bowfishing from pontoon boat

How to Bowfishing from a Pontoon Boat

Introduction Bowfishing from a Pontoon Boat

After a month of stressful work, it’s fun to engage in a recreational activity like bowfishing. Instead of going to the mall to relax, why don’t you level up the experience with a bowfishing adventure? This article will explains about Bowfishing from a Pontoon Boat that can be used as the guidelines when want to bowfishing at lake or ocean.

Let’s say you have bought quality bows and sturdy arrows. So, what’s next? It’s time to choose between a fishing boat and a pontoon boat. Which is better?

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Size – Are Large Boats Incredible Options?

Pontoon boats are larger than fishing boats. Due to its size, they can accommodate larger groups. Unlike a fishing boat, a pontoon can entertain a number of closest relatives and friends. You can cook the fresh catch on the boat while enjoying the cold breeze and picturesque views. 

Speed – A Fishing Boat is Faster than a Pontoon Boat

When looking for a large space, a pontoon should be considered. But in terms of speed, fishing boats are faster than you have ever imagined. With their proven agility and mobility, fishing boats can accelerate more quickly than a pontoon. That’s why it is easy to reach and leave areas surrounded by a variety of fish. What else? They can also handle rough conditions. 

Comfort – The Convenience Level is Up to The Bar 

When it comes to comfort, pontoon boats are far different. They provide a convenient platform for avid bowfishers. Whether you’re interested in creating a carefree or fun environment, the pontoon is a more incredible option. Although they cannot withstand the elements over time, their stability makes pontoon a perfect investment. 

Cost – Competitively Priced Boats Are Ideal 

A fishing boat is costlier than a pontoon. But there are luxurious pontoon models that can cause a dent in your savings account. The style and the engine can also increase the price. Don’t worry! The performance is worth the investment. 

Maintenance – Aluminum Pontoon Boats require Simple Maintenance

Want to purchase a fiberglass fishing boat? If yes, prepare yourself for intensive and complicated upkeep. What are the other excellent options to bear in mind? Aluminum pontoon boats only require simple maintenance. A simple wipe on the material is enough. 

Bowfishing Tips on a Pontoon Boat – Beginner Bowfishers

Over the years, fishing on a pontoon boat has become a trend among experienced enthusiasts and new bowfishers. It’s normal because a pontoon boat is tested for stability and the ability to turn on a dime. 

Beginners, however, are unable to get the most out of the pontoon boat. The long wait is finally over. In this section, you will know some of the most experts-recommended tips. Are you ready? Let’s get started! 

Consider a Second Anchor 

Experts suggest bowfishers to use a single anchor. But what will you do when the wind is strong? Another sturdy anchor might be necessary to keep the boat in place. One anchor should be in the front, while the other should be in the back to protect you from windy and other rough conditions. 

Don’t Forget the Removable Bimini Tops 

Pontoon boats come with bimini tops to provide enough shade. Which is better between a removable and non-removable bimini tops? The former option has got you covered. Apart from providing some shade, bimini tops allow everyone to cast the line with optimal comfort. 

Bring Towels 

The water on the seats in a pontoon boat can be a hassle. To keep the deck free of water, safe, and comfortable, spread a lot of towels over seats and underneath the bait storage containers. 

Take a Fish Container 

Where to place the fish you catch during a bowfishing adventure? It’s probably the fish container. Before an activity starts, bring a functional cooler. This allows you to keep the deck safe and the fish fresh, too. 

Find a Place to Cook and Grill 

Bowfishers love pontoon because of its wide-open recreational space. More than the size, the space is perfect for a cookout. Apart from the comfortable deck, your buddies would love holding a barbecue. Just cook the fresh catch at the location of a natural spring and the local park. 

Bring a Durable Ladder

After an hour of bowfishing, what are the other activities you should experience? Well, there are other adventures to choose from. To enjoy all of them, remember to bring a boat ladder. While some of your friends would sunbathe on the seashore, others would love to take a dip in the water. If you forget to bring one, borrow from the nearby pontoon boat. 

A Careful Planning is Key 

Spacious pontoon boats are a great place to hold a fishing party of up to 10 or more people with enough room to hold the bait, coolers, and tackleboxes. They are also packed with radios, stowaway storage, and other equipment. But don’t forget to plan a bowfishing party. Ask your friends for some assistance. 

Install Fishing Rod Holders 

Some pontoon boats don’t have rod holders. Don’t worry! Rod holders are available online and offline. They are also available at a competitive price, making them a perfect option to those who are on a budget.

Consider the Upholstery 

Modern pontoon boats are tailored with optimal comfort and luxury. PVC and vinyl seats, however, cannot withstand a day’s bowfishing. 

Working with blades and preparing fish can damage your nice upholstery. So, quality covers can protect luxurious seats. 

When vinyl seats get dirty and stained, there are effective cleaning methods that can help. While DIY cleaning can be helpful, the services from experienced professionals are better. 

Study the Local Laws and other Regulations 

Bowfishing rules and regulations differ from state to state. When planning on a pontoon boat this long holiday, spend time to know the local laws and other regulations.

Upon research, you might find some limitations on what you catch. The bloating laws, on the other hand, also differ on where you live. Sometimes, a fishing license is required. So, don’t leave your bowfishing license at home. 

If you’re done bowfishing on a deck boat, spend another adventure on a pontoon boat with some of your relatives and other buddies.