How to Bow fishing for Bluegill

Introduction-Bow fishing Bluegill

Bowfishing is an exciting way to fish, however there are few things to consider when choosing the necessary equipment, in order to maintain safety and make fishing more efficient. Learning how to bowfish bluegill fish is entirely possible, it just requires knowing your bow and developing a little shooting skill.

It’s important to follow local fishing regulations and know where you are allowed to fish. And to know and follow best practices for best long term results, as well as maintaining the fishing spots. Overfishing may make bluegill fish go away from that spot, even if local regulations allow you to fish. So maintaining a balance is important.

Get a Professional Bowfishing Complete Bow Kit when bow fishing bluegill

These usually cost $200 to $500 but they are more than worth the money. Because they come with their own specialized reels, lines and arrows, made for efficiency and maximum safety. This integrated design makes the bow easy to handle and offers much more accurate aiming.

And it also has built in fool-proof mechanisms for preventing backfire type accidents. Where the line fails to fully unwind during a shot. And the arrow ends up coming back towards you with all its momentum. This kind of incident has been well thought out in the design as it’s bound to happen. And when it does happen, the user is perfectly safe.

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Based on the statistics by Google Trends (

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Graph 1: Trending Analysis for keyword Bluegill Fish-Google Trends

Table 1: Searching Analysis for the keyword “Bluegill Fish” at United States for 12 months

WeekBluegill fish: (United States)

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Table 1: States at United States searching keyword “Bluegill Fish”

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District of Columbia    

Next ,we also plotted the graph to get the idea about how many search terms that have been perfomed for the keyword “bluegill fish” From the graph it shows that the search interest for keyword “bluegill fish” is higher in Wisconsin compared to other states in United States for the past 12 months. 

Graph 1: Trending Analysis based on states in United States

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Go Together with a Friend when bow fishing bluegill

Ideally you would want to learn from an experienced bowfishing person, or someone who can help you out and increase the odds of a catch. This can be achieved if you learn to shoot at the same target without getting in each other’s way. It’s just a higher probability that the bluegill fish won’t get away.

A friend can also help you getting the fish out of the water. Trust me on this, some fish, bluegill included, can be larger than usual and very tough to pull out of the water. In some cases a caught fish can pull on you with such strong force, that you risk losing your balance and fall off the dock or boat you stand on. So having company is always a big plus.

Use Gloves or Finger Savers

If your bow doesn’t come with finger savers on the string, be sure to attach your own. Finger savers are tiny plastic handles that are secured on the string. This makes handling the string much more comfortable, and feels better than wearing gloves.

If you keep on pulling the string in direct contact with your fingers, it will get painful after a while. That’s why finger savers are essential, and they are a little tricky to attach on the string. The string has to come loose, be disconnected on its ends and go through the finger savers. Then the finger savers can always be adjusted in position of preference and be tightened on these spots.

Shoot Lower than You See!

Due to refraction of light, a target in the water will always actually be lower than where it appears to be. And refraction simply occurs because light follows the shortest possible path to travel. So when bowfishing you have to always shoot lower than the level you see the fish at, in this case bluegill fish.

There’s no exact rule on how far lower you should aim with your bow. This comes with experience. Just remember that the lower a fish appears to be, the lower still you have to aim. And the further out a fish appears to be, again lower still you have to aim.

Don’t Give Up on Your First Day

Using a fishing bow to hit targets underwater requires some experience and skill, these come slowly. And apart from the refraction factor I mentioned, you also need to learn to use your hands just right, to aim correctly. Especially when standing on a boat, things can be much trickier.

You can start practicing with your bow, first from a dock or ground spot, and see if you can hit anything in your first 30-50 shots. Starting from a stable platform will be easier on you. Then you can try using the bow from a boat as well.

Try Bowfishing at Night when bow fishing bluegill

If you have a boat, you have a better chance of catching more bluegill fish in waters where they are known to exist. All you need is going around while shining a flashlight on the water. Bluegill fish will be attracted to the light and you will have a much better chance of a hit, even without aiming at any specific fish.

In this case be sure to check you are fishing bluegill or at least wanted types, and not other types of fish that you will later throw away. And be sure to dispose of unwanted fish responsibly, by throwing them back in the water and not on land.

Do Not Overfish!

Overfishing is irresponsible and it can be bad. Even if your license allows you to catch a lot more bluegill than you need. Overfishing can make bluegill gradually avoid coming back to these spots and you won’t able to find it as easily in the future.

So keeping a balance is important, even if the local regulations and fishing license do not explicitly say so. Fish are smarter than you think, and can sense risk such as noise, unusual colors, or spots where they have sensed risk before.

Be Patient and Calm when bow fishing bluegill

Most amateur anglers’ main motivation is to have a good time and relax after a stressful day. There’s no point in doing things hastily or get frustrated if you fail to catch anything. First and foremost it’s about having a good time.

Typically, you may catch various types of fish and not just bluegill, but that’s with any other kind of fishing too. Or you may catch bluegill fish of very small size, again you shouldn’t be frustrated or push it for much more if the fish just isn’t there. First and foremost you have to be careful and patient, enjoying the process, and the good catch will take care of itself.

Finally remember to stay safe at all times. And to test new ideas and tactics one at a time, so you know what works and what doesn’t. There are more things you can try in Bluegill fishing, as long as local fishing regulations allow them. Such as fish finding devices utilizing basic sonar principles, that will tell you roughly where a fish is and how big it is. Yet the results will ultimately depend on how well you can use your fishing bow.