies. Smart animals like coyotes are alert and will immediately sense something unusual and you might just lose your chance if they back away. The best way to do this is to first know what kind of prey these coyotes hunt in the area. Also study the frequency these animals make, making too many calls can scare them away and making too little won’t make them interested.

These animals are easily lured in by distress calls of their prey which makes it easier for you to draw them out of hiding. But a very effective call would be to a mouse squeaker, either using toys that produce the same sound or lip squeaks. This common distress call is one of the most effective and used during hunting.

Be at the Perfect Distance

Whether you’re calling or shooting, it’s necessary to be at the right distance to ensure success. For calls, if you’re using an electronic caller, you have to set it up at between 20 to 25 yards diagonally away from you so that you can see the animal cross your sight.

For your shooting range, you have to be at a distance between 25 to 40 yards from your target. At these distances, you’re most like to shoot and hit the coyote without any problems. Of course, you also have to consider wind speed, your decoy and call distance, as well.

Have the Right Decoy

While making calls can be effective, it can also ruin the entire thing. These coyotes can hear where the sounds are coming from and can easily spot you as the source. If you don’t have a
decoy, all efforts go down the drain and the coyote runs away free.
Other than having the right calls, you should have a decoy that will catch the attention of an approaching coyote these decoys vary in different areas. So you can either tie a feather on a twig and let if fly in the wind or you can buy decoys that look like real animals to totally lure in the coyote.


All these tips are crucial for the success of your coyote bowhunting. Along with practice and skill, having the right equipment and following the best strategies will definitely make each trip fun and successful.