How to Bowfishing Bass

Introduction- Bowfishing Bass Fish

Most of the times, ‘rough fish’ is what bowfishing aims at. These fish are not like the heavy weight, bulky fish that most fishermen deem as a prize, but are bottom scavengers. These are something not everyone wants to spend hours catching and certainly not the kind people would pay to eat. However, this does not mean that you cannot consume them. Fresh sea water fish include gars, eels, perch, carp and catfish. Saltwater fish on the other hand include stingrays, dogfish and sharks. This article will explains about bowfishing bass fish, It should be noted here that the article is for educational purpose only and more practical element should be inserted to enhance the experience when bowfishing.

It is also possible to hunt alligators through bowfishing in a few states. Each state has its own regulations for the type of fish you are allowed to hunt legally, hence it is better that you are aware of the rules your local regulations have set for bowfishing. If you are not aware then you can always check the department of natural resources or fish and wildlife when you plan to go for bowfishing.

For example, bowfishing in Florida is allowed for nongame fish such as suckers, carps and eels during the daytime and night time as well, however you need to have a scientific collector permit if you are planning to hunt for alligators. On the other hand, bowfishing in Wisconsin is allowed for rough fish – that includes smelt, suckers, sea lampreys, common carp and shad. California has allowed bowfishing for blackhead, sucker, hardhead, carp and pikeminnow.

This sport is not free of controversy however. According to idealists, as compared to traditional fishing with rod and reel, bowfishing is not sporting. This is because you basically kill the fish while bowfishing, whereas the fish caught by traditional rod and reel fishermen is often released unharmed. Also, bowfishing allows the fishermen to hunt as many fish as they please, there are no limits.

Whereas traditional fishermen are limited to a number of gamefish that can be hunted by traditional rod and reel fishermen. Since rough fish are not something that people pay a lot to eat, most of them go uneaten. Hence, according to people, this practice is wasteful.

How do you hit a fish with a bow when Bowfishing Bass Fish

According to a lot of people, bowfishing is not an easy sport and many say that luck plays a huge role when trying to hit a fish with an arrow. However, just like any sport, this one too requires experience and patience. Hence if you are motivated and put your mind to it, you might be able to learn soon. It’s very normal to not have any lucky shots on your very first try. Don’t let this discourage you.

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A lot of bow fishers prefer to hunt fish while standing on a boat. This is because it keeps them dry and provides them access to a larger quantity of fish at a time. The easiest ones to catch are the ones that are not moving. However, it should be kept in mind that fish get scared easily and will swim away even at the slightest movement. In order to bait fish, you can throw some food in the water. Its best that you do not make a lot of movements and noise while waiting for fish to come near. Once it is close enough, estimate where it will be in a second and let the arrow go.

How do you bring in the fish after you have successfully hit it?

The method of bringing in fish after a hit is similar to how you would be doing it using a fishing rod. The bow for bowfishing is attached to a reel, which is used for bringing the fish in. Since your arrow is attached to the fishing line, you don’t need to worry about losing it after you hit a fish. However, special arrows are needed for bowfishing. The arrows for bowfishing require barbs in order to hold onto the fish. Normal broadheads would not stay in contact and fall off, causing the fish to swim away injured. The type of line you need depends on the type of fish you will be hunting. It needs to be strong enough to pull the fish out without snapping.

Bowfishing equipment you will need when Bowfishing Bass Fish

You need to take all things you would take for normal traditional fishing. You might know what you would be needing if you are an experienced fisherman. Below mentioned are the must haves for bowfishing:

  • Finger guard
  • Reel attached to the bow
  • Arrow rest
  • Fishing arrows

Arrow Rest for Bowfishing Bass Fish

All modern bows come with some sort of arrow rest. However, it is essential to have a good arrow rest when you are going for bowfishing. The job of the arrow rest is to keep the arrow in position while you are aiming at the fish, ensuring that it does not fall off the bow. Since a lot of bow fishers prefer to hunt fish while standing on a boat that is moving, an arrow rest is needed for a good aim and shoot.

Finger Guard

Finger guard is often mistaken for a shooting glove or a finger tab which is often used by archers to avoid any blisters and scratches on their fingertips. The finger guard ideal for bowfishing is the one that bow fishers put on their hand, but it is attached to the bowstring. The finger guard is made of rubber and it basically protects your fingers against any scratches and blisters, just like a tab or glove would. It also provides you a safe hook on the bowstring regardless of whether your fingers are wet or dry. It helps to keep the bowstring stable in your fingers ensuring that you don’t loosen the arrow too early.

Fishing arrow

The arrow that is most commonly used for bowfishing is fiberglass arrow. There are several other options available as well such as aluminum arrows and carbon arrows, however fiberglass arrow is the one that works the best for bowfishing. Every arrow comes with its own pros and cons however the efficiency and good quality of fiberglass arrow is hard to beat. It’s better that beginners go for arrows that are already set up with a point.